Right from a one-man project to a ‘wonder’ JavaScript framework – yes, it’s Vue.js we are talking about. You have been hearing so much about Vue.js in recent days from your colleagues and even conferences. It has got you thinking on whether Vue.js will be the right fit for your next project or not.

Even on forums, you have seen and probably read as much as possible. The numerous comparisons between Angular, Vue and React. And what’s more- you have even come across Vue on GitHub with industry experts favoring the framework.

So, what is this hype about Vue.js?


The first public version of Vue.js has released way back in the year 2014 and while it’s template syntax was similar to Angular JS. Its component-based architecture was, however, similar to what React had offered. These two features made it quite popular with the JS developers at that time and within no time at all. Vue.js came to the limelight, with the effort of the Laravel community, also famously known as the ‘PHP Framework’ community.

Come 2019 – today, Vue.js is known to have the highest satisfaction level among all of the JS frameworks combined. And the good news is that more and more developers are expressing their interest in this framework. They wish to use it shortly. Even the companies are not left far behind – GitLab and Adobe have already started to use Vue.js for their products.

But what is so special about Vue.js that makes the programmers want to use it?

According to the official website of Vue.js – it is a progressive framework that can be used to build user interfaces. Vue.js made to be highly adaptable with its core library focusing only on the view layer and is such that, it can pick up easily and can integrate with even more ease with other libraries or existing projects.

See – it’s that feature of Vue.js that has appealed to all of the developers. The feature of ‘progression and ease of integration’. Now, isn’t that more than enough to make Vue.js the right choice for your project?

Why you should choose Vue.js?

No matter what framework is used. It doesn’t make any difference to the JavaScript programmer as long as that framework helps in building beautiful, fast and maintainable products. Yet, still, many prefer Vue.js for several reasons and rightfully so.

It has a gentle learning curve

Because of its gentle learning curve, Vue.js adored by both beginners and advanced developers alike. All you need to know is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to get the hang of Vue.js.

Due to its high accessibility, many developer teams can get the right to Vue.js and integrate it into any projects. Have experience only in ‘React? No problem – even then, you can easily switch to Vue and start to integrate it into your projects.

It is quite pleasing to develop

Vue.js offers the developers much freedom on how they want to structure the code and due to this unopinionated way of coding. Vue.js has gained much traction in recent times.

As a developer, everything that you are going to need is already inside the .vue file – right from the data model to the CSS properties to the computed values and methods – yes, practically everything.

It offers a lot of flexibility

The web apps which are built-in Vue.js are built with components. They are known to offer lots of flexibility and adaptability as per the needs of the project. Since the Vue.js single file is composed of components. They are very loosely coupled and offers a whole lot of space to improve the reuse of code along with decreasing the development time.

Even though Vue.js is known to use a modularized build system to build large-scale apps, even then, Vue.js gives the developers many options for flexibility. That’s because the bundlers recommended by Vue.js, are known to come with the ability to transform the source code with any preprocessors of the developers’ choice.

It offers a platform for mobile development

Vue.js is known to offer the developers many options for mobile UI development. Take the example of ‘Weex’ – it is created by the e-commerce giant ‘Alibaba’. Another name is ‘NativeScript’ – it comes with a vast repository of plugins, components, and tools.


What’s more – recently, the ‘Ionic’ team is also known to come aboard the Vue.js mobile development team.

It has a reactivity mechanism

Vue.js known to come equipped with its reactivity mechanism – hence, it not only refreshes the user interface. It is also seen to save a whole lot of time and saves the developers many additional lines of code. With this, the developers can be more productive and focus on introducing other new features.

It is quite versatile

Because of the rich collection of tools and libraries, Vue.js has everything that a developer needs. Vue.js has its own set of developer tools and is known to come in the form of a browser extension.

These DevTools not only simplifies the process of application debugging but also helps in checking the state and the hierarchy of the components.

Apart from that, the DevTools will also allow you to live-edit the app, track the custom events as well as debug the app that will allow you to see the previous versions and the changes that have been made.

It is backed by a vibrant community

Vue.js has become so popular in recent years, that a community has grown up and the good news is that this community has not only been blooming but is actively growing ever since. Now and then, you are going to see many developers actively contributing to the community.

So much that many renowned conferences have taken place around the world. VueConf, held in Wroclaw, Poland, is one such conference that took place in the year 2017.

So, should we focus on Vue.js?

In regards to Vue.js, it can say that the above points do offer a great explanation of why Vue.js should be a viable choice for your next project. But remember that just like with many other projects, there are no set criteria on which frameworks you should choose.

It recommended that you should do your research – that’s the wise way to go on with any project.

So, let us know in the comment what is your opinion on Vue.js.

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