The use of web development frameworks has become an integral part of the web development process and this occurrence is not slowing down any time soon. These frameworks are collections of code libraries that give app and web developers solutions for tedious, repetitive tasks. frameworks are created to simplify web development.

The demand for more functional and responsive websites is continuous and will continue to rise, as a matter of fact, for developers to remain relevant they have stay updated and afloat of the required and best framework to use or else they may end up wasting time and producing very low functional websites, websites which could become obsolete and irrelevant. Staying on track with the latest best framework is a plus for web developers which will make you and minimize the chances of being replaced by another web developer.

There are multiple frameworks out there, a lot of them are available for web developers. Picking the best framework is no easy task but that’s why we are here to simplify and single out the best of the best for you to be on track.

Here is a list of the best framework you should consider this year.

Node js

node js2

This framework is considered as one of the best when designing a lightweight and highly efficient website and web apps. Node js offers code sharing and reuse, speed and performance plus, a huge number of free tools. This framework is a popular choice for online gaming, chats, online videos, or any feature or component in web development and app programming that requires constant data when being used.

This framework works perfectly well with real-time applications that require a huge amount of data. Node.js apps don’t only benefit from lightness and network speed, it also has strong corporate support and a rich ecosystem.



This is a backend framework that uses python for web development. It is an open source web framework that was built for simplicity, flexibility, reliability, and scalability in developing python based web applications. Its features include; simple syntax, model view controller, HTTP libraries, a python unit test framework.

Django is fast and simple, it’s secure (it frequently releases new security patches), it suits any web application project, and it’s well established. Django is used by many, some popular apps that use Django are; Instagram, Spotify, Mozilla, Dropbox, Pinterest, Reddit, NASA etc. it is an essentially a well-rounded framework used by many companies.

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

ruby in rails

This framework was launched in 2005 and has emerged to be one of the most popular frameworks. RoR is free to use and it also runs on Linux. Rails portray a cleaner code base with less redundant code and its developments are rapid.

It is a mature language. Big Sites like GitHub, Basecamp, Shopify, Airbnb, Hulu, and many more were all built on RoR. It has a strong and supportive community and the community has just become stronger with time, they give answers to literally all problems. This framework is great to work with.



This is a PHP web application framework. Built with are set of PHP components which are reusable. It was published in 2005 as free software, about 80% of websites today are created with the PHP programming language.

Symfony is highly flexible and it has been proven to be very reliable and has a large and supportive community. Symfony documentation is considered one of the best when compared to other PHP frameworks. It is clearly written and updated from version to version. This framework is one of the most stable and it is ideal for complex projects.



This framework was established in 2011 and it has shown great promise by delivering great results for developers worldwide. This was built with the intent of developing the best quality apps.

The system offered in this framework are well equipped, it offers quick and functional core that can be extended, clean and simple routing, an active and growing community that can provide quick support and answers. Laravel offers API support and it also possesses a good number of packages.

The educational resource laracasts are tutorial websites with tons of videos on PHP, Laravel and frontend technologies in the Laravel ecosystem that could be very helpful for beginners.



CakePHP is a comprehensive PHP platform and it was built on the MCV (model- controller-view) model. It was released in 2005 and due to its seamless configuration, this framework has been gaining popularity amongst developers.  It allows the practice of creating codes that can be easily reused. So, it is not required to create new codes from scratch, saving time and energy while creating websites. It is used widely by large companies as well as huge websites.

This framework is easily accessible and it is open to all, no pre-configuration required, it has an outstanding inbuilt ORM (Object-relational mapping), and the ability to test all fragile and critical points of your application.

It is fully stocked with built-in security and authentication, and it is MVC based. This framework has proven to be very efficient, reliable, and it has also become a favorite among developers.



This is no doubt one of the most popular frameworks out there. This framework was built and it is being maintained by Google. It was introduced in 2012 and it is one of the most versatile frameworks available today. It’s also used in creating Google’s largest applications.

This framework builds dynamic single page applications, its functions and commands are written in HTML script using code templates. It has multiple features like; its user interface is built on HTML, large and active community on Google (Being maintained by Google and also questions and suggestion forums are included), Model view controller (MVC), etc. It’s not really a full stack framework, but it is a front-end framework which is awesome for handling your web pages.


I hope with the above listed best full-stack frameworks, I have brought you up to speed to the latest trends and I have narrowed your choices to the framework that best suit your project. You will find a lot of similarities between frameworks so it might not be so easy to find the one that best suits you. Remember you can never know if you don’t try, migrate from one framework to another till you find your perfect taste.

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