Want to Improve the Search Ranking of Your Blog? Try BlogPatcher.

Simply writing a blog post is not it – you just can’t stop it at writing, publishing and promoting the blog post; you will need to keep on improving the information mentioned in the post plus, not to mention, updating the information, based on the present circumstances.

And most importantly, you will need to continue to optimize your blog posts so that they show up in the search engines; and make it a point to remember that the more optimized your blog post will it be, the higher it will rank on the search engines, based on what keyword you have targeted. And of course, the higher position the blog post is on SERPs, the more organic traffic it will get!!

So, the question is –

How do you do it? How can you make your blog post rank high in the search engines?

Ever heard of the tool ‘BlogPatcher’? Did you know that you can use the very same to rank your blog posts at the top of the search engines?

So, what exactly is ‘BlogPatcher’?

BlogPatcher is an on-page checker tool, but it is not just any other tool – in fact, did you know that BlogPatcher can help you to identify the errors that can be found in the blog posts.

While the other on-page checker tools only analyses the entire site for errors and issues that may crop up, thus getting our attention, BlogPatcher is completely different in this regard – it not only generates the aggregate score of a blog post, but it also determines the variables that will be needed to work on the blog post to raise its score.

How can you use BlogPatcher to your advantage?

As with any other tool, you will need to sign up for an account, following which you will have to click on the ‘Page Analysis’ that you will find in the ‘Menu’ tab, and then, enter the page’s URL that you want to analyze. That said, you also get the option to enter the keyword that you have targeted – doing so will help the tool to get a more accurate and detailed report of the page.

One all the required details are filled up, you will get the aggregate score of the page that will be based on various factors.

Content of the page

The targeted keyword that you have planned, is it used on the most important elements on the page?

Frequency of the keyword

Is the targeted keyword been used many times on the page? If yes, does it need to be rectified?

Readability of the page

Is the article readable enough? Is it based on the ‘Flesch-Kincaid Readability Score’?

LSI keywords

Is LSI (also known as Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword being used by the page that will help to increase the search visibility of the page?

Structure of the page

Is the content on the page been structured well? Will the page use ‘Schema.org’ markup elements that will help the spiders to understand the page’s content?

Rich media

Does the content of the page include images and videos?

Social media

Does the page includes various social media meta tags like Twitter cards, Open Graph, etc?

When the above factors are used, it makes the job for BlogPatcher much easier – as doing so will help the tool to compare your page that you have analyzed with the top ten search results for the keyword that you have targeted.

Go through the aggregate score, and click on the factors where your page has scored the lowest – doing so, will show you the various factors and their reasons that have affected the score for the page. Fix those scores, and your page will begin to show up on the top of the search results in no time at all.

What makes BlogPatcher different from others?

But what’s the feature that makes BlogPatcher stand out from others? That would be the feature of ‘LSI Keywords’.

Clicking on that factor from the page will lead to a page full of various keywords that you can add to your page to make it rank high in the search results, marking them in ‘orange’ while the ones that you used, it will mark them in ‘green’.

Apart from the above, you will also get a list of numerous keywords that are related to the targeted keyword making the list of LSI keywords quite expansive.

Getting this information on your hands will be quite handy as you will be able to replace your targeted keywords with some of the common keywords along with ranking them high in the SERPs. Plus, you will also be able to expand the content with the help of the common keywords with which you will be able to create new sections for your content, and which in turn, will lead you to create a much better version of your content.

And what else can BlogPatcher do?

As mentioned before, BlogPatcher will help you to find the errors in your page’s content, plus, it can also make do as a content research tool that will help you to create SEO-friendly content right out of the box.

Is BlogPatcher worth it?

You bet it is – having the tool BlogPatcher definitely is a must in your arsenal. After all, it is a great tool that can help you to boost the rankings of your page. No matter what it is that you want to do – be it editing an old post or even creating a new one, BlogPatcher can definitely get your job done and much more!