Today, typography has become an art, more so, with the advent of them being used in websites. After all, it is typography which gives creates the right kind of atmosphere for a website along with giving life to the brand. Of course, when the font comes together along with the feel of the atmosphere of the site, it is only then, the brand comes together, and which in turn encourages the visitors to explore the site further.

When it comes to fonts, designers have been using the classic ones – Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman – since a long time ago, but now, the scenario has changed.

Today, many services have cropped up, such as Google Fonts and Typekit – they have opened up a whole new of fonts for the designers to choose from. But instead of going for what others will do, how about going for something unique and different? Something that is ‘you’?

We are talking about ‘Handwritten Typography’ – not only will it add a dash of creativity, but it will also give a vibe of personal touch that will make the site unique.

Why should you include handwritten typography on a website?

As mentioned before, handwritten typography is used in a website to give a personal touch – but they should only be used sparingly.

Usually, when handwritten typography is used in a website, it is to draw attention, and hence, they are used only in the headers, search boxes or the navigation panels, and the rest of the copy is made to remain clean and simple. That being said, if you are thinking of using handwritten typography to a website, you should remember to ‘keep the writing clear and legible’.

Just a few years ago, you wouldn’t have heard of the term ‘handwritten typography’ but today, the times have changed.

Today, many people are vying for the unique and custom-feel of a website, and as such, the designers too, are busy creating fonts that imitate the writing of hand.

If you plan to use such font in a website, you should see as to the handwritten font which you plan to use – Is it clear? Is it legible? Will the visitors be able to read the font at one go? Will the font be enough for the visitors to let them know what they are looking for?

If it ticks all the boxes, then, you can go ahead with the font.

How are hand drawn typography created?

When it comes to creating hand-drawn fonts, designers are known to use a different style of texts, of which the three most important ones are ‘Slabs Serifs’, ‘Script Styles’ and ‘Mixed Fonts’.

Slab Serifs

Known to be bold and strong, solid and authoritative, ‘slab serifs’ are a natural choice for hand-drawn typography.

Frequently used by the designers in their respective fields, the hand-drawn typography when created with ‘slab serifs’, they give the feeling of reliability and trustworthiness.

Script Styles

Earlier used in wedding invitation cards, the ‘script styles’ have gained recognition a few years back and it has been in trend ever since.

Having the style of hand lettering, the ‘script styles’ comes in various forms such as casual lettering, simple calligraphic style, stylish calligraphic style, to name a few.

‘Script Styles’ are often said to the best choice for website design as they bring something new and natural to the digital world while invoking a feeling of custom-made to the website.

Mixed Fonts

Though not widely used, if trodden carefully, a designer can bring out the vibrancy of a website.

‘Mixed Fonts’ is a mixture of the two styles – slab serifs and script styles – and is often not that easy to create. That said, if a designer is able to combine the two styles, they need to ensure that the page looks clean and beautiful or else, it will not serve its intended purpose.

So, how can you use handwritten typography to a website?

Today, with the advent of ‘handwritten typography’, the emphasis has been given to clean and simple lines that give off a vibe of minimalism.

With hand-drawn illustrations

Did you know that said, you can combine hand-drawn typography with hand-drawn illustrations?

Doing that will be quite an innovative move plus the end result will be something completely unique and visually appealing; though you should remember that since you will be hiring designers to do that work for you, you will need to tell them that the site will have to be easy for the visitors to navigate as well as look clean and beautiful – and if everything is a mess, the visitors will be put off and you will be the one who will be facing a loss.

As logo or message

Since hand-drawn typography is unique and versatile, it can be used either in a logo or message.

When used in a logo, a hand-drawn typography will immediately attract the attention of the visitor and can give a clear idea of what the brand is – take a look as to what the product is that the website is dealing, and when you use the hand-drawn font to the logo, it will be able to send an emotional message to the visitors.

Hand drawn typography when added to any logo, apart from capturing the attention of the visitors, they are able to invoke personal feeling attached to the website.

That being said, did you know that hand drawn typography can also be used to communicate a strong message? A strong message like that – it’s bound to create a response in the visitor, that will make them think.

In headers and buttons

There are many websites that are seen to incorporate hand-drawn typography on navigation menus, headings, and call to action buttons.

And since the navigation menus is one of the most important aspects of any website, it makes sense to include hand-drawn font – doing that will make the site unique, though it should be remembered that despite adding hand-drawn typography to the navigation menus, they should still be clear and legible for the visitors to be able to find their way around the website easily.

Earlier, hand-drawn typography was only seen the websites that are associated with children’s products or services, but now, the times have changed – people are seen flocking to this unique element, as they give off a creative vibe to any website.

So, are you planning to add hand-drawn typography to your website?


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