If you are a designer, then, you will know that you can get bogged down with too many projects on your hands – and being the good soul that you are, you have decided to go along with all of the projects.

Yes, you can accomplish them – provided you keep yourself organized and efficiently do things; and it all boils down to an important element – speed. If you can get any project done in a quick and fast manner – designer or not – wouldn’t you want to take that route?

There are ways – or rather, tools – that can help you in completing your projects quickly as well as correctly – they are affordable, and what’s more – they are really close to free too!!



Choosing the right colors for your design project can be scary, but with ‘Vaunt’, you will learn how to overcome that fear.

Vaunt is an app which helps you to pull the dominant colors from an image and then, you can output them into whatever format you wish, be it HEX, RGB, CYMK and so on.

The best part about this app is that it is completely free, though as of now, this app is available only for MAC users.

Wacom Tablet


Now, before, you decide to exclaim that you are not going to buy a graphics tablet, listen to this – if you regularly work in Photoshop and Illustrator, then, you need to buy one.

And add to that, a pen tablet, nothing will be there to stop you from getting ahead of your peers.

As for the Wacom Tablet, there are many varieties available – you can go for anyone that best suits your needs.



Have you been looking forever for an app that can render your PSD into a compressed JPEG?

While, it was impossible earlier, but now, you have an option – instead of going through a million steps to export a JPEG from a PSD file, you can take the help of ‘Squash’.

‘Squash’ is a drag-and-drop system, which allows you to drag your PSD onto it, and it will output a compressed JPEG on the chosen PSD, exactly the way you like it.

If you have hundreds of files to work with, you now know best, right?

Priced at $14. 99, the app can be found exclusively on the Apple Store.


If you are a web designer, then, you are going to love this tool.

Priced at $24 for personal use and $29 for commercial use, the tool ‘Armature’ is your solution if you are looking to wireframe your next site right in Adobe Illustrator.

From navigation bars to OS specific headers, this tool will help you to conceptualize web and mobile layouts quickly and efficiently and you only need to add objects to any artboard. As if that is not enough, Armature has a well-organized and a fully searchable library that contains headers, footers, menus, to name a few – and oh yes, it even has a set of complete layouts.

As of now, the tool ‘Armature’ is not compatible with Adobe Illustrator 2015 and up, and hence, if you are looking for one which is universally compatible, then, you can opt for the app, which is available on the Apple Store.



Making a font has never been this easy – you can take the help of FontSelf.

Can be found exclusively on Creative Market, it is priced at $71 for personal use and $79 for commercial use and is compatible with both Illustrator and Photoshop.

To use ‘FontSelf’, you only need to drag & drop a letter, icon or symbol of your choice to the Maker panel, and VIOLA, you have just created a font. With this tool, you can adjust kerning, ligatures as well as create alternates. Plus, you will also be able to export your font in the standard vector OpenType font format, known as “.otf”.



If you have always hated aligning things, but still have to go through the process, then, ‘GuideGuide’ is for you – it will let you pull up an alignment line in both Illustrator and Photoshop, though you will need to enter in various parameters such as margin, number of columns, to name a few, and then, simply clicking on one button to execute the function.



Okay, so, it’s not a fault of DropBox, but sometimes, it gets a bit hard to share files – ever faced that problem as a designer?

During your stint as a designer, on numerous occasion, you will come upon such clients who are either not tech-savvy or they will blame it on something unreasonable. In such situations, opt for ‘WeTransfer’.

It has two versions – for a free version, you can send any files under 2GB, and if you decide to go for the premium version (which is $12.00 a month), you can send files that are over 2GB in size.


Ever suffered from color inconsistencies?

Often there are times when you think that you have got the color right, only to see later on, that the color isn’t even remotely close – because your monitor wasn’t color corrected.

Go for the tool ‘SpyderX’ – there are four varieties (you can go for anyone based on your needs). It is a monitor calibration tool, which comes with a built-in light sensor, which will let you adjust the colors on your screen based on the lighting in the room.

To make your workflow easier, it comes with its own set of guides, user manuals, and support followed by warranty information.

In regards to your design projects, wouldn’t you, as a designer, like to get things done more efficiently? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, then, it’s high time that you incorporate the above-mentioned tools in your workflow.


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