Web Design Trends in 2022 And Beyond

Words may hold a special place in our hearts but the same can be said for other elements that make up the design of a web page. The picture, the animations, the video, the icons, and all other abstract figures. Together they form the colorful and vibrant web pages we’ve all become familiar with. Website design is constantly evolving and if you don’t stay on the latest trends or above them your website may become obsolete.

Catching trends seems to be the best way to stay above the market and remain relevant. Even for the most creative designers, they tend to stay ahead of the game by analyzing recent trends to establish new and unforeseen patterns. With 2019 underway here are several trends that will continue to be relevant even after 2019;

Bold fonts

The use of BOLD fonts has constantly increasing and with writing becoming more relevant, most headlines, sub-headlines and even branded logos are using bold text to capture their audience. Some websites even go as far as using bold typography on whole pages, this may seem out of place but it gives the webpage a certain kind of professionalism. This is one trend that will stay relevant for years to come.


White space

I dare say that there is no website that does not make use of white space, apart from making your text more readable and helping your separate sections of the webpage it makes your text easy to look at, and gives your reader access to more information. The trend here is that there has been more inclusion of white space on websites. And as expected less is really appearing to be more.


Speed and responsiveness

Do you remember the days when websites were not that fast? or responsive, where you click a page and it takes a decade to load the next page? well, those days are long gone as the future demands more responsiveness. Now we even have single paged websites like Facebook and Gmail, where you don’t even have to wait for the next page to load since everything is loaded through JavaScript, more websites like this are on the rise and with 2019 underway we would definitely be seeing more of this kind of design


Colorful landscape images and videos

A substantial amount of web pages most especially landing pages has been designed using landscape images with colorful backgrounds, digital landscape designs, abstract art, brand videos, and animated gifs. And this is a trend that we will continue to see more of because it captures attention more often than not, most visitors to your website will want to see the end of the video or gifs and even take a moment to look at a detailed digital landscape image.


Playfully overlapped design

Overlapping is quickly becoming a thing and there has been more use of the technique to design web pages totally, from top to bottom. It has proven to be as classy as it looks, appearing as though tiles were overlaid on top of each other and offers a certain feel of congruence of all the elements on the webpage. This is one technique we will be seeing more of in 2019 and beyond.


3-dimensional design

Who else thought the future of web pages was flat, hands up… yeah, you guessed right my hand was up. Well flat design, though still relevant will soon be knocked off its pedestal with 3-D design. 3-D design is the future; we can already see this change taking place as more websites are beginning to use 3-dimensional elements to design web pages. This trend will continue all through 2019 and beyond.

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