21 Best JavaScript Books To Level Up (Best Sellers)

Learning takes different forms, such as audio, visual, audiovisual, and so on. But one of the best ways of learning is by reading books. Why is reading books recommendable? Because it covers all aspects, and you can refer to it back and forth.

JavaScript is a programming language used for making dynamic web pages by adding interactive effects. Almost 94.5%of web pages available on the internet use this language. The language is known as one of the most misunderstood programming languages. However, it is effortless to learn with an expert programmer or read books. Let us explore some of the best JavaScript books that can help you excel in JavaScript.

1.      A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript – Best JavaScript Books

Author: Mark Myers
Best JavaScript Books

Mark Myers wrote this book for beginners as well as experienced developers. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript is both for beginners and experts in skills advancement. It doesn’t mind covering some ground they already know.

This book can help you learn the fundamentals and some advanced concepts like constructions and prototypes of JavaScript. This book assumes no programming experience but gives step-by-step tutorials and instructions to strike the best programming knowledge.

2.      Simple and Effective Strategies to learn JavaScript Programming – Best JavaScript Books

Author: M. Daniel Jones
Best JavaScript Books

As simple as the name is, so are its contents. Not only simple to understand but very useful. Simple and Effective Strategies to learn JavaScript Programming is a smart choice.

In this book, you will learn how to make choices of prototypes and strategies on how to program on your own. Even after knowing how to code, this book can be a reference point and solution in different codes. Keep the copy!

3.      Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja – Best JavaScript Books

Author: John Resig, Bear Bibeault and Josip Maras
Best JavaScript Books

To illustrate each core concept and technique, Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, Second Edition, offers practical examples. This book will help readers learn some key JavaScript concepts like objects, functions, closures, objects, and prototypes. This powerful book covers APIs such as DOM, events, and timers.

You will also learn how to write useful code with objects, functions, and closure. Just like a professional!

4.      Learn JavaScript VISUALLY – Best JavaScript Books

Author: Ivelin Demirov

Learn JavaScript VISUALLY with Interactive Exercises, an influential book written by Ivelin Disclosure. This JavaScript book helps readers learn the basics like Analogies, Metaphors, Analogies, and Easy Interactive Exercises. The book offers colorful illustrations that will never allow the rain of whosoever is the reader never to forget, an image, metaphor, or schema.

After reading to the end of his JavaScript ebook, you will learn How to read and write JavaScript, syntax, programming terminology, and fundamental object-oriented programming. Undoubtedly, such a reader can never forget its contents!

5.     Get Coding! – Best JavaScript Books

Author: Young Rewired State

Get Coding has an estimate of 10K+ Copies Sold because of its high helping capacity in learning JavaScript.

It helps you learn how to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and build your website, app, and game! It is entertaining using it. Do you desire to make a website from scratch or create a game?. This book can provide you with all the requirements and tools in a user-friendly form!

6.      Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition, A Modern Introduction to Programming

Author: Marijn Haverbeke

This revised and updated best-selling book introduces programming in JavaScript and focuses on writing practical applications.

This thoroughly revised Third Edition of ELOQUENT JAVASCRIPT dives very deep into the JavaScript language to help learners know how to write beautiful and practical codes.

The updated version of Eloquent Javascript reflected the current state of JAVASCRIPT and WEB-BROWSERS. It has a lot of examples, exercises, and projects to put you through. The step-by-step method or aligning the fundamentals is a prerequisite training for every programmer.

7.      Learning Web Design – Best JavaScript Books

Author: Jennifer Robbins

You don’t have prior knowledge or experience, but you want to build a web page? Worry not, as this friendly JavaScript book has the potential of making you achieve your goal! This book begins from square one to elucidate how the web and pages work. It will guide you to build a site on your, including multicolumn pages that adapt for mobile devices. This JavaScript contains exercises and puzzles in every chapter in other to enhance fast and accurate comprehension. It doesn’t have reader discrimination, and it is for both beginners and professionals.

Build HTML pages with images, text, links, tables, and forms. Use style sheets (CSS) for backgrounds, colors, formatting layout, page, text, and even simple animation effects.

8.      Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript With jQuery, CSS & HTML5

Author: Robin Nixon

This updated version of learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript can help you build interactive and data-driven websites with a potent combination of open-sourced technologies and web standards.

Every reader expects to put everything together and build a fully functional social networking site suitable and accessible by mobile browsers and desktops. It also helps to reformat websites into a mobile web app. It had HTML 5 features, including audio, video, geolocation, and the canvas element.

9.      JavaScript – Best JavaScript Books

Author: David Flanagan

This book is not just the source of mastering the most used programming language (JavaScript). Still, it is a 2020 edition (updated) to show its current contents. It has been in use for 25 years now, and this is to show how best it is and trusted to be the most used.

Its new chapters cover metaprogramming, modules, classes, iterators, and so many others. This excellent book is specifically made for web developers to take their knowledge to the next level and for programmers to learn JavaScript!

This book explains JavaScript from top to bottom and all about web development and its application. Get yourself a copy!

10.  Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript With jQuery, CSS & HTML5

Author: Robin Nixon

Just with the potent combination of web standards and open source technologies, you can build a unique data-driven website all enabled by this book”. Learning PHP,’ MySQL & JavaScript With jQuery, CSS & HTML5″.

