Affiliate marketing is a profitable way of monetizing your website or blog. With a correct marketing strategy, you can generate decent revenue from Affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs are platforms that have affiliate links. You can share these links on your site, and each time someone buys something from that link, you will earn a commission on it.

Fashion is a lucrative niche for affiliate marketing. It’s a diverse niche that attracts people from all parts of the world. Especially after COVID 19, e-commerce has become a big thing. Giving up on in-store shopping does mean you have to give up on shopping. With fashion as your niche, you can surely be successful in affiliate marketing.

In this article, we’ll list down the top affiliate fashion programs in the market that you can sign up for right now.

1. RewardStyle

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs
Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

RewardStyle is an affiliate network that allows you to connect with all the important affiliate programs. The network features more than 4500 retail partners which means you have access to all these programs. With this network, you can get in touch with a variety of brands in different niches.


  • Multiple niches such as Fashion, lifestyle, parenting, style, and travel.
  • A user-friendly program that is easy to navigate.
  • The network has higher commission rates than other similar networks.
  • They have widgets designed to help you with promotion


  • The only con of this network is that it’s hard to get into it.

2. Newchic

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Newchic is a diverse affiliate program that has fashion, gardening, and home products. This program offers higher commissions than most programs. The great thing is, even if you don’t have a website, you can still sign up for this program with a good social media presence. The program has a cookie duration of 60 days.


  • The program offers up to 50% commission
  • If you are a beginner at the program, you can get up to 18% commission.
  • The program provides tools and resources
  • They offer 60% cookie duration on the links.


  • The program has a low conversion rate and sales volume.

3. Daem Watches affiliate program

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Daem Watches has the finest quality handcrafted timepieces. With their affiliate program, you can diversify your fashion blog by recommending their elegant timepieces. . The program has a 45-day long cookie duration. Compared to other programs, the commission rate of Daem Watches is quite high. You can get up to 45% commission on each sale.


  • The program offers high commission rates of up to 45% commission
  • Daem Watches offer products that attract the buyers


  • The high price of products may cause potential buyers to become uninterested.

4. ShopStyle collective affiliate program

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Like RewardStyle, ShopStyle is also an affiliate network. However, it’s not difficult to get into ShopStyle. You just need to have a good website or a blog to be eligible for the network. What’s great about this program is that you don’t need a sale to get a commission. You’ll have a chunk of commission on clicks as well. If you have the advanced program, you will have product widgets to help you out with the promotions.


  • This program is easy to get into even if you are a beginner
  • You can get commission on clicks
  • Bonus events
  • Exclusive commission increasing opportunities


  • Payout is low compared to similar programs.

5. Pretty Little thing

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Pretty Little Thing is a UK-based fashion retailer with more than 5000 products. With their extensive collection, you can find products for everyone and anyone. This brand is quite popular among celebrities and influencers so it’s high in demand in public. The cookie duration on links of their program is 30 days. The program offers a 10% commission per sale.


  • The brand is popular so demand is high.
  • Up to 10% commission
  • You can track your sales performance on their website
  • Extensive collection of over 5000 products
  • You can get exclusive opportunities for partnerships


  • Their affiliate program is still growing.

6. The Worth collection affiliate program

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

The worth collection is a women’s brand that sells luxurious clothing. Their products are of the finest quality. What’s unique about this affiliate program is that it offers unlimited cookie duration. The commission rates are also quite high. You can get up to 25% commission per sale. Since their clothing is made of high-quality fabric, the prices are high.


  • The program offers unlimited cookie duration.
  • They have higher commission rates.
  • The affiliate program is well developed.
  • The brand has been operating for more than two decades so they are reputable.


  • As the items are on the expensive side, the volume of sales is low.

7. Zaful

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Zaful affiliate program is one of the most popular and profitable affiliate programs. The program offers high commission rates. You can get up to 15 to 30% commission rates with their program. This program is perfect for those who are just stepping into affiliate marketing. The cherry on top is, the cookie duration on their links is 60 days.


  • The program offers free items for those who send reviews
  • You can get a 15-30% commission on the sales
  • Zaful has a well-established affiliate program.


  • The program does not offer widgets or tools to help with promotion.

8. Browns Fashion Affiliate program

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

With Brown’s Fashion Affiliate program, signing up is easier than ever. The application process takes about five minutes. After that, the program will review the application and respond to you. Within 30 days, you can get a commission on sales from your site. The cookie duration is 30 days and the commission isn’t much but is reasonable.

If you come across any issue, then their super supportive customer service is always there to help you.


  • Anyone with a good website or blog can apply
  • Customer service on their program is amazing.
  • This program offers banners and imagery for the latest launches.
  • The application process is easy


  • Commission rates can improve.

9. Fashionmia

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

FashionMia offers the latest clothing for women. The brand has a diverse variety so you can always find something for everyone. Their affiliate program offers a 12% commission rate on sales. The cookies on their links can last up to 60 days which means the links will work on your site for 60 days before expiring.


  • The program has a generous return policy.
  • Fashionmia stores worldwide which will result in more people buying from your links.
  • Extensive variety of clothing.
  • Monthly bonus campaign.


  • There is no con of using this affiliate program.

10. ModCloth

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

ModCloth has a huge collection of items designed by 100 independent designers. The brand also has its own line of clothing. This vast variety makes it an amazing choice for fashion lovers. Their affiliate program is easy to get into. The whole process of signing intakes less than 48 hours. After you get into the program, you will have access to their resources.

The cookie duration on their links is 30 days.


  • Their program is easy to navigate even for beginners.
  • The program has an affiliate management team to support you.
  • 30 days cookie duration.


  • The commission rates aren’t high

11. Jonas Studio

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Jonas Studio is a men’s fashion brand. Since the brand has been established for more than three decades, they are quite reputable. With their well-established brand trust, you can certainly benefit a lot from their affiliate program. The cookie duration on their links is 30%

The great thing about the Jonas Studio affiliate program is that they have high conversion rates.


  • The program offers high conversion rates
  • The brand has an extensive collection of Men’s fashions.
  • Good brand reputation.


  • Products are expensive which results in low sales volume.

12. Goat Fashion – Fashion Affiliate Programs

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Goat Fashion is a brand that offers formal apparel for working women. Their collection is quite popular among celebrities so you don’t have to worry about demand. The cookie duration on their links is 30 days. Though the brand is based in the UK, it ships to the US as well.


  • Their apparel is popular which keeps the demand high.
  • Their target buyers are working women so they have a lot of customers


  • Their commission rate is not bad but it can improve.

13. Shein – Fashion Affiliate Programs

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Shein is one of the leading clothing retailers. The store has an extensive collection of clothing for everyone. Be it a man, a woman or a child, you can find something for everyone in their store. The brand follows the latest fashion trends which keeps the customers interested. You get a 30 days cookie duration on their links. On each sale, you will get a 10-12% commission.


  • The program offers a reasonable commission on each sale.
  • You can put their links on your socials.
  • The brand has an extensive collection for everyone.
  • A high volume of sales because of affordable prices.


  • This affiliate program has no cons.