10 Free Hand-Lettered Brush Fonts You Must Know Now

After many months of planning and discussing, you finally got yourself a website – but the thing is that it looks bland, and hence, you want to add a dash of uniqueness and originality.

So, what should you do, you ask?

Well, have you forgotten about hand-made fonts? No? Then, why wait? Get ready to wow your audience with some of the best hand-drawn fonts that are available on the market today. Not only they look great, but they can also make your website feel more homely and personal, and the best part – these fonts can suit any just website.

If you are looking to amp up your website, or say, your logo, header or even your banner, then, hand-made fonts are the ones that you should have in your arsenal!!


Created by Mehmet Tugcu, the font ‘Odachi’ is just like what you would not-expect! The font is named after a samurai sword, and just like the real thing itself, the font too bears the resemblance of a rough cutting edge of a samurai sword.

If you are looking for a rough hand-made brush font, then, this font is the one you should go – it has the appearance of grungy calligraphy, that is quite intricately designed, but a few scratches and scrapes are given to the font to make it look unique.

As if that is not enough, this font is free to download and can be used in multiple commercial and multiple projects.


Looking for a simple yet beautiful hand-made font to add to your headlines?

Opt for the font ‘Merienda – designed by Eduardo Tunni, the font ‘Merienda’ comes loaded with soft shapes, but condensed, and gives off the rhythm of an invitation that simply begs to be read, thus making the perfect choice for use on headlines that calls for height.

This is because this font when used in headlines or even, banners, can resemble a brush and can deliver freshness and even, add a touch of uniqueness to the words.

This font can be found on Google Fonts.


On the hunt for an elegant font?

Have you heard of the ‘Restless’ font?

Unlike the name, the font is quite beautiful – it has an elegant vibe, and since, the font has the appearance of ‘cursive handwriting’, this font when used in the headline or banner of your website, it will make people think as if you had painted the font yourself.

That said, this font also makes quite a choice to be used on wedding invitation cards, signage cards, and such.

Created by Jeremy Vessey, this font can be downloaded for free at the designer’s website.


If you are on the lookout for a hand-made brush font that features bold and dark strokes, then, you are in for a treat.

Designed by Tyler Finck, the font ‘KneWave’ is the one that you should have – it has the appearance of a neat and painted aesthetic, and hence, makes it quite a popular choice to be used in banners and logos.

It can be found on ‘The League of Movable Type’, this font is free to download and can be used in both personal and commercial projects.


Hand-drawn fonts are all about imperfections – features like slanted letters and tilt of direction, they are what hand-made fonts are all about, and this is what makes them unique and beautiful.

One such font is the ‘Sophia’ font – having the appearance of slanted letters, this font looks just like actual handwriting created by a human hand, and thus, it’s not perfect, but then again, it is what makes this font beautiful.

This beautiful font is created by Emily Spadoni.


If you are a poster designer and are looking for such a font that will bring out the beauty of the poster, then, the font ‘Kust’ is just the one for you.

Dubbed as one of the most beautiful and detailed rugged hand-made font, each letter of this font is painted with a thick brush, before converting into a font, and hence, all the letters of this font has maintained the intricate and detailed look, with every twist and turn, strokes and drops of paint – each of them visible with clear details.

Does it makes sense now as to why this font is a must for posters?


Designed by Neil Secretario, the font ‘Calafia’ is inspired by handwriting that is made with the left hand, thus making it one of the very first choices for advertising headlines and logotypes.

The best part about this font is that it supports more than 100 languages, and comes included with natural word endings, followed by a set of unique cap settings for ‘cap words’.

Europa Brush

Created by Harry Cresswell, the font ‘Europa Brush’ is one which people will not likely forget, if used in projects.

Having a textured look, the font ‘Europa Brush’ just like it’s name, is manually painted by hand, with very little to no editing to give the font that authentic hand-made feel, and hence, the strokes of this font is quite bold and wide, making it the first choice to be used in branding projects that you want to make sure that people remember it!


Want to infuse a fun element to your website?

Look no further than the font ‘BoomVille’ – having the appearance of cursive handwriting, this font is created by Mika Melvas.

Dubbed as one of the most lively fonts with a lot of personalities, the font ‘BoomVille’ though hand-drawn, it is a script font that is sketched in brush strokes in quick succession, and thus the casual and playful look.

Caveat Brush

Simple but beautiful, and that’s what the hand-made font ‘Caveat Brush’ is all about. Designed by Pablo Impallari, the font has the appearance of a hand-written style, and hence, it comes as the first choice when it comes to short annotations.

What’s more – this font also has the feature to enable the letters of the font to have slight variations, which makes it look as if they are written with a hand.

No matter what niche your website focuses on, using hand-made fonts on your website can instantly make an impression – plus the website will become familiar to the visitors. It is for this reason that hand-made fonts are quite a big hit (and will continue to do so!) among all.

So, which one turned out to be your favorite?

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