Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Digital Marketing

The evolution of modern technology has brought about the creation of various businesses both small and large and as such proven businesses are doing their possible best to keep up with the digital world buy finding new ways to utilize digital marketing for their overall success.

The importance of digital marketing is vital for any business if they hope to remain relevant. You may have heard the phrase “innovate or die”. It has become a crucial and substantial part in marketing and advertising and is one of the most efficient ways of marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of online marketing which refers to the enlightenment of products and services to the audience or consumer using online or digital medium, mainly on the internet, but with the use of technological devices.

Digital marketing gives an edge to business owners in terms of growth, competition, and survival.

Let’s take a look at why digital marketing should be well utilized for rapid and steady growth in our businesses.

Market penetration

On a global scale about 85% of people under 60 have at least a social media account. Products or services advertised on digital marketing platforms get to about 60% of people and compels about 90% of them to make a purchase decision. This analysis shows a close estimate of how digital marketing is vital in businesses. Internet contents are consumed daily approximately about 10,000 times in the US and this number will just keep on rising.


Digital marketing is less more expensive than other marketing methods. Although the prices vary on different scales it’s still considered one of the cheapest ways of marketing and it is more in the favor of small businesses that don’t have enough capital to channel their marketing.

Gives small businesses a chance to compete

It’s hard for small businesses to compete with companies that have recognition and a strong customer base, that’s why digital marketing must be utilized because it gives small businesses a chance to fight for their own piece of the market share, and grow at a steady pace.

Digital marketing allows small businesses to compete with a far much smaller marketing budget. When this budget is effectively utilized it actually gives an actual chance to compete with these large businesses.

Larger audience and communication with customers

When an ad is set up there is usually a target, you actually have control on placement and size. Let’s do a quick rough estimate; let’s say the ad reaches 500 thousand plus readers, but that doesn’t mean the five hundred plus are all interested in your ad content. So, what’s your estimated target? When we place our ads at the relevant and productive place or area our targets are usually more than 70% of the total ad outreach.

Interacting with customers can give insights into what targeted audiences want, the information gotten is vital and can help in improving and developing your relationship with your customers.

Digital marketing earns trust

Good recommendation from a customer can build your trust base. Most clients will trust your business when positive feedbacks have been given about your products or services. Good recommendations by an individual who is socially popular and trusted could actually generate a very strong trust base (called influencer marketing). A business with a strong trust base also tends to have rapid growth.

Digital marketing communication (email marketing)

Catering to the audience preference is a good marketing strategy. Vital information is passed across through email and it is the most reliable way to pass across information. Email marketing place targeted messaging in front of the audience or customer and it is sent automatically, this enhances further communications and interactions, where the information gotten from a customer could build your business.

SEO helps to locate your audience

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best returns on investment (ROI) of any digital marketing channel. Majority of the world’s population use Google’s search engine to find almost everything and for your company’s site to show on the first page when a related content or topic is being searched it means it is recognized by Google and for that reason it generates a platform to locate your audience all over the world, which leads to an increase in the growth of a business.

Revenue and return on investment (ROI) increase

Increase in outreach in locating an audience can actually help in generating revenue. Digital marketing produces a better return on investment (ROI) than the older(traditional) method. The more data that you can extract from your outreach, the better your predictions and subsequently ROI will be.

Automatic marketing

Routines and small marketing tasks can be automated when they are done digitally, by a marketing automated platform. This allows workers to focus on more effective strategies. This automated platform allows marketing and sales team to do more productive tasks, focus on their expertise without wasting resources on smaller tasks.

Mobile device consumer consideration

Mobile gadget is no longer considered an alternative to personal computers because mobile gadget has evolved so much, into something that is influencing their purchasing decisions. The highest group of consumers is using their mobile devices each day, the majority of all adults alone keeps their mobile phone within their reach because they use it regularly to browse the internet.

Digital campaign intended towards mobile consumers should be done to pave the way for mobile users towards achieving better growth and faster expansion. undoubtedly, mobile gadgets will be the next medium for information, dissemination and communication channel through the use of smartphones and other devices.


In conclusion, digital communication and marketing methods are cheaper, streamlined, versatile and faster. The use of new media in this modern age is essential; it’s one of the efficient marketing channels with many benefits that can help expand businesses. Everybody quickly adapted to digital age since when technology became available but the good thing is digital platforms give as much potential to marketers as it does to is important to understand the use of implementing digital marketing in your business plan.

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