30 Incredible Joomla Extensions You Must Know

Joomla extensions are an essential part of the Joomla templates that meaningfully improve your Joomla site front end and progress the experience of your website visitors. At this time is the toolkit of Joomla extension lead which are standard and very useful for all Joomla 3.9 and Joomla 4 website. They are explanations for website management, content, photo & images, security and adding other developments that build on CMS core.

Maximum of our extension lead for Joomla (we have 30 + extensions) are dispersed along with the templates below JATC membership. Though, some extensions are exclusive simply for JAEC members and JA Maker members only.

We relief good extensions below our Joomla! Extensions Club (JAEC) repeatedly. When you choose to build your website with Joomla, you will certainly want extra functionality than the starter package includes. With therefore several Joomla extension lead accessible on the web, it’s always a challenge to find the ones that can take the suitable functionality of your website to a fresh level.

In this blog post you can review additional than 20 important providers of free Joomla extensions and download 30 free Joomla extension lead and modules.

Developed by DigitalPeak, DPCalendar is a receptive Joomla calendar and event manager that agrees operators smooth browsing of your events without the essential to revive the page. Thus, your visitors will be capable to switch between month, week or day view without page capacity delays. The extension is accessible by subscription.


General, there are four subscription packages accessible – free, standard, expert and premium. We’ll care your attention on the functionality that you can catch for free. However WordPress is the content management system of choice for maximum persons these days, Joomla remains one of its strongest candidates.

Not only does it boast fresh updates and releases at unvarying intervals, but then it has a robust extension market just like WordPress. All website – whatever its focus, needs a number of essential things to make sure it’s best notch. If you’re not taking care of these necessities, you’re possibly missing out on a lot of price. There Joomla extension lead are what all site needs to excel.


JoomForest is a group of expert designers developing Joomla templates and extensions for this CMS. There are several reasons why operators prefer their facilities to many others.

themes are informal to use and install, feature receptive designs, are well-documented, and are coded according to the modern web standards. Along with best products, they treat clients with cool freebies. Here are several of them.


Developed by TemplatePlaza (a Joomla extensions and themes provider), Fonticons is an open module that agree you to insert font-based icons into your posts or designs. Font icons have an amount of advantages over old icons.

For instance, these are informal to use and modify. You can modification an icon color without the necessity to open image editor software. To insert a font icon all you want to do is click the consistent key in the Joomla HTML editor and choice the desired icon.


A free Joomla extension by Themexpert is following on the list.  Composed with increasing extensions and themes for Joomla, these people produce several handy modules and themes for WP. The gallery includes both free and premium options, hence you may be certain of finding the desired produce there.

Every theme or module arises with expert support and extensive documents, which means that you’ll get a plethora of valuable resources helping you with the setting up and managing of the particular product. Xpert Timeline is a free section with the benefit of which you’ll be able to show Google’s Timeline project Worksheet.

The freebie is built on Timeline.JS that is considered to be an impeccable option for Event, Biography, Product pages, etc. What’s additional, with its benefit you can make your own exclusive timeline.

JF SideButtons Module

JF SideButtons Module is free as well. The module is like-minded with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x versions. As the name infers, it displays sidebar switches that you can modify the way you request by attaching any link, Font Awesome icons or your personal images.


The way your produces and services are presented on your website effect the buying and that’s where this versatile image gallery module.


In instruction to be successful you need to create awareness and interest regarding your company produces and services. This social media module is used for efficiently hitting the links or share buttons to your social networks in one spot on the frontend of your website and simply succeed them in the backend. This free Joomla! Extension is a very flexible.


RSContact is a modest Joomla!contact form manufacturer. It powers your website on the idea that each genuine company with a qualified website has to have one. The contact form is your gate to the customer’s mind; you gather info, feedback and ideas to help you produce your business though keeping the line of statement open among your company and your goal market.

TZ Google Map

With TZ Google Map you can show location info on your site. This free Joomla extension supports several features of Google map.

TZ Pinboard

TZ Pinboard is an open Joomla extension that emulates Pinterest design. This free offer includes totally features of this standard social networking stage like Add pin, Upload pin, Board Manager, Like, Follow, Comment, and more.

TZ Multi Slideshow

TZ Multi Slideshow is a free Joomla extension that participates three famous slideshows into one, specifically flexslider, zoomslider and nivoslider.

JEmail Config Verifier

JEmail Config Verifier is an open-source free Joomla utility plugin with the help of which you can verify email configuration settings.

YT Shortcode – Joomla Plugin

YT Short code is one of the standard Joomla Short code plugin on Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). Theme is updated to version 3.X by dozens of new features and growths and usual for Joomla 3.9 & Joomla 4 beta. YT Short code ver 3 arises with new and fresh UI layout and 65+ short codes similar: accordion, switch, divider, gallery, rating table, testimonials, Togglable tabs, map, slider… which are complicated tons of customization and really easy-to-use with no need to “learn” all original thing to make stunning content.

