6 Best GPL Sites For WordPress Themes & Plugins in 2022

You probably came across some GPL websites selling thousands of premium WordPress plugins and themes at a very discounted price. You may wondered weather they are legit or not. Let us find out the whole concept behind those sites and the list of the most popular GPL sites.

What is GPL?

GPL stands for GNU Public License. It’s a free software license that allows you to share and modify the code of any program, as long as it remains available under this license. The most important thing about this license is that anyone can use your modified version without paying anything, even if they have never heard about you or your project before. This means that everyone has access to all the source codes of every application which are under GPL license.

What is the difference between GNU and GPL?

GNU is an extensive collection of Open Source free software which are used to create the Linux Operating System. GNU is a recursive acronym of “GNU’s Not UNIX”, that means GNU’s software systems might look similar to UNIX, but they differ from UNIX and does not use any UNIT code.

Software under GNU Project are mostly licensed under GPL (General Public License). This license was originated in GNU Project and it gives freedom to anyone to run, study, share and modify the software and the modified version should also be available with the same GPL license.

Why GPL is important and what is it’s significance?

GPL license makes it compulsory to make the source code of the software (i.,e WordPress plugins, Themes etc) free and available for anyone to use and modify.

Is it legal to use WordPress GPL Plugins and Themes?

If the WordPress plugin and theme made available under GPL license then one can distribute it freely to others. But it may not be true always since developer may distribute the piece of software partly in GPL and party under a different license.

So, it is advisable to check the specific plugin or theme to be sure.

There is another threat when getting the plugin or theme from a different source than the developer. It might have malware attached to the source code which a normal user cannot detect.

We strongly suggest to get the WordPress plugins or themes from the original marketplace or real developers if you can afford them. The reason is to get the most authentic and updated verson without any chance of getting virus or malware with it. 

Today we are going to show you some of the popular GPL distribution sites from which you can get GPL themes & plugins at a highly discounted price. Just remember they are not the real publishers. They just get those themes from real publishers and sell them to you in less price & They do not provide any support like real developer do.

1. GPL Plus

GPL Plus site

GPL Plus is one of the best site to buy GPL WordPress themes & plugins. They provide every theme and plugins in $4.99. They have more than 1000+ themes and 1000+ plugins. They provides you themes & plugins without any modification, means there is no risk of using the products bought from them.

GPL Plus price plan

They also have a membership plan, first one is for one month for $24.99 and you can download 5 theme or plugin per day, means you can download 150 theme or plugins per month but if you buy them one by one they you have to pay $748.5 but if you plan to buy it from real developers than you have to pay a lot of money. Another plan is for $199 per year with 10 downloads per day and 3rd plan with $110 per 6 months with 5 download per day.

Note: If you need more discount then give review on one of their product and they will provide you $1 discount coupon.

2. Theme Price

Theme Price website

After GPL Plus Theme Price is one of the best site to buy WordPress GPL themes & plugins. The site claims that it provides you 100% virus free themes & plugins. They have more than 4,000+ themes & plugins. 

This site also provides few free themes & plugins. And you can buy most of the themes & plugins in $4. This site also provides you other types of services like Hire a Developer & Get a Webmaster. 

Theme price Price Table

This site also have an affiliate program using which you can earn a lot. It provides 40% commission on every sale & also provides 90 Days Cookies. You can withdraw those money through PayPal. And for payment method this sites provides many ways.

3. GPL Guru

GPL Guru

Another one of the popular site for buying GPL themes & plugins. Actually there are lots of themes & plugins to buy in this site site. But there is one problem in this site which most of you will not like, price in this site is very high compared to previous sites. Most of the products are available from $8 only.

This site also have membership plan. In 1st membership plan it provides 20 downloads / day for $15 /  month, in 2nd plan same with few more features for $99 / year & in 3rd plan it provides life time plan for $299.

This site update plugins & themes when ever their new updates comes from real developers so it is good thing.



This site has more than 2304 WordPress themes & plugins. This site provides you most of the popular WordPress theme & plugins which are used by many website globally. You will find wide category of themes & plugins.

This site only provides membership you don’t have to pay per download. They have two membership plan Trial Plan & Basic Plan.

In Trial plan you have to pay $2.5 for three days and you can download 3 files per day, means 9 files in total. In Basic plan you have to pay $7.9 per month and you can download 10 files per day means 300 files in total.

Every week this site keep updating themes & plugins if new updates by real developers comes. So you can keep using the latest version of the plugins & themes.


Codelist - Webtopic

Codelist is one of the most popular site out there. You no need to buy any theme or plugin from this site. They provide all the themes and plugins 100% free. You no need to make any account also to download plugins from their site.

You will find a lots of WordPress Themes and Plugins in their site. Not only themes and plugins but they also provides PHP Scripts and app templates. This site is used by thousands of users worldwide, even I have used this site to get some premium WordPress plugins which were really amazing.

But there is one problem, which downloading anything from these types of sites you need to download safely, other wise tour computer can get virus. And all the themes and plugins, php scripts found in this site are nulled. Means they are modified by other users, and if you use them in your site you are always at risk. 

6. GPL Zone

gpl zone website

GPL Zone has extensive list of premium WordPress plugins and themes. Not only that, GPL Zone also has premium plugin and themes for PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, Joomla and OpenCart.

They have 6 months, 1 year and lifetime plans. In $19, you can access all plugins and themes with 20 download per day limitation. $29 would give you 1 year access with 30 download per day limit and $49 is lifetime access without any download limit.

GPL Zone Price Chart

They also have automatic WordPress plugin and theme updates, which is pretty good for most long term users.

Hey still looking for more sites to buy GPL themes & plugins or download for free then here are few more sites you can below –

There are many websites to get WodPress GPL Themes and Plugins, nowadays but I think it is very important to check the terms and conditions and the credibility of those websites first. Its not uncommon to find malware code deeply seeded into some of the theme or plugin which can adversely affect your site.

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