People are always on to making something new and fun. Earlier, people would draw characters on a blank canvas, and that was it. Their imagination and creativity would be closed on a piece of paper. But now those days have gone.

You can make unique characters, avatars, cartoons with your mobile phone. Whether you have an android or iOS, you can create any character with your mobile phone. Well, here are the top 15 best character creator app for you. Enjoy!

1. The Sims- Character Creator App

Character Creator app

SourceAndroid/ iOS

License– Free

Sims is one of the best character creator app you will ever find. It has a vast number of choices for the characters. You can use this app on both Android and iOS.

The first thing you need to do in this app is to choose the character’s gender. After that, you need to select the age of the character. Whether you want it to be a little girl or a happy older adult, the choice is yours.

Now, the coolest feature of this app is that you can also create a whole family. There can be a dad, mom, a little girl, and a happy older adult, isn’t that awesome?

Then you will be on the step of deciding the looks of the character. Also, here all the options related to the characters are yours. You can regulate the character’s eyes, make the lips fuller or thinner, color the skin, and everything.

After that, you have to choose what type of hair you want for your character. The classic one is nice, but you can always try some colors on your character’s hair if you wish. You can make its hair long, short.

Next, you will have to choose clothes. You can select crazy and fabulous outfits for your character.

This app gives a lot of options! You can choose the zodiac sign, mood, love, interest, food taste, and many more.

You get to choose the financial stability of the characters too. Isn’t that cool? You have all the controls over these characters.

2. Cute Girl Avatar Maker- Character Creator App

Character Creator app


License– Free

If you want to create some beautiful and cute characters within less time, Cute Girl Avatar Maker is the best option for you. You can use this app on Android.

You can create any character using this app. You can create adult male, female, girl, boy anything of your choice and create several characters in one picture.

You can also change the position of those characters. Isn’t that great? You make them wear beautiful clothes and do their hair, taking care of the styling.

3. Myidol- Character Creator App

Character Creator app


License– Free

Myidol is incredible to create 3D characters. It is one of the most popular character creators you will ever find. Lady Gaga, Zara Larsson, Miley Cyrus, Lily- Rose used this app. It is available for iOS users.

At first, you need to upload a picture, and with the face recognition system, the app will create a character. You can also adjust the features of the face.

Like all other apps, you can choose outfits, hair color, hairstyles, and many more.

Go ahead and create your 3D character! You can also create characters for your friends using their pictures.

4. Cartoon maker- Avatar creator-

4. Cartoon maker Avatar creator min


License– Free

Are you tired of creating the same type of characters and want to create something different? How about making a comic character? With Cartoon maker- Avatar creator, you can create fantastic avatars. Android users can use this app.

In this app, you can choose outfits, hairstyles, hair colors, and many more. It has a lot of fun stickers to use too! You can use the characters to create fun comics.

5. ePic Character Generator- Character Creator App

Character Creator app


License– Free

For creating a character for a game or story, you can download the ePic Character Generator for free. You have absolute control over the characters and can change or create- skin, hair, tattoos, accessories. You can get this app on Android.

You can also create a background in this app, with a table, chair, fan, and a lot.

If you want an animal with your character, you can also have that in this app. Cats, dogs, tigers, horses you can choose anything. You can also select the position where a character should be.

With the ePic Character Generator app, you can do anything and everything!

6. Mywebtoon character- K-pop- Character Creator App

6. Mywebtoon character K pop min

SourceAndroid / iOS

License– Free

Hellotoon inc. is the producer of Mywebtoon character- K-pop app. This app is free and is one of the most top-rated apps on the Google Play Store. You can use this app with your Android or iOS.

You will have tons of options in this app. You can choose different types of girls and boys and add accessories, change the hair color, hairstyles, and make them wear hats too.

If you want to add text to your cartoon, you can also do that here in this app. You can use these characters on social media while chatting, that too for free.

7. SuperMe- Make Comic Avatar- Character Creator App

7. SuperMe Make Comic Avatar min


License– Free

In 2021, this is the best character creator app. There are many tools in this app to make your avatar.

One distinctive characteristic of this app is that it lets you change the facial expression, making the characters much cooler and alive.

