22 Free Anime Websites to Watch the Best Anime Online

To watch anime online you currently need only one device to connect to the platforms in question. Such has been the massification of manga – and with it, anime – that you will find dozens of websites where you can watch them, download them to watch them offline and, above all, discover the virtues of manga, through resources such as streaming.

It is precisely in that direction that the following selection of web pages that we have selected, where you will find a streaming service specializing in television productions, films, and Japanese anime series, all this for free. Next, we will share with you the 23 free anime websites to watch the best anime online.

01. 9Anime.one – FREE Anime Websites

FREE Anime Websites

This website is a good resource for fans to watch anime online with the latest and updated content. You will feel happy to know that here you can enjoy more than 40000 episodes with high-quality videos.

With a large library, 9Anime is worth it and there is also free membership, although it should be noted that pop-up ads can be a bit annoying. To watch your favorite anime, just need to register by creating a profile so in this way you will also have access to a community where you can chat with other users.

02. Anichart.net – FREE Anime Websites

The AniChart homepage has a very bright and colorful Japanese look. Also, exclusive content can’t be found anywhere else, and this is its big advantage.

It is a free website that offers quality dubbing for free to its users. You don’t need an account to watch your favorite series or anime movies. On the other hand, the available chat option will allow you to connect with the rest of the community.

03. AnimeTosho.org

Continuing with our list for those looking for a web page to watch anime for free, AnimeTosho is another alternative. This site is very complete, it is one of the favorites of anime lovers because thanks to the simplicity of its interface, it is possible to easily find the desired content.

You can download videos to watch them later with different qualities but remember that being a free page, advertisements are present.

04. Crunchyroll.com

If what concerns you is the legality of the content, with this website you should not worry since here you will find legal anime. You can choose to have a free or premium account where you will find content in English being able not only to play them on your PC but also your phone.

This website not only has anime series, but it also offers movies, among other types of content.

05. GoGo Anime

GoGoAnime is available worldwide. Moreover, it is a dedicated website for all anime lovers with tons of content, ranging from manga series to anime movies. There are also anime and cartoon clips dubbed in English. You can also use its Android application available on Google Play.

06. Anime Freak

The Anime Freak website may look a bit disorganized and lacking in style, but it is known for its extensive anime content, as it even features the latest anime episodes as well as exclusive content. Finding the series you are looking for is easy: use the search button or view the contents of the files. It has both original and dubbed versions.

07. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHaven is a website that offers high-definition anime for free. The page is a little more than a couple of years old, but it is quite consolidated. Many anime viewers have it as their first choice, and this is thanks to their technical team.

Apart from HD streaming, AnimeHaven also allows direct download from the site. Not only that, but along with your favorite series, you can also download the soundtracks. It’s the complete package!

08. Daisuki

Daisuki is another website to watch anime online legally. This site is an official resource for the major Japanese anime production companies. That is why the web offers everything from popular anime to the most unknown, all in HD quality.

09. YouTube

YouTube is an excellent site for anime fans online. Its servers host a lot of impressive things, which is no secret to anyone. It is available both for desktop and as a completely free mobile app, where you will have access to all its content, with no limitations other than some sporadic advertisements.

If by any chance you are one of those who prefer an ad-free experience, there is also an alternative for you. You can subscribe to the YouTube Red service for $ 9.99 (one person) or $ 14.99 (up to six people).

10. KissAnime

Perhaps this is the site with the largest fan base when it comes to good sites to watch free anime in the world. It offers a wide variety of anime episodes of different video resolution ideal for the internet speed of all fans. Kissanime has both the dubbed and the original version available. Here you can even download the episode of the series of your interest, only after registering and logging into the website.

11. AnimeDao

You can’t ignore AnimeDao if you’re looking for your favorite anime series or looking to vary your list of favorite anime, offering genres ranging from drama to action. This website features a neat interface with a long list of anime series and for this reason, an anime version dubbed in English is provided which is friendly for those who cannot understand the Japanese language very well.

12. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is one of the best platforms to find and stream free anime series. They classified all anime episodes into different sections like action, adventure and drama and you can browse these sections to find your favorite anime shows and unlike other similar platforms, they also give you information about the distribution and timing in anime shows. Besides and not least, they do not have many ads on their platform, guaranteeing a fairly optimal user experience.

13. Anime Heros

To keep adding options to your list of web pages to watch anime online for free, here is another option. This site offers a very simple interface where you can search in its search engine for the series you want. Also, you will receive notifications so that you find out which are the series most chosen by users so that you can also watch it.

Because it is a free website, you will come across advertisements that can be annoying even though it is a free site after all.

14. AnimeFrenzy.net

Here you can also see your old animes and discover new ones since their administrators constantly publish content. Its interface is very comfortable to use since everything is very well classified so that you can quickly find the content you want and if you do not know what to watch, the same page will recommend its content.

Besides, among its benefits, it offers an application for Android and a chat room for you to communicate with different users while you are watching the content.

15. Anilinkz.com

This site is very popular since anime fans feel comfortable with its interface because it is simple, well organized, free and you will find thousands of anime series. Forget to register, here it will not be necessary to watch your program.

On the other hand, the transmission is quite fluid, without speed problems and you will never get bored because the page is updated quite often. Also, you can interact with other fans like you in its community.

16. Animeultima

This site has been providing anime content to fans of these cartoons for many years since it has never been penalized because it provides quality content and legally. You will not need to install anything, just enter its page and explore its library or ask for advice or opinions in its community.

Because it is difficult to find people who are fans of anime, this site offers the possibility of making friends. On the other hand, the latest content will be first on its home page.

17. Anime Karma

This is another website where you can find top-quality and legal anime. It is a good alternative when some of the websites go down due to lack of maintenance. This page offers you a wide catalog with the latest anime with HD quality and if you are looking for a specific genre, you can search for it in its list.

It should be noted that here you will also see advertisements, which help to maintain this website for free for the user.

18. Anime Rush

This page is relatively new but it has already cultivated thousands of followers because it is possible to watch the videos smoothly and at a constant speed. Also, the quality of both the image and the audio is very good, although like any free page, here you will not be saved from advertisements either.

On the other hand, you can also download the videos you want to watch later and you should not worry because you will find new material every day.

19. AnimeFlix

For most of the users who are anime lovers, AnimeFlix is the starting point when watching anime online. The reason is none other than the huge number of titles and episodes -some of them, uploaded to the platform a couple of days after their original broadcast in Japan-.

It has an organized interface, where you can see in its top menu that the content is divided by genre, movies, latest posts, etc.

20. Funimation

This website is free and requires registration, and although from time to time you will have to see an advertisement before accessing the content, it is a great library for new anime productions.

Therefore, if you want to see the latest news and be surprised, this can be a page that can easily become part of your essentials. Watching anime online is easier than ever today, although it should be noted that this website is not available for some countries.

21. Niconico

Considered like the Japanese YouTube, this video platform constantly publishes some independent animes and in its original language. It is completely free because it survives on advertising.

It is not the best option to watch anime, but it is a legal way to enjoy some content related to this country.

22. Asian Crush

This platform has more than 20 anime in its catalog, and you will be able to see popular anime such as Sakura Card Captor, Fist of the North Star, and many others. The only problem with this website is that the videos will be subtitled in English since there is no video dubbing. It will be a good method to practice the Japanese language while enjoying free anime.

Alternatively, you have HiDive

If you are one of those people who invest a whole morning to enjoy their favorite anime, this page is for you. Although it costs five dollars a month, by registering you can get 7 days for free.

This page has more than 100 anime and has different alliances with production houses such as Sentai Filmworks, Kraken Releasing, Maiden Japan, and many more to enjoy anime legally.

And as the last medium, you have Netflix

Believe it or not, Netflix has a large catalog of good quality anime that you can enjoy completely free. All you have to do is create an account, link a credit or debit card and you will have a free month of Netflix.

To avoid being charged any penny, a few days before the end of the free month, you must enter your account settings and cancel the subscription.

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