Altogether you have to do is select shortcodes you similar from the public library and do explicit tweaks. Shortcode supports lots of standard components as: K2, Content, Easy blog, VirtureMart, Hikashop, Joomshopping… even Custom HTML module.

You can quickly choose any short code for your content impartial by clicking the YT Short code switch. Through this plugin, addition secondary shortcode (shortcode in shortcode) is not the matter currently. You can combine 2 or additional shortcodes to become the top result.

DJ-ImageSlider – Joomla Slideshow Plugin

This plugin is an Open, receptive slideshow extension that can be simply succeeded through Joomla component and modules. You can use it to make a limitless number of groups and slides and present them anyplace on the website.

Each slide can contain a title, description and can be add links. You also can usual a start/end publishing date. Generated slides can be organized in limitless number of slideshow categories and every category can have an limitless number of slides.

sh404SEF – Joomla SEO extension

sh404SEF is the best popular and longest developed Joomla SEO extension. sh404SEF modifications Joomla URL to user-friendly format and arises with a Title/Meta tag editor therefore that you can postulate the title/descriptions for all of your pages.

This system is also an excessive solution for grasping your 404 errors when you travel your content within your content structure, such as moving content from using the Joomla Articles scheme to K2. Sh404sef perceives several 404 errors on your website and records it in the file.

SJ Mega Menu :-

The SJ Mega Menu version 4 is the best powerful and easy-to-use Mega Menu Plugin with Drag & Drop layout that permits you to speedily build a professional Mega Set menu. This plugin is updated for Joomla 3.9 and 4 that supports Horizontal & Vertical Mega Menu kinds finished 8 pre-made layout talents. Sj Mega Menu is mainly flexible for customizing and care. With Sj Mega Menu, you can use many styles for showing menus.

The drag & drop mega menu possesses so several nice special effects for several styles of menu. Also, Sj Mega Menu supports a lot of features which are not basically appropriate but also actual informal to set up for

SJ Newsletter Popup – Joomla Newsletter Plugin

SJ Newsletter Popup module agree to visitors to sign up for receipt email about raises, deals, special offers, creation exclusives or some news from the website. With a popup window, it is very appropriate for visitors to register. Also, with a clear back-end interface and a detailed documents, you’re able to manage and customize the module as your concepts.

Akeeba Backup – The Open backup Plugin

Keeping a backup of your Joomla website is the top way to safeguard you can save your website in case everything goes south. Akeeba Backup Core is the best popular backup component for the Joomla website. Its work is modest: make a website backup that can be reinstated on every Joomla!-capable server, making it ideal not single for backups but similarly for website transmissions or uniform organizing websites to your clients’ servers. Akeeba Backup makes a complete backup of your website in a particular archive.

The best contains all the records, a folder snapshot and an installer similar in function to the standard Joomla! Installer. Data backups are key in event something goes wrong and you miss your records. Yet still imperative backups are for regular operators, they’re ten times more imperative if you run a website.

If your host server ever crashes and your website becomes wiped, what will you do? Akeeba Backup is a one-click answer that can back up your full website in minutes. Should somewhat go wrong, you can then usage Akeeba Kickstart (a single script that’s included free of charge) to reinstate some of your backups. You may miss several data if you don’t back up regularly enough, but it’s improved than starting from scratch!

Universal Ajax Live Search – Receptive Joomla Plugin

This search extension will exaggeratedly change your start of search modules. Professional design, actual working and much extra performance than you have continuously seen on some website. Searching for an article or produce was not ever so easy through this search module. Impress your visitors with the fresh design and growth your website usability! The Live Search has 4 totally customizable themes within numerous predefined skins and settings.

SJ Filter for VirtueMart – Receptive Joomla Plugin

If you have an online Joomla store with Virtuemart, you should reflect using this extension. SJ Sieve for Virtuemart shows products are clean according to the selected fields. This module offers a wide range of sifting parameters affording to categories, manufactures, product charge or you can custom your personal field’s filters such as: colour, size, material… Operators can easily select filter fields from drop-down lists. You can filter the produces by one or numerous fields. In the back-end panel, you can fully control any parameters and choice the number of showed products with/without produce images, title, text, price, etc.

AcyMailing Starter – Responsive Joomla Plugin

AcyMailing is a consistent Newsletter and email marketing extension for Joomla. It agrees you to maintain actual communication with your contacts via e-mail marketing, newsletters, follow-up auto responders, marketing campaigns. Therefore if you want to have additional visitors on your website, especially those who arrival, set up this extension on your website.

JSitemap – Joomla sitemap generator extension

JSitemap is a sitemap creator extension and a whole SEO solution for Joomla. However, JSitemap Pro does even extra than that. The list of features is limitless, you can also fixed JSitemap to ping Google every time your content is updated (using Ping-o-mastic) which a feature is existing in WordPress as standard but not in Joomla.

