Is It Worth It to Create a Linkedin Showcase Page for Your Business?

Want to highlight your brand?

Nothing can be more special than ‘LinkedIn Showcase Page’ – these pages are best for showcasing the business side of your brand, and if your brand has something that they want others to know, say, initiating a project, or even promoting a new branch of your brand, a LinkedIn Showcase Page is a great idea.

So, how should you set up a LinkedIn Showcase Page?

You will need to have a LinkedIn page for your business. Then, you have to sign to the ‘Page Admin’ center, and click on the ‘Admin Tools Menu’.

There, you will see a tab called ‘Create Showcase Page’ – click on that, and you will get a window on which you have to add in your ‘Showcase Page’ name and your public LinkedIn URL.

Your next step will consist of uploading your logo, and adding in a tagline. Add buttons to your page header, after which you will be suggested with a ‘Follow’ button for your page. That said, you also get the option of changing the ‘Follow’ button to Contact Us, Register, Sign Up, Learn More or Visit Website.

Fill in the other details of the page including the description of the brand, phone number, e-mail address, and others. As for the location, you can either add one or multiple addresses, based on your brand.

Also, don’t forget to add in three relevant hashtags related to your brand – it will help your brand get featured to the rightful people. And lastly, don’t forget to upload your ‘hero image’ – it should be 1536 x 768 pixels.

Now, that you have entered all of the relevant information of your brand – do you know that simply putting in all the information is just not enough, you will need to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Picking up a specific name

Simply don’t just choose a name for your Showcase Page – choose one very specific and one that’s related to your brand. Your best bet is to add your brand’s name and then, add a little description of what your brand is all about.

Telling people what the page is for

As mentioned before, add a specific name for your brand for the Showcase Page – a name that will convince others to visit your page, at least once. Consider adding a tagline that will describe your brand in just a few words – you will get 120 characters to describe your brand and its purpose.

Filling up all the required information

Okay, it may look kind of obvious, but when it comes to ‘LinkedIn Showcase Page’ it is expected that you should fill up all the required information.

A Showcase Page missing a few important details – are you going to visit that page? Same. Add in all the information that is asked of you – by the way, did you know that the LinkedIn Showcase Page that is fully complete with all of the details intact, they receive 30 percent more weekly views.

Opting for a strong hero image

Studies have shown that many Showcase Pages have skipped this step, and has opted for the default LinkedIn image – and that simply won’t do; it is like missing out on an opportunity.

You can make your brand stand out by opting for a vibrant and high-resolution hero image.

Posting brand-specific content only

Just because Showcase Pages are a bit different from your main LinkedIn Page, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need a content strategy for them – these pages showcase your brand, so, you should make sure that you post on the platform regularly.

Posting relevant content for your brand is enough – and if possible, try to post twice or thrice in a week and while keeping the caption to 150 words or less. And under no condition, should you post more than that – it’s a platform for the professionals, don’t think that it works like Facebook.

Consider using video posts for more engagement

As with any other platforms, video posts wins on LinkedIn too – you can consider using the LinkedIn native video, and since they are created on the platform itself or even uploaded directly, they are more likely to perform better than other videos that are being shared via YouTube or Vimeo.

That said, if your brand is small, and video is out of your budget, you can try to include images with each caption – posts with images are more likely to get comments as with posts without images. And also, try to add original images – stock images are plenty in the LinkedIn platform.

Building up a community

Did you know that the best LinkedIn Showcase Pages connects with like-minded people? That means, if you plan to do the same, you will need to build a network of users for a specific product, or you can even empower certain members of a group. If possible, consider reaching out to a group of people that speaks the same language.

If you happen to see some posts that ask a question, consider fostering a conversation – you can also provide tips or even deliver inspirational or motivational messages. Make use of your LinkedIn Analytics and see which posts are performing best, and try to adjust your content strategy accordingly.

So, you see, there are ways on how you can make use of the ‘LinkedIn Showcase Page’ to the best of your ability to showcase your brand – follow the above-mentioned tips and get your brand noticed.

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