10 Best Video Editing Software For Creative People


Filmora simplifies the often tedious procedure of video editing. It’s been dubbed “video editor for all makers” with its line-up of influential tools to help you produce videos to the limits of your imagination. It has overlaps, filters, custom titles, transitions, and additional effects tools.

It also has numerous sound enhancement features to let you match audio, remove background noise, and achieve key framing. Aside from simple video editing, it lets you do progressive compositing like layering clips and by green screen to change backgrounds. It agrees you to import multiple videos and use up to a hundred layers of multimedia resources.

The software provisions 4K videos and is noted for fast and informal rendering. It offers split-screen function to help you work on several footages that are played concurrently on a single video. It likewise proposals a sophisticated text editing feature that agrees you to modify font style, size, colours and borders, and change several clip portions to include texts.

Filmora runs on Windows and Mac computers and has several pricing devices for school, individual, and business usage. Its most standard subscription plan – Lifetime – is accessible for a one-time fee of $59.99 which provides you limitless access to over 1,000 video effects.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro rises the bar when it arises to expert video editing software. Its highest come on, aside from its powerful abilities, is that it works on and supports any stage, format, camera, and device. It can run on PC and Mac machineries and has extensive tools to support you with your project irrespective if it is a 30-second clip or a full-length feature film. Adobe Premiere Pro has experienced many improvements through the years founded on suggestions and wants of its multitude of operators.

Hence, every fresh release or update carries with it fresh features and improvements. For instance, its modern release before 2018 closed included provision for additional formats and HDR media, new exports preset, and quicker playback/decoding for Canon Cinema RAW Light film on multi-core Windows 10 PCs. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you become access to features and tools for simple as well as progressive editing.

You can open and work on some projects concurrently, switch scenes, and transference clips and footages from one video project to another. You get whole the bells and whistles Adobe Premiere Pro is known for such as modest and precise colour grading, slider sound panels for audio development, immersive and complex VR editing, flat workflows, and receptive interface.

The software integrates by other Adobe products to provide you one robust imaginative suite. Adobe products are designated CC or Creative Cloud which means the platform is available online from any associated device.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is an Apple product; therefore you can suppose premium quality with cutting-edge tools. The software boasts of professional-level video/audio editing competences designed to connect the powerful computing performance of MacBooks through their state-of-the-art graphics processors and CPUs.

The fusion of robust hardware and software means you get fast and faultless video editing and the capability make spectacular videos. Final Cut Pro comes with some built-in special things, motion graphics, filters, and improvement tools. It is capable to provision RAW formats, HDR materials, and 360-degree video. It proposals not only video/audio editing features but also tools to automatically establish your clips and gatherings, and deliver your video records directly to your Apple devices, to online video websites, or complete Blu-ray and DVD discs.

One of its several standout tools is an Attractive Timeline that is trackless which, as associated to the typical video timeline, allows you to trim and move clips without affecting the break of the video. Final Cut Pro also has one of the greatest extensive ecosystems everywhere, permitting you to integrate dozens of third-party tools, plug-ins, devices, and content correct into the software interface.

Though the software is deployed locally on your mechanism, it lets you upload and download records from cloud storing and stock media websites for informal collaboration and sharing.


WeVideo is an online video editing stage that you can access and usage wherever and on any expedient and browser. It can run on PC, Mac, and Chrome book as well as Android and iOS devices. The software offers progressive editing tools that are informal to usage through a modest interface. It utilizes an exclusive JumpStart machinery that associations cloud-based video editing with the profits and benefits of desktop.

What it does is allow you to directly start editing your video by media files stored on your local storage without having to delay for said files to be uploaded to the cloud. You attach and access powerful cloud-based computing deprived of the waiting time.

Through WeVideo, you can make, capture, view, and share online your hi-res videos. It has the ability to work on and provision not only multiple videos but also several image, audio, and graphic formats. It is capable to edit multi-tracks and manage unlike files and media elements.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is an all-around VFX and video editing software packed through progressive tools and expert features. It’s an online platform that needs high-end schemes such as MacOS 10.11 or higher, 64-bit Windows 8 or 10, modern Intel or AMD processors, 8 GB of RAM, and 2 GB or additional of video memory specially for working on 4K UHD.

All these are essential for you to be able to take benefit of the software’s powerful tools for video editing, particle simulation, color improvement and grading, keying and removal, specialized effects, 3D modeling, file handling and additional. Hit film Express carries a stylish operator interface and is armed with sophisticated screen reproduction and tracking that allow you to view the drive of objects and add additional objects to duplicate the similar motion.