Another newly added feature is the capability to use JSitemap Pro to improve page title and metadata to totally of your URLs meaning that it is currently all fully featured SEO “must have” for some Joomla web creator. If there is one significant visitor to your website, we’ve continually said, it’s Google. With Google existence one of the major potential drivers of traffic, you want to make sure that the search engine knows about completely of your content, altogether about your newest content, when it’s been efficient, the structure of your website and when your content has been newly updated.

Though this may seem like a huge task, in reality, it’s enclosed by one modest piece of functionality – an XML sitemap. Basically, this is a map of all your content which can be submitted to Google WebMasters to “advise” Google about your website’s content. JSitemap is an important Joomla component which can be used to generate the XML sitemap with the content of your website for offer to Google WebMasters.

It creates the task of making the sitemap truly trivial. Of course, the Sitemap can be submitted to totally major search engines such as Bing, Yandex, and uniform Baidu! But also making an XML Sitemap – this module does so much additional.

RSForm! Pro – Form generator extension :-

Making HTML forms from scrape can be a pain and is nearly unbearable for a client without some information of HTML. RSForm! Pro creates form making easy for clients but still has a huge collection of features in instruction to keep any designer happy.

SP Cookie Consent

The Cookie Consent plugin for Joomla lets you show a cookie (or other allowed) notification on your Joomla website and notify the visitors that your website usages cookies. Inside text area field you can usage HTML tags. This plugin presents your cookie and secrecy notice when somebody visits your website for the first time. You can simply fixed a text and links (via HTML tags) to documents as the notification along with a custom colour for the notice area. Then you can select a position used in the template.

SP Booking

SP Booking is a whole and robust portable booking solution for Joomla. The extension provides all and every feature required for travel booking and connected websites. With a rich presentation of the services utilizing program contents, SP Booking is a full-fledged portable management system for some travel agency, tour worker, car hire, hotel booking, villa rental, and flight booking website.

SP Property

If you were preparation to launch a website for your actual estate agency or building business, that will need a dedicated system to manage the property connected contents, agents, property visit needs and other applicable data. Through SP Property, you can impeccably manage totally the property associated info similar property posts, properties features, managers, activities (e.g. visit requirements) and do much added. We have also released Empire Joomla template created on SP Property component. You can usage the SP Property component on some Joomla 3+ site. It fits to totally kinds of actual estate businesses, organisations and portals.

SP Soccer

SP Soccer is a Joomla 3.4+ extension intended for Sport Team Club purposes. It agrees you to make and manage your personal league with contests and seasons inside.  This one delivers you influence to construct a whole Sport functionality website, particularly for: football (soccer) groups purposes but it can used for basketball, handball, volleyball, cricket, rugby, and hockey leagues as well.
Present zip package include simply module, wholly modules are simply in Soccer Template Quick start package. Please note that accessible design on screenshots were founded on Soccer template only.

SP Flickr Gallery

SP Flickr Gallery is a frivolous Image Gallery Module for Joomla 3+. This module will agree you to quickly and simply include your Flickr photos into your website. It displays thumbnail view of whole images from particular Flickr.com photo album. You can usage your personal Flickr ID and Flickr Album ID to publish photo albums on your blog/website. When user will click on thumbs he will be forwarded into full size photo page.


SP LMS is a multi-purpose learning management extension used for Joomla 3.8 – suitable for many education concepts. It offers the modest platform for managing the knowledge of students or learners as they cooperate with e-learning content. We designed SP LMS since us essential to create an e-learning answer especially for small/medium organizations and our Varista, Educon and Yoga template.

It was personalised to the wants of schools, Universities, companies and other education areas. It can be used to grow online courses and make learning content on any topic. Using learning component for CMS, you can give employees and students the independence to learn at their personal convenience, and at a step that is correct for them.

SP Simple Portfolio

SP Simple Portfolio extension is an open Joomla! 3.x component designed to make media (image or video) portfolio functionality in to your CMS website. Agrees designers, artists, and photographers to make, manage and publish a very new and outstanding filterable portfolio. Current your best work to clients and new clients in a good-looking, professional and responsive way.

It’s very informal and fast to make stunning portfolios and add them into your Joomla! Website. The Filterable Portfolio – when a specific tag is designated, the list of projects is directly regenerated with a fresh list of projects from the particular tag.

SP Featured Slider used for K2

SP Featured Slider for K2 is an open Joomla! 3.X modest content with image slider module, particularly designed for update or magazine website. This totally receptive slider has a good set of configurable options you can apply.

This unit will help you to make your site more useful and attract attention of your visitors to inner K2 items, thus growing views of your satisfied. This module simply works with K2 module (getk2.org) connected.

Hope today you learn about some new extensions for Joomla. Let us know which extensions you think not listed but should be listed in this article in the comment section below?

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