Selecting a font for your design project can be exciting – after all, they inspire our imagination, and face it, choosing the right one can make your project in the most amazing ways, that you can only dream of.

So, today, we have brought you some of the most amazing fonts that you can use in your design projects – oh, and by the way, did we say that they are ‘futuristic fonts’ – and yep, they are free to boot too!

And without any further ado, let’s get to know a few of them.


Designed by Emmeran Richard, this is a futuristic font that you can use to add visual interest to your design projects. You can either use this font over any image or say, color blocks, and which will give your work a futuristic feel.


This is a monospaced font that comes with light strokes and which are coupled with an excellent set of swashes, and thus, giving the font a feminine and dynamic feel.

You can either use it for when designing a poster, or a logo, and add a few alternations to it – and just see the magic.


Also designed by E. Richard, this is a minimalist typeface – perfect for designing logos or titles of book covers.

This font will also be a great choice when designing posters namely, for the ‘headline’ part.


This is a geometric sans-serif font – it’s bold and thick, and comes with rounded and square ends.

Designing any poster for an event?

Keep this font in mind.


Built with hexagons, this font comes in both lower and upper case letters with special characters ranging from glyphs to numbers.

Using this font in a design project will make the project give off a futuristic vibe, with an archaic and mystical feel.


A simple futuristic font – if you are more of the minimalistic type, then, give this font a go; it will work best as a display typeface but also as to a small set of blocks of body copy.


A beautiful combination of sharp edges and thin lines – that’s what this font is. It’s an expressive typeface and will work best when creating logos, headlines on posters, or even as book cover titles.


Inspired by neon lights, this typeface is designed by Fabien Korn. What sets it apart is that it can be set in multiple colors, and thus, this typeface is fully editable.

This font is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.

Geometric Hurricane

A simple yet beautiful typeface that can be used in any design projects – that’s what this typeface can do.

This typeface will make do as an excellent choice for a logo or as a headline on posters. Book cover titles will also suffice.


Bold, simple, and straightforward – that’s what this font is, plus, it has a retro feel and gives off a futuristic vibe.

If you want any design project to have a futuristic feel, then, give this typeface a go!


This is a clean and stylish typeface and comes with tall letterforms that you can use in your design projects to stylize any headline – you can set it at a large size and see how the details amp up your project.


Quirky and unique – this is a typeface that can stylize any content, more so, if the project leans towards editorial design.

Be it logos, book cover titles, or names on packaging design, this font will surely pack a punch.


Featuring curved incisions, this typeface adds movement to the letterforms, with each letter drawn beautifully and not to mention, clean.

Be it a logo or even as a display typeface on a tee, this typeface will surely work well.


Comes in both uppercase and lowercase letters, this typeface is sans-serif and is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.

This font can be used to design logos, book cover titles, or even as headlines for posters.


This is a monospace futuristic font that gives off a retro feel – you can use it on posters, business cards, or any material that you want to look futuristic.

It is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.


This is a simple yet beautiful futuristic font – consisting of both uppercase and lowercase letters, this font is a must-use for design projects that needs an extra dose of visual interest.


Featuring crazy angles and funky glyphs, this typeface is an expressive modern typeface that will be sure to catch anyone’s attention.

Perfect for posters, or say, logos, this typeface is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.

UFO Nest

Inspired by crop circles and the mysteries surrounding them, this typeface best works for headlines or content that one will set at large sizes, and can be used for both personal and commercial projects.


Featuring with over 250 stylistic alternates, this typeface can be used to create anything – the possibilities are endless.

Be it posters, book cover titles, or even as logos, this typeface is a must-to-use if you want your design project to give off a futuristic vibe.


Inspired by astronomy, this is a modular typeface, and comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters, with various eye-catching glyphs, and other special characters.

It is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.


Bold and strong – that’s what this font is all about, it comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters with a set of stylistic alternates.

Free to use for both personal and commercial projects, this font can be used to create logos, book cover titles, to name a few.


Inspired by stencils, this font is an all caps display typeface – it has different pieces that fit together like links, making its letterforms feel strong and bold, and thus, making it a great choice for designing logos.


Unique and bold – if you are looking for these features in a typeface, this is it. Perfect for creating logos or headlines of any kind, this typeface will catch the viewer’s attention at first glance.

It is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.


Featuring bold angles and expressive vibe, this typeface is perfect to use for when the design projects lean towards editorial design, and thus, it’s best when creating headlines or say, logos.


Inspired Native American Legends and Geometry, this typeface works beautifully when used to create logos or as headlines.

It is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.


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