How to make money with Clickbank?

Have you heard about Clickbank? Probably you have, especially if you are a blogger or Affiliate Marketer. Clickbank is an affiliate marketing program for those who never heard of it. So, you can earn money by selling some of their huge list of products and get paid by doing it. It’s not so difficult to earn money from Clickbank, but you only need to use a few techniques until the result is reached.

There are certainly plenty of money-making techniques on the internet, but some will catch your attention. The best way to make a lot of money is through blogging and, in particular, affiliate marketing. In this article, you will know how to earn from the Clickbank.

Register an Account

click bank account

Enter a Clickbank account and locate a product you can promote to earn. Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate programs where you can buy, sell and promote digital products. Choosing a product in the $20 to $50 range is recommended. This is an average product that requires a minimum of eight sales, to get about $100. You can get more commission if the price of the product is bigger.

Commission Percentage

Click Bank standard commission is between 50% and 75%. It should be noted, however, that the higher the price, the less likely the commission is to be made. Users tend to buy lower-priced products. You’ll see its price and commission, the product list will appear. Select the product and click on the “Promote” green button.

There’s a popup window to enter your Nick Name or username account. On the next page, you will get an affiliate code. Enter the “Create” button. To gain a commission, you must promote this code. This code is for the particular product only and you get your commission if someone uses this code to buy it.

Find Promotional Products

OK, you have your account registered, and you can start to promote products from Click Bank to earn money. You need this username, and the username for the promotion of products is your click-bank ID. The next step is the search for a product you want to promote and visit the Click Bank marketplace.

The name of any product like Windows 7 is entered in the search box. Products of Click Bank A list of products, prices, and fees are displayed. Choose the product and click the “Promote. A pop-up window” button to enter the username or Nickname of your account. Enter “Create,” and you will receive your membership code on the next page.

To earn a commission, you need to promote this code. This code is only for the product, and you get your commission when someone uses it to buy the product.

Platform for Promotions

These are the possible promotion platforms through which you can use your affiliate code to promote the products and earn your commission.

  • Blog
  • Websites
  • Forums
  • Social Media
  • Article Submission
  • Guest Blogging or Comment Posting

If you want to start your blog, go to Blogger and build a blog free of charge. However, to drive free search engine traffic, you will need to optimize your blog on search engines. Likewise, you can buy a domain and Webhosting if you want to start a website, which will cost you money.

I’ll try to tell you the free promotional channels that are possible. So you can earn quickly with ClickBank.

Startup of Promotions

Find certain products-related forums. Find forums about your product and put your affiliate link in your signature. Join the forums, and you can drive tons of free traffic to your product page. Make sure that your affiliate link writes an effective anchor text.

Also, try to take part in the relevant categories. The faster you take part, the faster you can sell. And remember that at least eight sales are your goal. It might be very easy.

Register at Multiple Forums

forum discussion

Register in at least ten forums and make a minimum of 100 comments in each forum. But don’t spam the forum or you could get a ban on the account. You will certainly get a commission in your first few days if the forum is relevant to your product.

Test the product if it works well and adds further feedback, or modify the product and promote it.  Share a link with your friends when you are on Facebook, but in a practical way. You know Relationship Marketing, try using it. Build confidence first and then give your friends a recommendation, and you will certainly have a good result.

Write Marketing Articles

article 9

The marketing of articles is also an efficient way of promoting your product on the Web free of charge. Write product articles and publish your affiliate link in the signature on websites for the submission of the article. You may also be free to traffic by posting your comments on blogs in the field URL including your affiliate links. The longer you spend, the greater the sales you can do.

A NOTE: Most marketing articles do not allow you to insert the link in the article directly. You must find the sites that allow it to be found.

These are possible ways to promote your products and earn through Click Bank. The more you fight, the more you gain. Success depends on your struggles. Try to follow the steps given above, and success in your earning is guaranteed.

Let us know if you have used some other ways to sell click bank products in the comment section below.

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