You’ll be capable to come up with truthful explosions, blaster and lightning properties, one-of-a-kind titles, seamless animation and texturing, and penetration mapping, amongst others. The software also proposals next-level workflows that can combine timelines, customize work panels, and improve version and playback presentation. You can proximately use the open edition of Hitfilm Express basically by opening an account.


Magisto is a cloud-hosted video editing software exactly designed for business video editors to support them build client relationships, improve brand awareness, and growth sales. Built for the exact purpose of making product and marketing videos, the software abridges the process in three informal steps – upload your videos and images to the software website, choice a style and soundtrack for the website public library, and let an AI-powered video maker process and edit your video.

Afterward, you can host the complete video on your website with the software’s natural player or allocate the video through your publicity platforms, social media pages or via your content and email marketing.

Aside from being capable to quickly make videos through smooth editing tools, you also become to view insights on your video marketing movements such as the seeing behavior of your audience, which video content gets the greatest views, and which achieves best. Magisto proposals a variability of editing styles, and with its corporation with iStock you get access to limitless HD clips and hi-res images that you can usage for your business videos.


Lightworks is a complete video editing and video making solution that has built its standing ever since it was main introduced two and a half decades before. Then that time it has been used as the post-production and video editing tool for hit films like Pulp Fiction, Heat, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Its features and abilities have since been made accessible to everybody looking to make movies and videos not only for the large screen but also for the web such as social media and video sharing websites. It becomes super informal to make your video masterworks with tools for timeline editing and trimming, real-time video and audio special effects, extensive file format provision, sequence grading, and video transferring.

Its instinctive and modest user interface lets you get started speedily with your video project with all tools directly available from the timeline. It comes with some effects packages as well as straight access to Audio Network for royalty-free music and Pond5 for stock video. Lightworks runs on all main operating system, supports all popular records and formats, bright to export files speedily to online websites, and is optimized for fast version and precision editing.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker main came out in September 2000 when it was bundled through Windows ME. Through the years it was involved in the installation packages of fresh operating systems Microsoft presented – from Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 – up until January 2017 when Microsoft dropped provision for it and substituted it with another app.

For closely two decades it underwent developments, added new features, and became the default video editing tool for millions of Windows PC operators who have come to love it for its ease and solid features. Windows Movie Creator lives on for its horde of operators and can be downloaded, still for free, from trusted websites.

You can click on the creation link to read our full review of the software. So what’s in Windows Movie Creator that made it such a favorite? For one, it came pre-installed on your original Windows PC and was complete to use. Second, it was modest to use with its intuitive tools. Third, it had powerful features and was quite progressive for its time when it came out initial on.

More abilities were introduced with each new announcement. Its key features include the capability to organize photos, videos, audio and additional media files that you’ll usage in your project; tools to add special effects, transitions, and text to your film; and posting of your film on social media and additional online sites directly from the software.


Avidemux is a zero price and open-source video editing software intended for modest video editing and dispensation. The software is a free, lightweight video editing answer that provisions a wide range of audio/video records and format, and is friendly with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X platforms. It can cut, copy, and remove portions of a video and apply visual special effects or filters.

It is also capable to insert audio streams into a film (a procedure called multiplexing) or the additional way around – excerpt audio parts from a video (known as demuxing). It can likewise resize video records and transcode video into a variation of formats such as MP4, AVI, and MPEG-2. It proposals partial support for current formats like WebM, Opus, and AV1. The three core abilities of Avidemux is cutting, sieving, and encoding.

The major one lets you select and cut, copy, delete, and paste a portion of a video and save it in a dissimilar file format. Meanwhile, filtering agrees you to alter video such as improving and resizing the file, perform deinterlacing, addition color profiles, and introducing titles. Audio can also be pinched and better.


Wideo is an online video stage that specializes in making animations. You don’t have to create the animations yourself ever since there are over 80 pre-built video animation templates you can usage and edit to make business, product, promotional, tutorial, and explainer videos.

It has been informed that more than half of marketers already usage animation software to impart messages and tell stories, and Wideo exploits on that with a solution that is reasonable and informal to use. Outsourcing your animation videos to expert animators and designers is exclusive. Now you can do it yourself in minutes with drag and drop functionality to make, edit and personalize ready-made templates to transmit your message and reproduce you’re branding. It is informal to add elements – vector objects, images, audio, and background – to the templates.

There are also tools to edit text, checked spelling, exchange image, and share and transfer the completed video to YouTube. Wideo is envisioned to help raise your ROI in less time and create more effective your marketing movements through attractive and fun videos.



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