Which Social Media Is Best to Promote Your Niche?

Are you building a brand, blog or promoting a niche or a product without the use of social media in 2019? Are you looking for new platforms to promote your niche? Whatever category you fall in if you are not leveraging on the power of social media to promote yourself or your idea and product you are grossly becoming irrelevant.

The future of technology is becoming more and more digitally mobile and it is present everywhere you go. This means Social media which is based on modern technology is mobile as well and is everywhere. Literally, everyone is on one form of social media and as such it is one of the greatest places to find and prospect for followers, leads and return customers. There are tons of popular social platforms and if you are looking to promote your niche, it can be a bit confusing to pick one.

Which platform is the best?

From our observations, there is no single social media platform that outshines the other, they all have their highs and lows. What we do personally advocate is that, as an influencer, thought leader, or social media enthusiast that is looking to promote anything, be it indoor flip flops or real estate you should first find your target audience.

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Target Audience

Your target audience is the first and foremost thing you should decide on before you start out.

  • Who are you trying to sell to?
  • who do you want to add value to?
  • who was your content created for?

These are questions you should ask yourself when looking to promote any niche. Even though you have the most engaging value-adding content, if you don’t know who they are or where they are, you can’t possibly get the best results. So this prerequisite is a must when looking to promote your products online.

Once you determine who makes up your target audience, you can go ahead to use several social media platforms to find out where your audience is so you can start promoting your niche. The reason is that if you stick to one your reach would be capped with the limitations of the chosen medium.

Let’s say you pick Instagram for instance as your go-to platform, how would you meet people who are not big on video? how would you meet people that commute all day? how would you meet people who only have time to listen to podcasts? If you really want to be relevant and promote your niche in the biggest way possible you must know where your audience is.

One of the bests ways to do this is to tailor your content into different forms and find out the most engaging platform for your niche which may likely be where you find your core audience.

The big seven we will recommend are

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • LinkedIn

  • Snapchat

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • And Podcast

You can use these platforms to determine where the larger percentage of your audience is and then use that information to focus on the social media platforms that are relevant based on your niche. Try not to limit your search to the only above mentioned social media platforms. There are still several others that can be useful to you.

Once you have determined where your ideal customers are, go ahead and start promoting your content. You will certainly get the right kind of results.

As a final note, what it comes down to when looking for the best social media platform to promote your niche is your audience, the people who actually want to buy what you are selling. It doesn’t matter how big these platforms are, what matters is the fact that you are selling to the right kind of people.