Samcart vs ClickFunnels – Which One is Best for You?

In this opportunity, we will talk about two tools that are gaining strength in the digital world to make sales successfully. These are Clickfunnels and Samcart, both very good and with many benefits, although they differ in some points. Let’s see their differences.

Samcart vs ClickFunnels



ClickFunnels is a marketing tool that tries to provide “everything” that a company or professional needs to “market, sell and deliver” their products or services, in the words of the company itself.

Samcart vs ClickFunnels
Samcart vs ClickFunnels

But to understand what makes this tool different, you have to pay attention to one of the terms in its name: ‘Funnels’.

This term from the marketing world is its distinctive feature, as one of the great objectives of ClickFunnels is to facilitate the creation of really effective marketing funnels.

The funnel or marketing funnel is the metaphor that explains the process of converting a simple lead (person potentially interested in the products or services of the business) into a customer who actually buys those products or services.

In ClickFunnels, conversion funnels are grouped into four types, depending on the objective of a certain business:

  • Funnel to generate leads.
  • Funnel to sell products.
  • Funnel to organize webinars.
  • Funnel to send emails.


  • It has its own web page editor, easy to use and with a large number of templates that adapt to businesses in different sectors.
  • It provides a shopping cart that is perfectly integrated into the web and facilitates the purchase and payment process, without the need to resort to third-party platforms.
  • It provides a shopping cart that is perfectly integrated into the web and facilitates the purchase and payment process, without the need to resort to third-party platforms.
  • Certain email and social media tasks can be automated.
  • Each funnel created with this tool can be associated with an affiliate program to encourage other users to expand your products or services.
  • It allows you to create and manage membership sites in an easy and fast way.
  • Offers customer relationship management.
  • It uses a single desk, thus facilitating the global and unitary management of all operations.


  • Its prices. ClickFunnels offers higher prices than many competitors. Perhaps, for this reason, the website of this company does not show its rates as openly as other alternative platforms do. The only way to know its prices is to start the process of requesting a free trial for 14 days.

Why Should you Use ClickFunnels?

As previously stated ClickFunnels is what is known as a comprehensive platform for marketing. You may still wonder why. And it offers the possibility, in a single place, of solving many problems that may arise. By accessing this platform you will have a wide range of possibilities that you previously had to look for in different places.

Samcart vs ClickFunnels

And this is not the only incentive to use ClickFunnels. Here is a list of some reasons why you should use this tool:

  • Shopping facilities. In this platform making purchases will be very easy. It has a shopping cart integrated into the platform’s website that makes it easy for you to access purchases and payments.
  • Follow Up Funnels for messages and emails. This facility aims to create personalized distribution lists for the different leads.
  • Membership. In each of the funnels that you have created through ClickFunnels you can associate an affiliate program. This helps users promote your products and your community grows in no time.
  • Membership with Wasabi. This corresponds to a new update of the platform that contains the Wasabi application. In addition, it provides the creation of membership sites very easily and quickly.
  • Membership with Evergreen Empire. An application as simple to program as web pages. All through drag and drop technology. Evergreen is ideal for those who own a business with a monthly subscription.
  • All in the same place. Having all your applications in one place is a huge relief. You can easily switch tasks and carry out several tasks at the same time.
  • Better CRM management. This application seeks to improve relations with buyers or users. In turn, it is investigated to obtain enough information from the leads.



Samcart is a tool that makes that, when a person wants to buy a product or service of yours, the web that is shown when that person clicks to buy is a visually very attractive website and therefore, sell.

Samcart vs ClickFunnels

Unlike paypal, Samcart is the tool that allows you to present that purchase in a very visual way and with elements that invite the person to buy.

Other features of Samcart that make it the best option to sell online are:

  • A complete control panel that allows you to control sales and returns by product, by customer, etc.
  • Create upsell offers and sales funnels.
  • Allow your customers to be able to buy your product in installments which helps you make more sales.


  • It allows integration with other good tools (Wishlist, OptimizePress, Digital Access Pass).
  • It offers the option of a form where, among other information, your affiliates can enter their Paypal account so that you can settle the income corresponding to their sales.
  • They are always offering new templates for checkout pages. When they have them validated, they include them in the library and we can use them.
  • It offers interesting elements for your payment page such as an image of the product or service, a description of what you are selling, the minimum fields for the purchase (name, surname and email), etc.
  • It offers a good dashboard and good reports.


  • But Samcart also has things that are less good and one of them is the price that makes it not very accessible for people who are new to online sales. Its cheapest option is $ 49 per month. Your second option is $ 99 /month and the third is $ 199 /month.

There are advanced Samcart options that you will only have if you purchase the medium and high package, such as the option of having an affiliate system (only available with the $ 199 /month version).

Why Should you Use Samcart?

Samcart vs ClickFunnels
  • Creating a new product is a matter of two clicks. Its ease of use is total. You don’t need to be a web programmer, far from it. So the learning curve is very flat and therefore the saving of time when starting to use it is evident.
  • It is used to sell both services and products, and these can be digital or physical.
  • You have a number of predesigned templates so that you can only change the photos and texts. They are templates whose effectiveness has already been proven. This allows you to be safe, increasing your chances of sale while allowing you to have a sale page in a few minutes.
  • In addition, you have the option of starting from scratch by creating your own sales page.
  • Samcart is the visual part for the customer / buyer, but payments are integrated with Paypal or Stripe. Doing this is really simple.
  • One of the things that I like the most is the possibility of making immediate offers if the client only selects a box. This considerably increases the average purchase receipt.
  • At a more marketing level, it allows you full integration with your autoresponder, as well as with the facebook pixel, zapier, etc.
  • Possibility of creating your own discount coupons and giving the customer the possibility to enter a discount code if they have one.

Which is better ClickFunnels or SamCart?

Samcart vs ClickFunnels

Both services have a lot in common, although there is something that differentiates them and it is their ease of use. On the one hand, ClickFunnel is designed for users who have more experience creating and designing templates while Samcart is much easier to use for those who have no design experience. However, ClickFunnel is much more powerful because it offers a wide variety of services.

Also, both tools offer everything you need to create a great affiliate program. Another difference between the two services is that Samcart offers unrestricted plans, i. e., you can sell all the products you want, while Clickfunnels limits the number of funnels that can be created and the number of visitors to them.

It is not easy to say which tool is better. You should evaluate both tools according to what your business needs.


As we said before, it will depend on you and what your business needs. If you have no problem investing time to learn and would like to sell your products with an all-in-one tool, then Clickfunnels is a good option for you.

On the other hand, Samcart is a simple and less complex tool for those who are just starting out in online sales. You can try both services to see which one you like best since they both have a free trial for 14 days.

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