If you are a blogger and upload comic posts on your site regularly, you need to know what can be the best way to entertain your readers. The importance of themes increases significantly when it comes to posting comics and funny content on your site.

Best WordPress Comic Themes

Comic blogs usually follow a specific theme and format that reflects humor right from when you land on the site. On a platform like WordPress that offers you all-in-one service with total ease and convenience; it becomes very important to select the right themes for your posts. Themes work as the decoration background for your site and give a better experience to your readers.

In the early days, Comic Press used to be the best WordPress webcomic theme. But, due to a lack of features and regular updates, the popularity and reputation of the theme have fallen significantly. The fall of Comic Press has opened new opportunities for other themes, creating tough competition.

The market is full of exciting themes you can use for your comic blog and making it easier for you. We are here with the 15 best WordPress comic themes that have been providing the best features to their users.

1. Illustrator

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

Illustrator has been the most used theme by comic artists in recent years and ranks top on our list of the best WordPress comic themes. It provides its customers with a number of features that include several customizable templates, easy setup, great appearance, and so on.


  • Illustrator theme comes with 14 customizable templates designed by experts for both 2D and 3D artists.
  • It helps you create a WordPress web comic with custom transition and animations in a quick time.
  • The carousel showcase template works similarly to the ComicPress Comic Easel Plugin and makes Illustrator one of the best themes you can use for your blog.

2. Flow

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

Flow is mostly known for its grid-style layout that gives your classic web comics a modern look. The major feature of this WordPress theme is its simplicity. Flow offers you 24×7 customer support that allows you to reach out to their support team if any issue arises.


  • It allows you to add text to each panel that makes it easy to convey your ideas
  • It comes with built-in support for SoundCloud links using which you can add audio to your comics
  • Flow is specially designed for mobile platforms. You will get an enhanced experience when you use desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

3. Madara

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

Madara is a very popular WordPress theme specially created for Manga. The main feature of the theme is to make it easy for you to distribute text and video-based Manga web comics. After installing the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site, you will be able to sell your Manga web comics using this theme.


  • Madara comes with several built-in support systems for a wide range of cloud providers. The main cloud providers for this theme include Amazon S3, Wasabi, Imgur, and Vimeo.
  • You are allowed to share large video files using the Madara software
  • Madara allows you to promote and sell your comics via different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and Tumbler.

4. Visual Arts

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

Visual Art is a well-known theme for comic bloggers who use WordPress to manage their sites. It is an easy-to-manage, accessible, and lightweight theme with a user-friendly interface. This WordPress can also be used as a gallery as well as for web comics.


  • It comes with a grid-style web comic template with a dual-pane layout and smooth transitions that allow the readers to move between different pages.
  • You can also use the Visual Art theme to incorporate video in each of the panels.
  • Using the theme, creating and posting a web comic will be quite easy for you.

5. Divi

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

Divi is known for its powerful website building feature that includes a Graphic Illustrator template. It is a great WordPress theme where you can post your web comics without any issue.


  • You can use the Graphic Illustrator template to make web comics that include text, animations, and videos.
  • You will get full suite access to Divi Plugins when you purchase the Divi visual site builder package.
  • Divi offers you some of the best plugins such as E-mail marketing and Social Media Plugins that will help you build a loyal audience for your blog or site.

6. Studio Press Milan Pro Theme

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

The Studio Press Pro theme is specially designed for web comics. This special refined WordPress theme supports grid layouts allowing you to show what you have in a better way. Using the Studio Press Milan Pro theme, artists can easily display their illustrations and ideas in the form of web comics.


  • The theme comes with the Genesis framework that includes full theme support and unlimited updates
  • It supports grid layouts that allow you to showcase your ideas in an attractive way

7. ComicPress

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

A few years ago, Comic Press was surely the most used WordPress theme by comic bloggers and artists. But due to lack of updates and features, it has been replaced by other themes that are offering better features and services than this one. To compete again in the market, the new version of Comic Press was released on May 22, 2020, that promises better services to the users.


  • The new version of this theme will be completely rebuilt from the ground up
  • This theme supports grid layouts that allow you to post your web comic ideas properly

8. PinThis

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

PinThis is a newly-updated WordPress theme that is specially built for comic bloggers that work hard to create new humor ideas to make their audience smile. The theme also supports an eye-catching grid layout that provides you a great template for posting your great creative ideas.


  • PinThis especially focuses on portfolio development and social sharing
  • You can use the simple posting feature of the theme to post web comics in a general and simple way

9. GoodLife

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

GoodLife is another WordPress theme that allows you to build art portfolios and create web comics. The main focus of this theme is on Magazine style blogging.


  • GoodLife supports high quality and attractive grid layouts using which you can post your creative ideas in form of web comics
  • The grid templates can also be repurposed into web comic panels.

10. Inkblot

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

Inkblot is the first WordPress theme that is compatible with mobile. It was developed by Michael Sisk and has different features that Comic Press had. You can get this theme for free from the WordPress theme repository.


  • It is built using a responsive design that makes it better than other themes
  • It supports the web comic plugin to provide you with better templates
  • The main feature of the theme is its ability to have multiple comic titles on the same WordPress website.

11.  Panel

Best WordPress Comic Themes
Best WordPress Comic Themes

The panel is a mobile-friendly WordPress theme introduced by the creators of WordPress. It has all the features required to publish your web comic to your website easily and conveniently.


  • It has comic navigation features that allow you to serve your readers with great content
  • It is highly customizable and can be customized in different forms.

12. Toocheke

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

Toocheke is a newly introduced WordPress theme that allows you to post web comics to your website in a different manner. It is compatible with mobile and is inspired by webtoon format. You can get this free theme for free directly from the WordPress theme repository.


  • Toocheke has a premium version that supports Patreon integration that allows you to create a paywall for your comic archive
  • It comes with several customization options including page layouts and color schemes
  • It allows you to post both a desktop and mobile version of the comic and Patreon integration

13. BoomBox

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

BoomBox is created to serve as an all-purpose viral magazine theme with a top-notch design and extremely customizable layout. It consists of many viral features that allow bloggers to display their creative talent more conveniently.


  • The theme supports mascot and character that makes it look more attractive to the users.
  • The funny look of the theme helps you get more readership to your site
  • The attractive grid layout of the theme makes it simple to post your web comics in a unique way.

14. King

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

King is a free WordPress theme that allows you to post viral news, posts, and web comics to your site. It also allows you to allow your audience to post their creative ideas on the site.


  • The theme comes with advanced widgets that help you display trending posts, hot posts, and funny comics on your site
  • It comes in two display options namely – gid and slider option, allowing you to present your content properly.

15. Logger

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Best WordPress Comic Themes

Logger is a free WordPress theme that is quite popular among professionals who are looking for a comic template to post their creative web comics.


  • It is highly customizable that you can use it in different ways to match your personal taste and your readers’ requirements
  • It can also be converted into a multi-purpose theme as well.

So, here we finish with our top 15 WordPress themes for bloggers who want to showcase their creative ideas in the form of comics. Most of the themes are totally free and effective to build greater readership to your side.