4 Tips to Enhance the Growth of Your Online Store on Pinterest

Did you know that how many people use Pinterest every month?

As of now, the number stands at 500 million and still counting – almost all of the people who browse Pinterest, it is mainly for getting inspiration, and discovering and shopping for products, though, many interact with brands.

It was nearly 10 years ago when Pinterest was launched, and ever since then, it has quickly risen to the top of the ranks in the world of social media and has become the darling of many.

That said, there were many other social media sites that have cropped up, but they had fizzled and died out, but not Pinterest – it had survived, and as had Facebook and Twitter too; in fact, they had not only survived but they had evolved and has been quite successful in positioning themselves as a tool for both brands and individuals alike.

Perhaps one of the best reasons why Pinterest has survived and gained the attention of many is because it has refined, built and aimed at helping the brands – small or big – to connect with the customers, and not to mention, increase the sales and grow their business.

Now, you must be wondering about Pinterest, and is it worth it for you and your online store? You know, you will never know – well, not unless you have created and launched your first ad on Pinterest.

So, how should you build winning ads on Pinterest? It’s not that hard, provided you follow the listed tips.

Focusing on your story

Pinterest is a visual tool, so what type of content you create on Pinterest matters – be they be organic or paid, they must have one common goal, they need to tell a story. And it is this goal that will determine how successful you are at getting the viewers to engage with your brand and take the desired action.

No matter how beautiful the ad is, but if the audience doesn’t understand or can even relate to the message that the ad is trying to get across, the audience won’t be able to relate to you and your brand emotionally, and of course, then, you are going to have a hard time achieving your objective.

So, what should you do to ensure that your ad tells a clear story?

Picking up a protagonist

You should make the ad in such a way that it becomes easy for the audience to figure out who the ad is trying to address. Let them know clearly who’s the main character, and what is it that you are offering to help the customers to make it easy for them to achieve their goals and objectives.


Focusing on the viewers

Make the ad in such a way that it helps the viewers understand as to what are the obstacles that you will help them to overcome. Give them all a clear idea – and motivate them to take action after seeing your ad.

When creating ads, you should focus on elements of storytelling – doing so will help you to build trust and connect to your viewers who will turn into your most loyal customers later on.

Delighting with text

When building your ad, you must take note of where you plan to put your text.

Did you know that the text when placed strategically, the ad will be much more effective in attracting viewers? The text can be placed in the following areas – in the title, on the static images, overlaid on the video’s top or it can even be included within the pin’s description that you plan to promote.

You want to build winning ads, right, so, you will need to develop and use text in such a way that they delight the viewers plus supporting the overall message that you plan to get across your ad.

Here’s what your plan should be – appealingly build your ad, place the text strategically by putting information such as about the product or service that you plan to promote.

Consider experimenting with the formats of ad


You want to launch ads that will persuade viewers to take action and become your loyal customers, right? So, you will have to be ready with experimentation – you will have to experiment with the various formats of ads on Pinterest, that is.

You can start with ‘Promoted Pins’ – they are the standard-looking pins and is the best place to start when you are just starting and learning how to build and launch ads on Pinterest.

Then, there are ads, that are more like videos, and are known as ‘Promoted Video Pins’ – they are used to grab the attention of the viewers, and they often appear in the feeds or the search results. Sometimes, they are also seen appearing in ‘more like this’ section below a pin.

Did you know that ads also come in the form of ‘Promoted Carousels’? Yes, they do – and these ads allow the viewers to swipe through multiple images in a slide show.

And lastly, the ‘Promoted App Pins’ – they allow the viewers to download apps right from Pinterest.

Taking note of the landing page

But not the least important is your ‘Landing Page’ – that said, if you plan to send your viewers from Pinterest to your website, then, it’s of utmost importance that you should optimize the landing page of your website.

You should make sure that what visuals you have on your website, they should be clear and simple for the viewers to understand at one glance.

Plus, also make sure to remember that you make it easy for the viewers to understand what you are saying and what you want them to do within seconds of arriving at your website. Whatever information that you want to provide them, it should be easy for them to find out – don’t make them wonder why you wanted them to land on your page when you have nothing coherent on your website.

So, you see, that you can make use of Pinterest to boost your online store – you only need to follow certain rules on how can use Pinterest to leverage it for you; after all, Pinterest is just as powerful as the social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, so if it’s here, why not make the best use of it?

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