A web designer will always find this book helpful, explore the latest technologies, and pick up programming practicals, including optimizing websites for mobile devices!

Once you have finished reading this book, you will build a fully functional social networking suitable for both desktop and mobile browsers.

11.  JavaScript Cookbook – Best JavaScript Books

Author: Shelley Powers

JavaScript cookbook, literary is a cook and the reader’s food ingredients to hand a meal called knowledge impacted. This JavaScript book strategically breakdown all contents of JavaScript with adequate elucidations to enhance comprehension of all level readers.

The recipes possessed by this book include reusable codes and practical advice for tackling JavaScript Ajax, nodes, objects, and so on. It covers the traditional use of JavaScript as well as server and mobile development. You won’t hate getting a copy!

12.  JavaScript The Good Parts – Best JavaScript Books

Author: Douglas Crockford

While JavaScript has the good and bad parts found in everything on Earth, JavaScript, the excellent part as the name implies, scrapes away these bad/ negative features to review/ produce a more reliable, maintainable subset JavaScript and readable.

If you want to get the wrong side of JavaScript, you can try other books. Still, Douglas Crockford tried to make this book beautiful, elegant, and highly expressive. With these, you will have to undo the bad! Just a copy can do you very much good.

13.  Programming for Beginners – Best JavaScript Books

Author: MG Martin

What do you think? Six books in 1. This caption should tell you how valuable this book can be. This book will keep the ball rolling for all to learn to program, not minding their skill or experience level.

In this authoritative book, you will get a practical experience of how to code, tools, concepts, and techniques to obtain the necessary skills. So pick a copy now and develop your skills!

14.  Javascript-Learn the Fundamentals of Javascript Computer Programming Language

Author: Marc Raven

Your goal to become a programming master is achievable with this authentical book. You will learn the most popular computer programming language (JavaScript) that will allow you to create any program of your choice.

In this book, you learn how to code with JavaScript variables and how they work loop. This book will precisely give you step by step guide to programming. So why wait? Go ahead and get a copy for yourself and begin your day right away!

15.  JavaScript-Advanced Features and Programming Techniques

Author: Nathan Clark

JavaScript-Advanced Features and Programming Techniques gives the kindle version FREE when purchasing the paperback! This book is studied to encourage you on your journey of taking your skills to the next level. It has 60+ examples, and it is also one of the most purchased JavaScript, it has about 5k+ sold copies!

You will master the language as the step-by-step methodology of precisely practicing in this book in no distance time. This book offers 69 practical examples with each concept of a topic to enhance maximum comprehension.

This book does not only serve as a reference but a guide to accompany you into the world of programming. Get yourself a copy!

16.  Speaking JavaScript An In-Depth Guide for Programmers

Author: Axel Rauschmayer

Anyone who reads this book very well (implementing rightly the requirements) will know JavaScript perfectly and speak JavaScript. This book helps to take you into and through JavaScript. With this veteran programmer’s book, you will be able to dive deep into JavaScript and achieve the goal of becoming a professional.

This puissant book ( speaking JavaScript) aids you in approaching JavaScript with complete standalone sections (Read up to know them). With this same book, you can see the relationship between JavaScript and other programming languages. Get a copy and begin your journey!

17.  Javascript – Best JavaScript Books

Author: Ryan Turner

The computer is the most used in this era. Yes! Because we are in a technological age. If you think that only a trained software developer can master JavaScript skills, take a break. This book is written for those kinds of people, to tell them that they can be literates.

This ultimate beginner’s guide is like daily bread to dedicated JavaScript learners. Its step by step guidance is what produces a perfect programmer. You can get a copy for yourself!

18.  Building Isomorphic JavaScript Apps-From Concept to Implementation to Real-World Solutions

Author: Jason Strimpel, Maxime Najim

This powerful book helps you to run the same code on both browser and web application. Understanding how isomorphic JavaScript can dramatically improve user experience, many companies like Facebook, Netflix, and adopted isomorphic libraries.

You can make an isomorphic codebase by taking framework and application codes from server to client. Get the book and learn more about advanced isomorphic JavaScript!

19.  Making Games With JavaScript – Best JavaScript Books

Author: Christopher Pitt

Have you planned to create a game? Is it your childhood or live time declaration to create a game?  The time is now!

With author Christopher Pitt, you will become a professional game creator. This book will help you learn how to create games using JavaScript, master the game loop, manage game inventory, and a lot more. Only a copy can put you through!

20.  Node.js in Practice – Best JavaScript Books

Author: Alex R. Young, Marc Harter

When you roll out nodes, there are issues that you will face. Node.js in Practice is a collection of thoroughly tested solutions to those issues.

This book will take you deep into essential topics like the ins and outs of event-based programming, how and why to use closures, and many more. Get yourself a copy!

21.  JavaScript – Best JavaScript Books

Author: Charlie Masterson

This two in one JavaScript book provides different tips and tricks to achieve professionalism and create a reader-friendly environment where the readers have fun while reading.

You can also learn the do and don’ts of JavaScript, speed up your programming abilities, and so on. Buy this book for the limited time roll!


Conclusively, the best selling JavaScript books have been discussed. The books mentioned above are rich with their contents and information. Also, by seeing the innovative ways of their teachings, we have chosen it. These books will indeed help you attain greater heights in JavaScript applications.

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