Jungle Scout is undoubtedly an effective and most used Amazon product finding tool. You need to remember that the tool is counted as one of the frequently used online tools. One should remember that Jungle Scout is a product hunt tool and it will help you to choose a profitable niche on Amazon.

It is very common to all that there must be always some pros and cons for any tool and it is the same in the case of Jungle Scout. The main thing is that Jungle Scout does not give users any offer and for that reason, the users go for others. 

There are some other tools available online and they work as same as Jungle Scout. These tools are available on Chrome extension, app, and even in another type of platform. In this article, let us try to know more about the Jungle Scout alternatives, and get a fair idea about its pros or cons any.

Just take a look at the following tools in details. 

1. Helium 10

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9 Best Alternative to Jungle Scout

Helium 10 is one of the best tools to grow the product sale on Amazon. It allows Amazon sellers to keep their sites in a good rank. With this software, anyone can identify trends, optimize product listing, and spy on competitors to get more conversations and sales.

It is good to know that this particular one has more than 10 tools and helps sellers to earn a lot of money without extra effort. Generally, it includes Black Box, Magnet, cerebor, X-ray, and many more.

This particular tool is available with free and paid versions. If you are completely satisfied with the free tool, then you can go for the Paid version. Helium 10 undoubtedly saves your money and time. Even it will help you to get huge ROI for Amazon FBA business.


  • Time and money-saving
  • Easily brings Keywords in good ranking
  • Available for its user at a huge discount


  • No functions that provide any facility for conversions

2. AmaSuite

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9 Best Alternative to Jungle Scout

Now let us get to know about the most reliable and even better software that is always popular in this category. This software comes with the name of AmaSuite. It allows you to grow your online business at the maximum level. It also helps you to boost your sales as well as conversations.

It was founded by David Guindon and Chris Guthrie. The tool is good for software development and affiliate marketing. The price of AmaSuite comes in a very comfortable way. Generally, the price is designed in such a way that anyone can afford the price very easily. 


  • Hundred per cent reliable and dependable
  • Makes sales high
  • Suitable for affiliate marketing & software development
  • Comparatively low in price


  • Needs more time comparatively

3. Viral Launch

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9 Best Alternative to Jungle Scout

Now you are going to get in touch with the most powerful Amazon growth platform tool that comes with the name of Viral Launch. It can positively help you for making a huge profit.

The tool provides you with the solutions such as market intelligence, split testing, keyword research, and many more. It also comes to be the finest jungle scout alternative. With this tool, you easily find the Amazon Product Finder for advanced-level idea generation.

Easily, you can track important keyword analytics in your dashboard that you can use easily.  To grab the tool, undoubtedly, the pricing plans are very simple and affordable. The company provides more than three plans for the benefit of users.

The most important thing is that you will have two months trial if you like to go for the yearly plan. The demo version gives you an adequate understanding of its functioning.


  • Hundred per cent fruitful to make profit
  • Easy for keywords analytics
  • Two months trial
  • Affordable price


  • Users need careful attention to use

4. ASINspector

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9 Best Alternative to Jungle Scout

If you are tired of searching for the most user-friendly tool to find Amazon Products, then obviously, you can take ASINspector. Using this tool, anyone can stay ahead of the competitors with ROI that will give more sales.

It seems to you like a cash machine and if you trust the machine, it will never make you down. It will have no secrets of product data like an open book.

Even with this particular software, you can easily understand your competitors’ doing and as a result of that, you can outrank easily them. The pricing plans offered by ASINspector are very flexible and simple. Your decision to have this tool can be very effective as within a few days, you will be a sales generating expert.


  • Its’ price range is flexible and easy
  • Allows you to make your competitors outrank
  • Improves you sales


  • Needs more time comparatively

5. AMZScout

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9 Best Alternative to Jungle Scout

AMZScout is the best product research tool in need of Amazon sellers. You can take it as a web application.

The tool is very simple and easy to use. It is good for a beginner. Undoubtedly, the tool allows you to find out the most beneficial items on the Amazon marketplace. Even with this tool, you can find the best product to sell, identify the current trends, and come to review the activities of Amazon sellers.

AMZScout makes you understand about present innovation and logic that bring sales volume to a high level within a short period. You can easily use AMZScout through its expansion that is accessible to your Google browser.


  • Good for beginners
  • Increases sales volume
  • Simple to use
  • Easy accessible in Chrome browser


  • Not  provides its user with many features

6.  Unicorn Smasher

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9 Best Alternative to Jungle Scout

Unicorn Smasher has become the best, powerful and reliable Amazon tool. It works efficiently for analysis, monitoring, and improvement for the high sales in Amazon. Generally, the tool is the perfect one to boost keywords as well as sales.

The software is a hundred per cent reliable and free product. It runs well on Chrome with an extension. The most important thing is that you can easily install the software.

Take a step to open the Amazon marketplace for a product. Then click on the Unicorn button adding vendor list details like range, estimated earnings, and estimated sales. The tool is free to use.

It gives you the best advantage in the Amazon United States and Amazon United Kingdom marketplace.


  • High sales generator
  • Provides easy installing
  • Free version available


  • Available with very limited features

7. AmazeOwl

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9 Best Alternative to Jungle Scout

AmazeOwl is one of the best Amazon Product Research tools. It works for offering information on bestsellers, a product with lower shipping fees, promising products on the market.

This tool helps you to keep an eye on your competitors’ products with price and tactics in the market competition. Even you will come to know the offer price, good reviews, and scores.

The customers have a facility to make a selection in its pricing plan. Generally, it offers monthly plans that are competitive and cheap. It is very good to know that its starter plan is completely free and under this free plan, you will come to use one niche, three keywords, and auto-updates for 1000 niches.

The initial paid plan comes with the price of $14.95 per month by a name of Growth Plan. The next plan named by Established plan comes with the price of $29.95 per month.


  • Offers detail of best sellers
  • Available with a trial version
  • Two paid plans
  • User friendly


  • The price is one factor that makes it less popular among its competitors

8. Sonar

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9 Best Alternative to Jungle Scout

Now we are going to talk about another fruitful Amazon Research Tool that comes with the name of Sonar provided by Sellics. This tool is user-friendly and it allows you to search keywords, ASIN numbers, and extended research for searching Amazon listings and products.

With this software, you can come to export data. It is available in a free version and the seller can cross-check with data points. The tool comes to you in a trial version with a basic package of $9.99.

It is available in India and Europe.


  • User friendly
  • Available free version
  • An exact one for all


  • Takes time to operate and function

9.  Amachete – Alternative to Jungle Scout

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9 Best Alternative to Jungle Scout

Amachete is one of the most popular product research tools on Amazon. It is also called the FBA seller tool. The tool helps you to find potential products in the marketplace. The tool is undoubtedly above average but it does not lead industry level or outside of the PPC standards.

The tool is undoubtedly suitable for both beginners and professional sellers.

Amachete offers a 14-day free trial and for that, it does not need any card details. Apart from the trial version, it offers you three different plans. The first plan comes with a cost of $39 per month.


  • Both beginners and professionals feel comfortable
  • Trial version available
  • Three plans available


  • Very costly and have very selective users

Amazon product selling business has become the best one to gain good profit within a short time. If you want to do the business, then you should get in touch with any one of the software mentioned above.

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