32 Best CSS Hexagons Examples

These CSS hexagons examples have come to change how you design your buttons, progress bars, and other content. They make the website look beautiful. Additionally, it becomes hard for the visitor to miss such call-on-action buttons. Let’s discuss some of the best CSS hexagons examples.

Best CSS Hexagons Examples

1. Responsive Hexagonal Grid

See the Pen Responsive Hexagonal Grid by Vincent Durand (@onediv) on CodePen.

It is an idea that saw the light of the day courtesy of Vincent Durand. To achieve these amazing CSS hexagons, the creator used HTML and CSS. Each hexagon also has a blurry picture background. However, upon hovering over one, the background image becomes clear.

2. Hexagon Grid w/Hover

See the Pen Hexagon Grid w/ Hover by John Heiner (@johnheiner) on CodePen.

At a glance, it is hard to miss the hexagons, and that’s by design. However, the CSS hexagons become visitors as soon as you hover over them. The author, John Heiner, used HTML and CSS.

3. Hexagonal Responsive Grid

See the Pen Hexagonal Responsive Grid by adam (@adamriguez) on CodePen.

The hexagons are arranged in 2s and 1s, and the result is a great pattern. Inside each hexagon, there is a beautiful image that is hard to miss. Besides, details are displayed in the form of text as soon as you hover over the hexagon. Each hexagon can hold a different piece of information. The author, adam, uses HTML and CSS.

4. Responsive Hexagon Grid

See the Pen Responsive Hexagon Grid by Kevin Dee Davis (@kevindeedavis) on CodePen.

This CSS hexagons example is most suitable when a user wants to display a huge number of hexagons all at once. Each hexagon is an icon for an image, name, role, and 3 circles. Additionally, various hexagons have different background colors too. Its creator, Kevin Dee Davis, used HTML and CSS.


See the Pen ABCDE by Ivan Bogachev (@sfi0zy) on CodePen.

It is a combination of several hexagons which have different sizes. The diversity leads to a great appearance that’s quite amazing. In addition to the hexagons, there are circles in the background, and their sizes are also different. Again, that makes them look even more stylish. Its creator is Ivan Bogachev, whereas it uses HTML and CSS.

6. Hive Photo Gallery Grid

See the Pen Hive Photo Gallery Grid by Ana Tudor (@thebabydino) on CodePen.

It is a set of hexagons arranged in 2s and 3s to create a beautiful pattern that will undoubtedly impress your website visitors. At a glance, the images look blurred. That said and done, hovering over a particular hexagon makes its content clear. Its author, Ana Tudor, used HTML and CSS.

7. Creative Hexagon with Hover Effect

See the Pen Creative Hexagon with Hover Effect by Swarup Kumar Kuila (@uiswarup) on CodePen.

You can rest assured that these CSS hexagons are hard to miss. After all, their colors change from black and grey to other beautiful colors. The way the colors change and fade away is undeniably impressive. Its author, Swarup Humar Kuila, used CSS and HTML.

8. Hexagonal Button

See the Pen Hexagonal Button by Franco Bouly (@rayfranco) on CodePen.

Whereas most buttons are usually rectangular, this is one of the best CSS hexagons examples to make your website unique. It is a hexagon with two borders. The interesting part is how the borders change for the better once you hover over them. Its creator Franco Bouly uses HTML and CSS.

9. CSS 3D Hexagon

See the Pen CSS 3D Hexagon by Davide Sandonà (@Davide_sd) on CodePen.

As the name suggests, this is a CSS hexagon that uses a 3D design. The blend of yellow and orange makes it visually appealing. It is also important to mention its animation effect. Its creator is Davide Sandona, whereas it uses HTML and CSS.

10. Clip-path: Hexagon shapes for a dummy profile page

See the Pen Clip-path: Hexagon shapes for dummy profile page by Karen Menezes (@imohkay) on CodePen.

This CSS hexagon example has various hexagons with different sizes and background colors. The colors change upon hovering over a given hexagon. You can easily make it part of your website, thanks to its creator, Karen Menezes. It uses HTML and CSS.

11. 3D Animated Hexagons

See the Pen 3d animated hexagons by sattellite (@sattellite) on CodePen.

It is a set of two hexagons with an animation effect. They have different colors and blend perfectly, thus making the area hard to kiss. The creator is satellite, whereas the code uses HTML and CSS only.

12. CSS Hexagon

See the Pen CSS Hexagon by Alexander Erlandsson (@alexerlandsson) on CodePen.

The colorful background color is one of the many things that5 make the CSS hexagon example worth considering. There is also the animation effect upon hovering over the hexagon. Its author, Alexander Erlandsson, used HTML and CSS to develop the code.

13. Hex Links

See the Pen Hex Links! by Tim Aikens (@timaikens) on CodePen.

As the name suggests, this example has several hexagons that seem to be interlinking at the top. That’s most likely why the creator, Tim Aikens, went for the name Hex Links. It is also important to note that the content of the hexagon changes from a photo to text. It happens upon hovering over it, and it uses HTML and CSS.

14. Hexagonal

See the Pen Hexagonal by Amos (@bad_printer) on CodePen.

It is a hexagon that keeps rotating; hence not easy to go unnoticed. Its author goes by the name Amos. On the other hand, it uses HTML and CSS only.

15. Pure CSS Hexagon

See the Pen Pure CSS Hexagon by Gil Perez (@gil) on CodePen.

The colorful background color is one thing worth mentioning. There is also the good-looking font, and that’s a combination that makes the hexagons look beautiful. Equally important, the hexagon will rotate as soon as you hover over it. Its author, Gil Perez, uses HTML and CSS.

16. Animated SVG Hexagons

See the Pen Animated SVG Hexagons by Wesley Lima (@wusley) on CodePen.

