Things to Know Before Outsourcing Content Creation Job

Digital marketing is a growing industry. Businesses find it important to market their products and services through the internet. Internet marketing in specific is what businesses are after. People have got their attention on their laptops, mobile phones and what not. This is how there has been a shift in the way businesses used to market.

This does not mean that the old billboard marketing is not working. It just means that there is a growing need to market products and services online.

But business owners don’t have the time to do that themselves. Internet marketing takes a team of dedicated people to get things up and running. It takes a lot of dedication. It takes effort. It takes education. This is why digital agencies are the growing future. If you are someone who wants to start a digital agency, we will share with you the top mistakes to avoid when starting your own agency.

If you fail in the first few months of starting an agency, it has to be one of the following reasons. You don’t want that. That is why it is important that you read through this guide completely and fully understands what the requirements are and when to start an agency. Read on to find out:

Starting too soon

Of course, if you have the resources for it, go ahead and begin on your digital agency. But remember that the resources you need to start a digital agency are more than just an office space and the investment to create a team. You need the education for it. You don’t necessarily need to go ahead and find a digital marketing school to enroll in before you can begin. You can use online guides.

You can use content that is available for free all over the web. Learn about digital marketing. Understand how digital marketing is not just limited to internet marketing. You will need the education of affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

The Top 10 Don'ts of Digital Marketing
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This will all form the foundational basis for you to know how things work in a digital agency. Go ahead and take a job at a digital agency. It is highly recommended that you work on some projects, regardless of if they are paid or unpaid. You will need the expertise before you can promise your clients to deliver results.

Not specializing, not setting the limits

Digital marketing is huge. It is not limited to just internet marketing. Even internet marketing is huge. As the owner of the agency, you won’t specialize in everything. You will be interested in 3- 4 areas at most. However, businesses like to outsource all their digital marketing needs to just one agency. It is a trouble going to social media marketing agency for one job and search engine optimization agency for another. But as someone who is just starting out in the agency, you don’t know everything.

The Top 10 Don'ts of Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

This does not mean that your company can’t provide all the services as once. It just means that you need to build up slowly and gradually. Start with a list of services you can provide without any worries. Then list down a few other services that you have some knowledge in but you will need some assistance for it. Then start another list and write down all the services you think you will need to outsource people for. Your agency will build around your own expertise.

This means that if you don’t have the investment to hire 20 people at once for your agency, don’t worry. Take on projects for services you can work in personally. Then gradually use that revenue to hire more people in the team. Over the years, your agency will flourish but you need to start small but confident because you are working with clients here.

Emphasizing features over benefits

An important part of starting a digital agency is to actually get clients. To do that, you will continuously need to network with people. You will be going out and making contacts that will lead you to your clients. But clients won’t come to you directly either. Nobody will sign a deal with you in the first go. You will need to first start with a small scale proposal. That will set up the client meeting for you.

Then you will slowly work for the proposal that will share all the tasks you will take up for the client. How you meet and work with the client will impact how many further clients you are able to get. This is why it is important that you speak a language your clients are able to understand. If they are outsourcing the task of internet marketing to you, of course there has to be a reason for it.

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They lack the expertise for it. This is why you need to break down your technical jargon to help marketing professionals at your client’s company understand better. Don’t tell them that you will try to improve their CTR rate on Facebook to improve reach. Tell them what CTR is basically. Tell them how it will impact conversion rates and how they will actually get more clients through this technique. You need to use simple terms that will be easy for anyone who has zero experience in the industry can understand.


It is not easy to start a digital agency. But the sort of investment you make in a digital agency varies from a company that produces any sort of product. This means that you need to invest more in the expertise of your team. You need to teach them how things work and train them into fitting your client’s needs.

This is the only and best way forward for anyone who is starting a digital agency. Remember that it will take some time and effort to do that. It will take up investment and dedication but it’s possible.

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