When WordPress first commenced, it was simply a blogging platform. But today, the tides have turned – WordPress has grown, becoming much more flexible and robust than before and is more than enough to handle any kind of website – and that includes e-commerce store. However, there are still many features which are yet to be seen as a liability in running an online store.

And the good part is that the vast WordPress community is always willing to lend a helping hand. In fact, there are many developers who have created plugins to add functionality to an online store, all the while making it quite easy to display, promote as well as sell products/services. The only thing that you need to do is to choose the right solution that suits your purposes and you are good to go.

Why choose the right e-commerce solution for your online store?

As a website-building platform, nothing can compare to WordPress – it’s content management system is second to none – it’s flexible, secure as well as powerful, and yet it remains very accessible to the beginners, making it the perfect choice for any e-commerce store.

While, on the other hand, even though WordPress is known to be a very streamlined platform, and as such, it’s developers have kept it’s default functions limited since it is used to create so many different types of websites. That being said, if you are thinking of creating a website with a specific need in mind – say, an online store, for example – you will have to use themes and plugins suited for that purpose.

That means, your very first step is to look for such a plugin which will allow you to sell your products through WordPress. You will see that there is literally no shortage of plugins, but still, you won’t want to simply opt for the very first one that you see. After all, it is your e-commerce plugin which will form the foundation of your online store, so, it makes sense to choose carefully.

This means, you should look for such an e-commerce plugin, which will –

  • provide you with all the necessary features that you will need to display, promote and sell your product/services.
  • help you create an online store that will encourage potential customers to buy products/services from you.
  • include options for customization so that you can set up your online store as you like.
  • offer functionality to your e-commerce store to make it run easier and faster.
  • be able to keep up with your online store as it grows.

Even though this list may seem exhaustive, however, to find a plugin that does all of the above and many more – it is not that hard to find.

Let us take a look at one option that you will definitely want to consider.



Designed to be a complete e-commerce solution, BigCommerce is a service that works with multiple platforms. In fact, there’s even a dedicated plugin that enables us to add BigCommerce seamlessly to a WordPress site.

The primary benefit of BigCommerce is that it is a one-stop solution – this plugin is all you need to convert your WordPress site to a fully functional e-commerce store with tons of features and options.

So, now, you must be wondering as to what BigCommerce can do that the others can’t?

As expected, BigCommerce handles all of the usual basics that are needed to run an online store. It allows you to display products, includes a checkout process for your customers, shipping, tax options, to name a few.

However, this particular plugin offers quite a bit more.

Here’s what you can expect –

  • BigCommerce is quite a ‘scalable’ option and hence, it can manage both small and large store without any hiccups. Handling complex catalogs? Higher order volumes? BigCommerce can handle it all.
  • Updates for your catalogs? Shipping orders? Customer queries? No matter what it is, you can manage all of your requirements from a single control panel.
  • Want to offer a quality customer experience? No problem. The checkout process of the BigCommerce plugin is quite streamlined, and not to mention, highly customizable. You will be able to increase your sales in no time at all.
  • Worried about the security of your online store? Go for the BigCommerce plugin. With this plugin, you will get access to various options starting from PCI-compliance features to getting tight security features for your customer accounts, payment data and many more.
  • The BigCommerce plugin is quite modifiable. Not only can the beginners easily adapt to it, but even the developers can also modify the plugin according to their liking.

With the BigCommerce plugin, you can easily create a new e-commerce store, or add the plugin seamlessly to your existing website, no matter what theme your site uses. That being said, BigCommerce is not the only e-commerce solution out there, but let’s take a look as to how BigCommerce compares to the other big boys on the block.

Why should you prefer BigCommerce over other e-commerce solutions?

If you have heard of e-commerce solutions, then, there’s a high chance that you have heard of WooCommerce.

Even though WooCommerce is popular and has a lot to offer like adding a storefront to your WordPress site and coupled with a number of andy features, it’s no wonder that many still prefer WooCommerce. But, point to be noted is that WooCommerce has a few significant limitations that hold you back from creating a fully-functional e-commerce store.

Let’s see a few of the features of BigCommerce which gives them an edge over WooCommerce –

  • WooCommerce offers only a few payment gateways options while BigCommerce offers a whopping 60+ choices to go for.
  • BigCommerce allows you to enable real-time shipping updates of the rates so as to keep them current, while with WooCommerce, you have to set them manually.
  • BigCommerce will allow you to choose from 80+ options for setting up of coupons for allowing discounts to your customers while WooCommerce offers only a few basic choices.
  • With WooCommerce, there’s always a risk of getting your previous custom modifications wiped out when there’s a new update, but with BigCommerce, it is not so. BigCommerce fully takes advantage of the WordPress platform and enables you to customize what you need – lists, cart features, product cards – without any worry.
  • Now, this is a big one. The users of BigCommerce has full access – think 24 x 7 – to phone, ticket and live support options while WooCommerce offers only mere limited support – and that too, only through email and tickets.

What’s more – the default theme of WooCommerce is quite restricted, and you have to install a whole lot of plugins just to get the basic features. But with BigCommerce, you don’t need to worry as they offer most of those features and many more, right out of the box.

So, what’s the verdict?

E-commerce is big business and that means you will have to work a whole lot harder to make your store stand out and attract customers, and the right combination of the platform and e-commerce solution can get you far ahead of your peers.

If you are thinking long-term and want your online store to grow, then, BigCommerce is your answer – it can provide you with just about any features and options that you can ask for, without you having to go for any other plugins.

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