30 Free Tutorials You Should Bookmark to Master Photoshop – Part Three

Okay, and that’s it – today, it has come to an end, the free tutorials for mastering Photoshop; but wait, as we promised, there’s still a good lot of 10 more to go, and that is what we will be sharing today.

If you have always wanted to learn Photoshop, but were not sure of how to proceed, then all of the mentioned tutorials are a great place to start – they are easy enough for beginners who have just started to dabble in Photoshop – go through them, and soon, you will be able to learn the more advanced techniques as you proceed on ahead with Photoshop.

So, without any further ado, let’s get to the rest of the tutorials for Photoshop.

Making clipping masks on Photoshop

If you wanted to see how clipping masks can be created in Photoshop, then, this is your chance to do so – renowned web designer Angie Makes shows us in her tutorial on how clipping masks are created in Photoshop and can be made to include a written introduction with some animated screenshots.

As if that is not enough, the tutorial is followed by a four-minute video in which she further expands on the tutorial.

Using hue and saturation to change the colors of any image

Want to change the colors of any digital image?

Brought to you by web designer Angie Makes, she has created a tutorial that shows how exactly can we do that.

Divided into two parts, the first part of the tutorial shows us how can we use Photoshop to change the hue and saturation of one layer of an image, while the second part of the tutorial focuses on how can we achieve the same but with the help of a free photo editor ‘PicMonkey’.

Creating a mood board from scratch on Photoshop

If you have a certain particular style that relates to your brand, it can be quite hard to find graphics that can match your style.

Hop on to this tutorial by Christina – she shows in the tutorial on how can we draw images from Pinterest and then assemble our blog inspirations by making a collage of the photos that we have taken from Pinterest with Photoshop.

Learning to add tones to photos

Want to transform your photos?

Erin will show you how – the creative mind behind the blog ‘Sixth Bloom’, she gives us a whole lot of examples, and teaches us how can we transform our images by bringing out highlights and shadows.

Just so you know – the blog ‘Sixth Bloom’ is not a blog only for graphic designers, in fact, this blog is quite famous with photographers too, as it is known to offer classes and tips as well as photographic products.

Creating a watermark in Photoshop

This tutorial works best for both designers and photographers, as well as for anyone who either wants to display or sell their works online.

Displaying and selling products comes with risks – some-not-so-good-people will try to steal your work, so, it’s best that you should how to protect your work from these guys.

Head over to the website ‘The Creatives Business’ – you will be shown in a tutorial on how can you add your watermark to your online photos with the help of Photoshop.

Creating a GIF in Photoshop

Want to know how can you create a GIF on Photoshop?

Fitness coach and lifestyle entrepreneur Jennifer Meyering will show you how – head over to her official homepage for learning the tutorial on how can you use Photoshop screenshots to make a GIF.

Plus, she also takes you through her process on how can you create a GIF in Photoshop.

Using Photoshop actions for branding

Wondered why Photoshop actions even exist?

Head over to the blog ‘PinkPot Design Studio’ – Chaitra will show you what the Photoshop actions are for – plus, you will even get a tutorial that will show you how can you use pre-made Photoshop Action (.atn) files to achieve precise aesthetic effects.

That said, you will also get a free download of a few of her favorite Photoshop actions.

Learning to edit images on Photoshop in batch

If you have a whole lot of images that you need to edit, why go through them one by one when you can do ‘batch-editing’?

The creator of photography blog ‘Colorvale’, Stacie Jensen, will show you how – she created a tutorial that shows us how can we do batch editing on both written and video instructions.

Also in the tutorial, we are shown how can we apply Photoshop actions to batch editing.

Learning to fill a word or image with a picture in Photoshop

If you are wondering on what to do with all of the fonts that you have purchased on a whim, just because they looked pretty, now, they have found its purpose.

Head over to the website ‘Where The Smiles Have been’ – you will be able to go through a simple tutorial on how can you transform purchased fonts by using clipping masks and can fill them up with textures or images to create unique custom gifts or branding graphics.

Designing your logo from scratch on Photoshop

Why hire a logo designer when you can create one by yourself on Photoshop?

WordPress designer Ashley of ‘Nose Graze’ will show you how – you will learn how to download external purchased fonts and graphics and, which can then be integrated into your favorites that will transform into a new and never-before-seen logo.

That said, she will also provide you a free eBook of “Logo Design Do’s and Don’ts”.

And that’s it – as promised, we have shared with you a list of 30 Photoshop tutorials that you can learn – for beginners, they are the perfect resources as they touch all of the basics that you need to learn Photoshop.

So, which tutorial do you want to learn first?

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