Typography and color are the lifeblood of any online digital presence and as typefaces and fonts grow bigger the creative heights are getting higher and higher as well. More and more businesses are getting facelifts, with more audacious type fonts.

We’ve seen several new trends with some well-deserved graphics updates and some very obvious mushy ones that over time, do not sit well with the brand. If you have an online presence or you own a digital store or a website you have to keep your colors trending, your typefaces fresh, audacious and innovative.

Here is our selected list of typography trends that will dominate the creative space, keep investors attracted, increase traffic and give your brand the much need pizzazz that is required for any creative to stay relevant in 2019 and beyond.

Bold is the new black

As typography evolves it seems bold and beautiful fonts are taking front seats this time. Gone are those days when bold was only used for emphasis, we are in the age of massive creative developments where innovation is a must for every brand. And bold fonts seem to be part of that innovation.

You can use bold fonts for headlines, relatively small blocks of texts, or as bold colored fonts. As far as creativity goes there are no walls but just try to stay within the walls of trends and your brand will fly.

Variable fonts

variable font
variable fonts

Variable Fonts2

The relatively new entry to the future of typography (variable fonts) is really causing heads to roll. It is complete with the ability to be modified live using several dynamic attributes, support for intermediate weights, enhanced responsiveness, and enhanced user experience.

It is safe to say that we may as well see several developments with variable fonts because it is still in development and as such, it is susceptible to positive and negative future trends that may interfere with its growth curve. Nevertheless, variable fonts are currently keeping the flag high with better customization, and responsiveness.

Serif fonts

serif fonts

serif fonts
serif fonts

If bold is not what your brand needs for connecting with your customers then you can try out some classic serif fonts with stylish strokes and extended little feet that stand out gorgeously on monochromatic pages.

You can use a combination of bold and square serifs for small blocks of text, extended paragraphs, and simple headers. Serifs are loud and bold in a synergistic way. They stand out in every piece of physical and digital real estate. If you need some fresh new boost to your design, be sure to pick up some serif on your way home.

Color fonts

Color Fonts

colorful font
colorful font

Color fonts are creative hotspots if utilized properly, and the web is splattered with all sorts of colors interestingly so, so it is not unusual to say we connect with colors, and we feel in colors. Color is life, that is why designers are in love with color fonts, and why they are in are a class of their own.

Color fonts can be used to grab attention, enhance the user experience, keep stylish designs simple, create color and typography focused logos.

The color trend is really becoming the attraction of large brands and is gaining substantial usage with smaller brands. If you are ready to take a dive in building creative strides for your brand, try the color trend, it is exciting, fun and refreshing all at once.

Vintage fonts

vintage fonts

vintage font
Vintage Font

There is something about reliving the past that just feels beautiful, nostalgic and exhilarating all at the same time, Because as history has shown it can as well be considered a fact that as we grow older we tend to gravitate and appreciate the past more often than not. The same can be said for vintage fonts.

As we advance in time, the use of vintage fonts which were popular in the sixties, seventies and the eighties are becoming more and more like a fashion craze and is being used across all types of brands as typefaces in logos, texts, business cards, and all sorts of merchandise.


As long as we keep trying to recapture the past vintage fonts are bound to remain relevant and will continue to see more use as a tool in the world of typography that will dominate creative developments.

As a final word, typography will definitely continue to see improvements as with everything related to graphics design but with these options you cannot go wrong for your brand in 2019 and beyond.

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