3 Best Indeed WordPress Plugins For Jobs Listing

Surely you have in mind to create a project with WordPress as a job portal similar to Indeed. Well, it is an excellent idea since the job offers pages are very successful due to the large number of unemployed that this pandemic has currently harvested.

There are several plugins that you can use with WordPress to carry out your web page since, in turn, other web pages will also be able to publish their ads and in return, you will be able to get an extra income. If you want to create a job listing with WordPress, in this article we will indicate the best plugins you can use.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress already offers in its simplest version the most necessary functions when creating new pages, connecting them together, and starting to create new pages, but the full potential is developed by the content manager with plugins, which expand its functions exponentially. In areas such as job listing, security, SEO, or social networks, WordPress extensions allow you to extend the talent of the open-source platform in such a way that it adapts perfectly to the needs of any project.

A plugin is an extra program that extends the code of the web application in such a way that it integrates a new function. Strictly speaking, any extension or adaptation of the CMS code is a plugin. An experienced user with programming skills also can modify the code and write new functions in the functions.php file of their theme.

When you download WordPress plugins you must take care that the source is reliable and secure as in the case of the WordPress repository.

What is a Job Listing Website?

Top 3 Indeed WordPress Plugins For Jobs Listing

It is a website that allows you to publish job offers (employers) and find jobs (applicants). It usually has a filtering and job search system and also the possibility of publishing job offers from the home page.

The 3 Best Indeed WordPress Plugins to create Jobs Listing Websites

#1. WP Job Hunter

Indeed WordPress Plugins

This is a plugin that offers very simple features although it contains everything you need so that both companies and job seekers can easily navigate your website. This plugin will also help you to earn money with your website in case you decide to migrate job offers from other websites such as Indeed.

Since this plugin is paid, you must join and then create a profile and log in to see the internal configuration. Then, you can simply start posting job offers and earn extra income every time other users click on the job offers on your site.

#2. WP Job Manager

You can have a job listing page in just a few minutes since this plugin is very easy to use. It allows you to add, manage and categorize job offers, as well as search and filter between published offers. On the other hand, it offers forms on the front to publish and manage job offers and you can preview the job offers before they are published.

Each job offer can be linked to an email or a website, as well as, it offers internal management to edit, publish and delete the offers if you need them. Another feature that it offers is the possibility of adding shortcuts and offering users a control panel where they can see their movements but first, they must register.

#3. Apply Online

If you were looking for a free plugin, this is an excellent option. This plugin is very good for those who plan to have a job listing project in WordPress since it is easy to use and you can configure it in an instant, without a doubt this plugin is the solution you were looking for if you don’t want to waste time. One of the features that this plugin offers is the possibility of adding boards where it will be possible to publish job offers simply, making the page look more orderly.

On the other hand, you will have the ability to add different categories so that people who register on your website can search for jobs according to their preferences, making their search much easier. And the people who wish to publish the job offers will send you an email with the job description, being responsible for accepting or rejecting the application.

This plugin will not give you any headache since it is very flexible, it will work immediately once configured and best of all, you do not have to pay anything.

Extra WordPress Plugin

#4. WP Job Board

If your budget allows you, you can purchase this WordPress plugin because you will find great features such as a job search engine on your job listing page. On the other side, this plugin includes a control panel where users will be able to submit jobs and CVs. It also offers a CV database and an employer section where companies can search for the right person for the job position.

If you were wondering which themes you can use with this plugin, then do not worry because it allows you to integrate all the WordPress themes including its own ones. It also permits you to receive payments, discounts, and even membership packages from employers.


One of the most beautiful and recurring projects lately is job listing for specific niches and to do this, you need a plugin. Of the plugins mentioned in this post, many of the users usually use the WP Job Manager because it is very simple but very powerful that allows you from the free version to create a job manager with the basic characteristics that every job board has to have.

Without having to pay anything, we can create a list of jobs with the defined characteristics, allow the registration of jobs and apply for them. Besides, it provides us with a search engine by location and keywords and a filter by the categories that we define. Still, there are many other plugins that you can use according to your needs.

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