How to Keep Your Readers Engaged in Your Article?

Have you ever slept halfway through an article or found yourself struggling to finish an article just to spend time? I know right, some articles can be boring. If you are a content creator and you don’t know how to write engaging articles, well you may have just cut your career short because nobody wants to read uninspiring stories, boring content or error-filled articles. It’s not you, it’s your content.

Even though you have a very interesting life if you don’t know how to put it into words, nobody will read your articles, however writing engaging content is a skill anybody can learn if you are committed to learning. A good question to ask becomes “how exactly do I keep my audience engaged in my articles?” listed below are power tips you can use to write more engaging content;

Don’t just tell a story

Don’t just tell stories, tell an interesting story, tell a story about obstacles to overcome, tell a story where adversity was faced, tell a story with conflict. We all think in stories and more often than not we find our stories in other people’s stories. Telling a great story is a great way to keep readers engaged.

Use illustrations and images

Online articles are more engaging when they contain images and illustrations. You enjoy reading comic books mostly because of the graphics because as humans we have the ability to visualize and as such illustrations make the process of visualizing easier.

Use sub-headlines

How boring would it be to read a 4000-word article without sub-headlines? The message of the article would easily get lost. Add sub-headlines to your articles to keep things clear and directed. That way readers can also easily understand the concept of your message.

White spacing

Try writing a 1000-word article without the use of white space and see if you can read through the article without getting tired or having eye strain, white spacing just makes your articles easier to read. By keeping small paragraph’s and using white space it would engage more readers by making your message well segmented and making it more easy to look at.

Avoid grammatical errors

This mistake is a No-No, always proofread your articles, there is no excuse for grammatical blunders nowadays, the internet has just become too sophisticated to allow for such mistakes. If you can’t proofread your articles yourself, get someone to do it for you. And always give someone else to read your article before posting it online, there may be some mistakes that your eyes are not conditioned to see.

Add humor

A little humor never killed anybody. Try adding a little humor to your articles, this will definitely keep your readers engaged. Just don’t try to force humor or make it excessive just let it flow in and out of your writing. You are not a comedian.

Write articles on trending topics

Follow up on recent events and write about trending topics, people are always online searching for news or stories on trending topics, don’t disappoint them, write about your opinions on trending activities. Just be original and you will engage people.

Great introduction

Start your article with skill, you can start by answering or asking a question. The first lines of your article are what will determine if people will keep on reading your article or not. A great introduction is a good way to go.

Solve a problem with your articles

Let your articles address and solve a problem. If your article solves a particular problem, it will definitely keep people who are looking for that exact solution engaged in your article. For instance, if your article topic is “how to fix a broken screen” people who are looking for this exact solution will read your articles to the end.




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