As far as this example is concerned, expect a lot of hexagons with different colors. Then there is the animated effect that leads to the formation of interesting shapes. So, there are three noticeable aspects, uniqueness, beauty, and visibility. Its author, Wesley Lima, uses HTML and CSS to achieve that greatness.

17. Hexagon Tiles

See the Pen Hexagon Tiles by Graham Pyne (@gpyne) on CodePen.

The name says it all since the example has many hexagons that form a pattern similar to the typical tiles. You are at liberty to add the relevant texts inside the many hexagons. There is space between two hexagons which adds more beauty to the pattern. It uses HTML and CSS, whereas the creator is Graham Pyne.

18. Hexagonal Spider Web Animation

See the Pen Hexagonal Spider Web Animation by Guillermo (@gmesyngier) on CodePen.

This example has several hexagons of different sizes, which form a spider web. There is also the animation effect of the various small dots, which makes the output look good. The creator is Guillermo, whereas the code uses HTML and CSS only.

19. SCSS Hexagonal Flex Grid

See the Pen SCSS Hexagonal Flex Grid by mono (@monokultur) on CodePen.

The example has 5 layers of hexagons. The middle one has 5 hexagons, and the ones adjacent to it on either side have 4 hexagons. Then there are the uppermost and bottom most layers with 3 hexagons. That combination results in a beautiful structure. Upon hovering over a particular hexagon, its border becomes bolder. The author is mono, whereas it uses HTML and CSS.

20. CSS Hexagons

See the Pen Css Hexagons! by tkitek (@tkitek) on CodePen.

There are two layers in this example, and one has three hexagons, whereas the other has two. It is also important to note that the hexagon background changes from grey to black upon hovering over one. The author, tkitek, uses HTML and CSS.

21. Auto Hexagonal CSS Grid Layout

See the Pen Auto Hexagonal CSS Grid Layout by Kseso (@Kseso) on CodePen.

The content of the hexagons changes from a photo to an email address once you hover over them. This transition is also smooth and beautiful. The author, Kseso, uses HTML and CSS.

22. #Codevember #24 – CSS Rotating Hexagon Loader

See the Pen #Codevember #24 – CSS Rotating Hexagon Loader by Soufiane Lasri (@SoufianeLasri) on CodePen.

At every particular time, half of the hexagon will have a black background color. However, the area keeps changing due to the rotating partitioning line. The author, Soufiane Lasri, uses HTML and CSS.

23. Hexagon, Octagon, Dodecagon

See the Pen Hexagon, Octagon, Dodecagon by Shandy (@Shandy) on CodePen.

This example is a combination of a hexagon, octagon, and dodecagon. Each shape has an outline of dots. Then, there is the circle that keeps rotating. Its author Shandy used HTML and CSS.

24. Floating Hexagonal Blocks

See the Pen Floating hexagonal blocks by terry gyde (@pathogen) on CodePen.

The floating effect of the CSS hexagons example makes it pretty unique. Its author, Terry Gyde, used HTML and CSS.

25. Hexagonal Progress Bar

See the Pen Hexagonal Progress Bar by Bradley Treweek (@cmd430) on CodePen.

It is a CSS hexagon example ideal when showing your website visitors the progress of a certain process. Its author, Bradley Treweek, uses HTML, CSS, and JS.

26. CSS Hexagons

See the Pen CSS Hexagons by Will Boyd (@lonekorean) on CodePen.

The example comprises several hexagons with different colors, and the results are beautiful, thus a great structure. Its author, Will Boyd, is HTML and CSS.

27. CSS Hexagon Grid

See the Pen CSS Hexagon Grid by Eric Cornelissen (@ericornelissen) on CodePen.

These hexagons have icons and great background colors. The background color changes upon hovering over it. Its author is Eric Cornelissen, and the code uses HTML and CSS.

28. Pure CSS Hexagonal Spinners

See the Pen Pure CSS hexagonal spinners by Valentin François (@valentinfrancois) on CodePen.

These hexagons keep spinning while forming attractive shapes. The author is Valentin Francois and uses HTML and CSS.

29. Hexagon Badges with Font Awesome icons

See the Pen Hexagon Badges with Font Awesome icons by Olivia Ng (@oliviale) on CodePen.

It is yet another one of the 32 best CSS hexagons examples. It combines three elements, including a hexagon, icon, and label. Everything about it is great, from the labels’ font to the background colors, not forgetting the icons.

30. Butterfly Hexagon – (CSS Hexagons Examples)

See the Pen Butterfly Hexagon by Anurag (@anuraghazra) on CodePen.

From a glance, one can say without fear of contradiction that this is an excellent example of a CSS hexagons example. The choice of color is perfect, not forgetting the combination of the different shades of attractive color. The icons also make the hexagons look good. Upon hovering over the hexagons, the shape changes, and it is also visually appealing. The author, Anurag, used HTML and CSS.

31. Hexagon Loading with CSS (2)

See the Pen Hexagon Loading With CSS (2) by Osama Belal (@osama-belal) on CodePen.

These CSS hexagons example is an ideal way of showing your visitor that a page is loading as they wait to be redirected to the next page, step, or process. The border of the hexagon will appear progressively, and the same case applies once it starts disappearing. Its author, Osama Belal, used HTML and CSS.

32. Hexagonal Cycle

See the Pen Hexagonal cycle by Bali Balo (@bali_balo) on CodePen.

As far as this CSS hexagon is concerned, you should expect two hexagons of different background colors and sizes. The bigger one is black whereas, the smaller one is white. The white one keeps rotating, and the black one also rotates at some point, and that’s eye-catching. Its author, Bali Balo, used CSS and HTML.