30 Free Tutorials You Should Bookmark to Master Photoshop – Part One

Clicking a photo is only the first step – to use it effectively, you will need to know how you can transform that very photo into a masterpiece. And no, you don’t need to hire a graphic designer to transform the photo – instead, what you can do is that you can learn Photoshop.

When it comes to graphic design, Photoshop is like the holy grail, and no – you don’t need to be a graphic designer to know Photoshop; today, there are many tutorials online – right from the beginner levels to the advanced ones that can help you in your endeavor.

Creating crisp and sharp photos using Photoshop

Okay, so, you have clicked a few photos, and you want to sharpen them?

Have you heard of the ‘Photoshop’s Sharpen filter’?

Head off to the website ‘PinkPot Design Studio’ – home to the graphic designer Chaitra. In the website, there’s a straightforward tutorial that will show you how to use Photoshop’s Sharpen filter.

You will get to know how to use the slider inside this tool so that you can achieve the ideal degree of sharpness for the image and what can you do to avoid the graininess that can result from over-sharpening.Photos


Making a color palette in Photoshop

If you have always wanted to know how to create a color palette on Photoshop, then this is it.

Head over to ‘Elan Blog Studio’ – home to the renowned web designer Christina in which she showcases her work as well as shares tricks of the trade.

On her website, she has demonstrated how you can choose a photo with tones that appeals to you, and use the crystallize filter, and lastly, using the eyedropper tool to drop the tones that are chosen into color swatches.color pallete

Photoshop Tutorials for Bloggers

If you are a blogger and has zero experience in Photoshop, then, now, you have reason to rejoice.

Head over to the official website of the ‘White Oak Creative Team’ and there, you will find a list of guides that are made especially for bloggers. Right from the alignment and spacing of images to removing the background, creating smart object layers, clipping masks, and saving images for the web are also mentioned in the guides.photoshop

Creating a laptop mockup from scratch on Photoshop

If you are a graphic designer, then, you will know just how much the cost of mockups can be – so, instead of spending all of your hard-earned money on mockups, you can create your very own on Photoshop.

Head over to the website ‘It’s Organized’, in which designer Jackie will show you how to make a laptop mockup, that you can use to showcase your digital products.

As if that is not enough, Jackie has also provided a free downloadable Photoshop template on the tutorial page that you can use to showcase your image.laptop

Getting brighter photos in Photoshop in 1 minute

Did you know that you can increase the brightness and contrast on your photos on Photoshop?

If you are a beginner, then, this tutorial is for you. On the home website of Melissa Griffin, you get a tutorial on how you can use the ‘Curves’ tool to adjust brightness, and increase contrast and fix the colors of the photo. The tutorial also shows you how to resize and sharpen the final image.brighter photo

Create Colorful Backgrounds in Photoshop

If you have always wanted to know how to create a colorful background for your photoshoots, then, Jessica Quirk has nailed it in her tutorial.

She explains the trick of placing the product against a contrasting color wall for the photoshoot so that the wall color can be selected and replaced later one. Note that this tutorial works for both models and products. Pretty cool, right?

colourful background

Creating a clipping mask in Photoshop

If you are a blogger and want to up your game, you can follow the blog of Melyssa Griffin – her blog is a gem for both entrepreneurs as well as bloggers.

One such tutorial is how to create a clipping mask – plus, she will also show you how you can use the clipping mask for photo layout and typography, so that you can give your blog a professional look.


Creating pin-worthy blog graphics with Photoshop

If you have wanted to create beautiful graphics for your blog that will make others pin straight away, then, you are in luck.

Head over to the homepage of graphic artist Holly McCaig – she has created a tutorial that will show you how to create sophisticated-looking graphics for your blog by using color gradients. She will also show you, how you can then add text on a new layer.

That said, she also has a lot to say about how you can choose the right typography for your project.

Creating photo effects and techniques with Photoshop

If you have been always envious of how others can create magic on their photos with Photoshop, then, you are in for a treat.

Created especially for beginners in mind, this is a YouTube video tutorial that will show you various skills and techniques such as split RGB color glitch effect, soft dreamy glow effect, faded black film look, and many more.

If you are a beginner photographer or even a beginner UI designer, then, this tutorial is a must.

Using the blur tool in Photoshop

Want to know how you can blur a certain part of a photo?

Head over to the YouTube channel of Sakura Considine – known as the creative director of Bloguettes, she will show you the basic steps of how you can use this important tool.

She also makes it clear in her video tutorial on why blurring the background is often essential for good image composition.

As of now, the above-mentioned 10 tutorials are only the first part out of 30 tutorials that we have brought for you.

Keep watching out for this space for the next 10 tutorials!!

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