Top 10 Best Free Website for Photoshop Resources

Rated as one of the best photo editing tool, Photoshop is a widely functional and professional application used to edit and create beautiful pieces of imagery that do more than just attract, they are a marvel to behold.

Photoshop is used by professional graphics designers and relatively people who are interested in making a good piece of art. This resource has outstanding qualities that make it ideal for almost any kind of photo manipulation, whether you are looking to create a new piece of art or redesign an old one Photoshop is capable of handling that and much more.

If you are looking to start photo editing, look no further because Photoshop is a great place to start, and though the learning curve may be quite steep, the massive amount of resource and tutorial-based content available more than makeup for any shortcomings,

You get free access to Photoshop design tools and resources such as; brushes, styles, templates, icons, fonts, illustrations, infographic templates, mock-ups, objects, silhouettes, textures, vector characters, web elements, UI kits and much more.

We have scrutinized the web and selected the top ten best websites outlined below where you can get free Photoshop resources for all your business needs;


Brusheezy is a very popular website Known for its extensive library of Photoshop resources mainly, brushes, textures, patterns, and PSDs. The website was open to the public since 2006 and has experienced continuous growth till then, featured on the website is an extensive library of Photoshop resources with creative commons that you can use anywhere and a great community of users all free of charge


Freepik is a search engine and online asset library that allows users to discover unique graphics and high-quality images including vectors, logos, icons and several Photoshop documents (PSD). This website has over 20 million monthly visits and 90 plus million downloads. It ultimately offers graphics resources that are of core importance to your daily design needs.

365 PSD

365 PSD is a collection of free PSDs, vectors and premium graphics. This website is committed to the constant release of several Photoshop resources that you can freely download and utilize. All of the freebies are free to users and are licensed under creative commons. Although some authors require you to provide attribution when you use their images.


Dribble focuses on files, resources that are shared between designers. This site is a great place to grow your competency with Photoshop tools. They have an amazing community of designers where resources are shared, and experts are hired. As a newbie, you can start sharing your screenshots as files to let more people know what you are becoming good at. Dribble is simply one of the best places to grow professionally if you are a designer.

Graphic river

With over 700,000 graphics asset, graphic river boasts a huge asset library you can rely and leverage on to utilize Photoshop more effectively. This website is a part of the Envato marketplace and has a very active forum where top contributors, designers, and other experts rub minds to develop themselves and others including you. You can get several Photoshop actions, logos, fonts and much more


If you are looking for Photoshop plugin for exact UI specifications look no further, Ink has got your covered. Ink is rated as one of the ultimate photoshop plugins that helps designers and UI specialist identify and generate precise UI specifications from fonts, shapes, measurement effects and pretty much every element you will fiddle with before execution by the front-end developers. Every identified attribute is not only measurable but also editable using the plugin.

This resource is free and open source and has seen more than 75,000 downloads and counting. It is seen as one of the best Photoshop plugins on the web.


With hundreds of Photoshop resources; brushes, textures, shape, fonts, abstracts and website elements all absolutely free it is a worthy mention.

Gfxfever is a tool you would enjoy using, all the resources at neatly arranged on the website with a great user interface and grouped into different categories for your perusal. So you don’t need to go through the stress of sifting for one resource within thousands.

The assets are also rated according to their quality by the community, so you can rest assured sleep easy knowing that you aren’t downloading low performing resources.

This website is touted as one of the best image libraries for CG images and has over a hundred thousand files available to download. If the numbers don’t blow you away, the quality surely will. They host high-quality images that will keep your jaws hanging, if you can think it, it probably is already there.

This amazing resource has been used by leading CG artist, game developers, graphics designers, and the likes and as such it has a solid reputation and will definitely be a useful tool on your design journey.

Din pattern

Din pattern is a free resource that is focused on making patterns and textures available for all designers, a texture is any piece of graphic design or overlaid background that gives your design or pictures a more realistic patterned feel. This website houses some of the best patterns and textures available for your design needs. Though its strength does not lie in numbers it is the amazing amount of free quality patterns that make it an interesting and useful resource.

Brush Lovers

Looking for various Photoshop brushes? Brush Lovers is one of the place. This extensive website not only providing free Photoshop brushes but also Textures, Vectors, Styles, Patterns and Gradients. They are very popular within the design community.

That insane download number is a testament to the quality of the brushes available and that all of their content is free to download and to use.

This website offers various categories to choose from, so whether you are just starting out or have been going at it for a few years you will definitely benefit from this website.

Note: this list is not arranged in any specific order so feel free to peruse any of the above websites as they promise to be worth the effort.

Hope you enjoyed the list above. Please let us know if any of your favorite site for free Photoshop resources is missed in the above list.

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