It has more than 100 animations for you, and you will enjoy each one of them for sure. iPhone users, go ahead and give it a shot!

8. Anime Avatar Maker- Character Creator App

8. Anime Avatar Maker min

Source- Android

License– Free

William Studio created Anime Avatar Maker. For creating anime avatars, this app is one of the best out there. If you have an Android, you can get this app for free.

There are different options for the anime avatars here. With this app, you can also create funny and cute stickers for your social media.

If you must have some character in your mind, create that one in this app easily!

9. Fun2Create: Design Yourself- Character Creator App

9. Fun2Create Design Yourself min

SourceAndroid/ iOS

License– Free

A well-known artist designed this app so that people can create their characters. This app is available on both Android and iOS.

In this app, you can find different types of clothes and hairstyles. You can also change the character’s facial structure: change the eye type, enlarging the eyes, color, and shape. You can observe which features are the best for your character.

After creating your character, you can download it for free and use it on social media. Because sometimes, you should show off your skills.

You can also choose the background and voice of the characters with this app. Isn’t that so fun? Go ahead and try it.

10. Avatar maker dogs- Character Creator App

10. Avatar maker dogs min


License– Free

If you are a dog lover and want a dog character, you can get your pet with the Avatar maker dogs app. This app has many breeds: German shepherd, husky, Dalmatian, Doberman, and many more. The choice is yours, who you want your buddy to be!

After that, you can choose the type and features of your dog’s body. From head to tail, you can select everything; not only that, but you can also create wolves and fairytale dogs with wings. It is so awesome! Android users can use this app for free.

You can create amazing stories, comics, and manga with these cute doggies.

11. Bitmoji- Character Creator App

Character Creator app

SourceAndroid/ iOS

License– Free

Bitmoji is one of the most popular characters creator app. Both iOS and Android users can use this app.

With your awesome full-body pictures, it can create a character just like you. There is a viable option of changing the feature of the character.

You can change hair color, facial structure, outfits, and a lot. You can also add stickers to your avatar. After that, you can save it for free.

Moreover, you can use this character in your chat to make it more enjoyable. This app has been downloaded 100 million times.

12. 3D Avatar Creator, Emoji Maker& Keyboard | Bemoji-

Character Creator app

Source- Android

License- Free

Bemoji is an all in one character maker. With this app, you can create a 3D character just like you. Android users can use this app for free.

You can create your avatar, emoji, and face emoji with this app. You can also use these on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat for free. By using its AR camera, your avatar will repeat your movements after you.

Furthermore, you can customize the character’s feature by choosing the outfit, hair color, and many more. It is a perfect emoji app for Android. It has stickers, emojis, and a keyboard present in your device’s settings.

13. Monster Avatar Maker- Character Creator App

13. Monster Avatar Maker


License– Free

Are you looking for a different character creator app? Try this app out! It is fun and exciting. It is available for Android users.

You can make different types of monsters with this app. You can create both male and female monsters; Angry, funny, weird, sad, the choice is yours.

It is perfect to use on Halloween. You can also customize the hairstyles, eyebrows, eyes, stitches, horns, and clothes. You can also choose the colors of these features. If you want, you can share your beautiful monster with your friends for free.

14. Personal Cartoon Avatar Maker-

14. Personal Cartoon Avatar Maker

Source- Android

License- Free

With Personal Cartoon Avatar Maker, you can create a personalized full-body avatar. This app is only available for Android users.

There are various options for the character’s features that include nose, hair, face, color, eyebrows, shape, hairstyle, and hair color. You can also check out the library’s sticker to add more fun to your avatar.

15. Avatoon- Character Creator App

15. Avatoon

Source- Android/ iOS

License- Free

To spice up your social media, you can use Avatoon to create your characters. It will help you to get more engagement.

Not only can you create personalized avatars but also personalized emoji and stickers. This app has a face recognition feature in it. With just a picture, you can create your personalized character.

You can also choose the background and expression poses of the characters. There is a vast option to be stylish- from dresses to hair, and you can choose anything. Create your unique self today!

Well, these are the top character creator apps for you. Go ahead and try these. You may share it with your friends so that they can make their styling and avatars. So, enjoy the power of these amazing character creator apps.

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