Technology Trends that will dominate 2019

It’s a fact that we are about to enter the 4th industrial revolution. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Things that were once considered unimaginable are widely available and in use by the current generation.

Technological advances shape our society and our daily lives. 2018 has been one such year where a lot of projects which were an ongoing process for decades matured and showed results. Let’s have a look at the top technology trends that caught everyone’s attention and will still dominate in the coming year.

The Boom of Cryptocurrency


There has been a continuous rise in the transactions of Bitcoin, a form of electronic cash or as it’s commonly known- Cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency that doesn’t have a single administrator or a central bank.

There are no intermediaries involved making it a safe and secure system for payments. Lots of major companies around the world created their digital currency in 2018. Given the benefits of the system, the number is expected to rise steadily.

Mobile Payments


With the increasing trend of online shopping, a lot of businesses opted for e-commerce websites. It has definitely got the world on our fingertips. Hence it comes as no surprise that the efficiency of mobile payments has increased drastically.

Actual cash transactions have been declining steadily with the increase in the usage of credit cards, voice ID, fingerprint scanning, or facial feature recognition. Mobile payments have become super-convenient with single click payments, scanning barcodes for payments and payments with the tap of your finger.

Virtual reality in different domains


Virtual reality brought an altogether new gaming experience to its audience. But apart from games, virtual reality gave life to endless possibilities of experiences.  To start with, live experiences like concerts, sports matches, and storytelling can be more immersive and can instantly take you to another place.

VR has also been used in presentations where the speaker can control the display content. This can really open up remote learning experiences and democratize education in general.

Digital Assistants

amazon alexa

Digital assistants like Moorebot and Amazon’s Alexa became a household name in 2018. From doing mundane things like telling about the weather, giving directions and typing messages these digital assistants with better and advanced features are capable of controlling your other appliances, operating lights, setting oven timings, etc.

Making life easier has taken a whole new form thanks to these digital assistants. Home monitoring and security systems too have reached another level altogether.

Artificial Intelligence

artificial inteligent

2017 was the year of AI, but in 2018 Artificial intelligence surpassed a lot of invisible barriers. All the big players of the technology industry are placing their money on it. AI is the future, and no one can deny it. By creating new algorithms for new encryption methods, there is a fundamental difference between AI and human intelligence.

Governments and organizations are continuously investing in its development to accumulate military power through artificial intelligence. In the year 2017, Russian President Putin had stated: “Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.” That’s the power AI exudes.

We are truly living in exponential times. 2018 was a year of transition where a lot of technologies matured and accelerated to bring us out of the Information revolution of the 1970s and closer to the 4th Industrial revolution. These technologies will surely grow exponentially in 2019 and beyond.

Let us know what technology you think will transform our daily lives in the year ahead.