13 Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Know to Manage Their Social Media Profiles

Are you a digital marketer? Of course, you are – otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, right? Then, you know just how important social media is to you, after all, that is simply one part of your task that you have to focus on; but do you know that you can take the help of certain tools?

Tools that will make your life much easier than it is now – as these tools can streamline the processes and collaboration across numerous teams, be it small or big.

Take help of ‘social media scheduling tools’

No matter what type of content you plan to post on social media – be they your creation or even curated ones – you will need a social media calendar. You can take the help of Buffer or HootSuite to schedule your posts for you for all your social media handles.buffer tool

That said, you can also make do with our trusty ‘Microsoft Excel’ to create spreadsheets to plan and organize your social media posts.

Consider ‘bulk uploading and scheduling tool’

Instead of having to upload every single post of all the social media handles and taking up the entire day, you can bulk upload them. Take the help of tools such as Buffer and HootSuite – with these tools, you can prepare your posts well ahead of the day and schedule them, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your job.hootsuite

Make use of a ‘geo-search tool’

Take the help of a reliable geo-search tool – one that will help you to find conversations happening in the areas that are most relevant to your business.

With a geo-search tool, you will be able to track conversations that are happening within a specific radius of any address and will allow you to make the most of your team’s social engagement efforts.

Taking the help of a ‘content library’

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It can be quite of a hassle to keep content consistent across multiple channels and teams – and hence, a content library is needed; even if you are located in different geography and time zones, a content library will make it much easier – to share the right type of content, and ensuring that all the social media handles remain up to date and on-point.

What about ‘message tagging tool’?

A ‘message tagging tool’ is necessary for any digital marketer to assign messages or streams to specific team members; plus it helps to make sure that nothing is left behind, and which in turn will reduce the risk of getting multiple replies by multiple team members. This also ensures that all messages receive the right response at the right time.

That’s why, it’s quite important to opt for a good collaboration tool that will save from answering the all-too-common questions; instead, the team members can reply to the questions that they are assigned to.

Opting for ‘permissions management tool’

You just can’t go sharing passwords of the accounts among your team members – that’s when you need a permission management tool so that you can give access to multiple people to the accounts without sharing any passwords.

And even if some member decides to leave the team or even change roles, you will be able to adjust or remove permissions immediately.

Using ‘UTM parameters’

Do you want to know where the traffic to all your social media handles is coming from?

Make use of ‘UTM Parameters’ – and consider adding to the link separately, but remember to track them precisely, since manual tagging, if you are not careful, can create huge error and lost data.utm parameters

Going for ‘link shorteners’

Of course, adding the UTM parameters to the links can make the URL pretty much lengthy – in such case, you can take the ‘link shorteners’ such as ‘BitLLy’ and ‘OwlLy’.bitly

Taking the help of ‘post-boosting tool’

Want to increase reach and engagement?

Make use of a ‘post-boosting tool’ – your content will automatically get boosted up to the rightful audience that you get to choose at the right time, but of course, you will have to pay an amount.

Managing all of your posts and ads

Do you know that platforms such as Buffer and HootSuite allows you to manage your social media ads along with your posts – all from a single platform? That said, you can also create and manage social ad campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads.

Taking note of the search and listening streams

Want to know what’s been happening in your industry? Or who’s saying what about your brand?

Opt for search and listening streams as it will allow you to monitor multiple channels from one central dashboard – and hence, will prevent from switching between browsers, plus you will never miss any important information.

With it, you can stay a step ahead of your competitors and on top of your business.

Taking the help of a ‘content curation tool’

If you want to find conversations revolving around your brand, then, you will need a powerful ‘content curation tool’ – and add to that, appropriate keywords and hashtags, and use them with the tool – doing so, will complement the content that has been created in-house.

Using an ‘analytics tool’

Want to know if your content strategy is performing well or it might need to be reworked?

Then, it’s best to use an analytics tool – with it, you can evaluate your social media strategy, meaning, you will get complete details of key metrics and real-time reports. Plus, you will also be able to measure the performance of your team and share reports on what needs to be changed and what’s going well.

source: https://www.pexels.com

As a digital marketer, time is everything, and you are not going to get much of that for your job, and that’s why, it is a must to take the help of the tools as much as you can, to make your job easier.

So, are you using the above tools as a digital marketer?

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