Top 7 Best DNS Propagation Checker

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it is a hierarchical and decentralized system that translates a domain name (i.e, into an IP Address. If you registered a domain name like and want it to point to your server where you want to host your website, you need to assign the IP Address of your server (example – to this domain name. This is required for your domain name to reach your server to serve your web page.

DNS Propagation means the time it takes for the changes to update across the Internet. Usually, changing the IP address takes 48 hours to propagate. But nowadays, it happens pretty fast most of the time. But until the new assigned IP Address propagates in all required name servers, you may not visit the website with the domain name.

If you just changed the IP Address of your domain name and still cannot visit the website, the IP Address you assigned to your domain name is not yet been propagated. Many “DNS Propagation Checker” tools on the Internet help you check the DNS propagation status instead of waiting.

Here we have listed the best reliable DNS propagation checker we found in our review.


DNS Propagation Checker Tool

This website is very straightforward, and DNS record types such as A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NA, PTR, SOA, SRV, TXT, CAA. It checks the record from almost 30 locations across all continents. You enter the website name and choose the record type from the drop-down list, and search.

2. DNSMap

DNS Propagation Checker Tool

This is a similar service where you can check all types of DNS records with a very modern and elaborated world map. Once you enter the website name and select the DNS record, you want to check and search. It produces the ping details with IP addresses and other information in the world map. But we found it randomly select servers to generate the ping. But it lacks the total number of servers it generates the ping from. Also, it does not collect information from all continents and countries.

3. Global DNS Propagation Checker

DNS Propagation Checker Tool

This DNS propagation checker tool has an impressive list of 50 server locations across all continents. Even this tool supports a wide range of DNS record types, i.e., A, AAAA, AFSDB, CAA, CNAME, CERT, DHCID, DNAME, DNSKEY, DS, HINFO, IPSECKEY, LOC, MX, NA, PTR, NS, NSECSOA, SPF, SRV, SSHFP, TXT, TXT-DKIM, TXT-DMARC, TXT-SPF, URI.
But during our test, we found the tool does not use all the server locations, or some of the server locations might not be active all the time.

4. DNSChecker

DNS Propagation Checker Tool

This DNS Propagation Checker Tool is very similar to the service. You provide the website name and select the DNS record type and see the status from various parts of the world. But with this tool, you can add your own custom domain name server to the existing list. Not only that, but they also have serval other tools at your disposal, including a Google Chrome extension.

The tools like Reverse DNS Lookup, MX Record Validation, NS Lookup, tDMARK Validation Tool are convenient for various types of checks you may need.


DNS Propagation Checker Tool

This DNS Propagation Check is straightforward to use and somehow very fast. It provides all the necessary functionalities required to check DNS propagation, including the DNS record types like A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, SRV, TXT, etc.

By default, it checks DNS records from various locations throughout the world, but you can limit this tool to search only from the selected continent if you like.

6. IPVoid

DNS Propagation Checker Tool not only has DNS Propagation Checker, but it has many useful tools on the list. The DNS Checker is pretty basic and straightforward, but it gets the job done. You also want to check the other tools they have like IP Backlist Checker, WHOIS Lookup, Password Generator, HTTP/2 Test, SSL Certificate Check, Domain Reputation Check, and much much more.

7. DNS Tester

DNS Propagation Checker Tool

Excellent DNS Propagation Checker with a clean look and fast website interface. It offers all necessary DNS record type checks from 25 locations worldwide. It also shows the server location on a world map.

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