How to buy Desktop PCs. What to look?

The first knowledge you will have when you are out to purchase a desktop will be the type of work area you wish to secure. In the desktop market, however, you will discover a wide range of configurations, different shapes and sizes and quick changing specifications of features.
The following aide has been set up to guarantee that you can touch base at the correct specification of the ideal features. Links are furnished with each element to land a variety of models available with that feature.

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Processor-CPUs is the primary feature which chooses what you can do, the amount you can do, and how quickly you can do with your framework. Processor specification expresses the brand, the processor type, and the processor speed. The common comprehension till some time back was that higher the processor speed better will be the performance — not all that anymore. The major processor manufacturers Intel and AMD have upset the processor market with dual center and quad center processors all in a single bit of silicon.
Single center chips like AMD Sempron and Intel Celeron D don’t cost much and are configured in low priced desktops due to their low performance and low speed. Despite everything, they run the show the reason being most software is intended for execution on a single string (one stream of data) or processor center.
The AMD Athlon 64 isn’t quick, yet it fulfills all registering requirements. The price also has contracted the launch of newer processors.

The dual processor is two processor centers on a single bit of silicon. The advantage of having multiple processors is the ability to handle more than one string. At the point when numerous applications are running at a time, the various processors are parallel handling, and this expands the speed of performance. Customers intending to multi-task, 3D gaming with desktops must insist on dual center processor type.


AMD Athlon 64 X2

The Intel Core 2 Duo processors are quick and power productive and can run the most extreme applications. It is configured in low-end systems just as in gaming PCs.
Processor speed is another specification of the processor that requirements consideration before buy, as this feature also figures out what use you can put your desktop to. The processor executes instructions got from RAM. So, if the desktop is intended for complicated calculations and drawings for graphic images and recreations a faster processor will be required.


  • 1.5 to 2 GHz-Processor speed in this range would do the trick the necessities of understudies or little workplaces.
  • 2.2 to 2.7 GHz
  • 2.8 to 3.4 GHz-Processors with 3 GHz and higher speeds like Pentium 4 and comparable AMD processors are ideal for desktop multimedia and Gaming PCs.

Memory-The following in the feature rundown of all desktops is the Memory. The specifications express space and type. Space referenced in MBs or GBs. There ought to be enough Memory to run all the software you intend to utilize, so look at the requirements of the designed software before you choose space specification of RAM. Larger the Memory, faster the processor will work as it permits a more significant amount of data to be exchanged.


  • 1 GB of RAM gives excellent performance and is the minimum requirement to run Windows Vista.
  • 2 GB is the minimum requirement for multimedia.
    128 to 256 MB-
    512 to 1024 MB-Home clients and the Home office would require 512 MB or more


The two types of Memory are DDR SDRAM and DDR2 SDRAM. The DDR2 version is faster of the two. These memory types are categorized by features like data transmission and clock speed. Memory can be overhauled by Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM).
Hard drive-Definitely you would need to store every one of the data you work with and make, the Operating Systems utilized and every one of your applications.

20 to 40 GB-A 40 GB hard drive gives enough stockpiling to home, family, and office applications; however, not for the requesting gaming and multimedia applications.
80 to 160 GB-For gaming and advanced music hard drive requirement can be inside this range
250 to 320 GB-in the event that you are fiddling with enormous amounts of data like advanced images and multimedia documents check for models in the range of 200 to 350 GB.

Higher GB up to 500GB capacity drives excessively is available.

Desktops accompany hard drives of 3.5inch size. Hard drives have an inbuilt motor that spins in the speed range of 5,400 to 15,000 revolutions for every minute; most models have a speed of 7200rpm. The advantage related to higher rates is faster access and putting away of more data.
99Size and Shape-Desktops arrive in a variety of shapes and sizes. The little form factor cases have several features for basic working; however, upgrading with extension cards is unimaginable. The across the board model has both showcase and computer encased in a single box, hence ideal for imperative space circumstances.
The disadvantage is the computer may get out of date before the showcase. The Mid pinnacle case and Full-tower case are increasingly well known nowadays due to their smooth look. A parcel of inside space and openings are available for development and up-degree with hard drives and optical drives. There are a lot of ports for interfacing peripherals like printers and advanced cameras.

Find by Type Budget desktops-The spending desktops request to the home and understudy customers. Desktops inside $400 accompany features that serve the regular requirement of word preparing, spreadsheets, letterbox, and web surfing. The processors from AMD’s like the Sempron or the lower end processors of Athlon arrangement and Intel’s Pentium 4 fit into this sort of spending plan. Lenovo ThinkCentre A60 (9631D4U) PC Desktop IBM ThinkCentre S50 Refurbished Intel Desktop Computer – Intel P4 2.6GHz, 512MB DDR, 40GB HDD, DVD-R (J156-4384)
If you intend to use for gaming, raise the spending state inside 500 to 600$, and you can have 3 GHz processor, 512MB Memory, a meager TFT screen and 120 GB hard drive. You can even redesign the model. Upgrading the RAM is conceivable with a little amount. Check these models:

Business Desktops-Business desktops need to accompany a specific amount of value, just that much that you need and that too at a competitive price. Security features guarantee subtleties, and availability of on location administration must be given need. Desktops configured with influence sparing features of dual center processors by both AMD and Intel will provide an excellent incentive for cash. You can think about these models: Dell XPS 700 (XPS700-6366PB1) PC Desktop Lenovo 3000 J115 PC Desktop

Gaming Desktops-You needs speed to overcome your gaming rival, and Intel Core2Duo can be ideal or still better the AMD Athlon 64 X2s processors. The AMD’s dual centers stand better shot because most gaming applications are not intended to exploit the multi stringing capacities of Intel processors. You can likewise settle on the fast-hard drives. Look at the models at:

Media Center and Digital Entertainment Desktops-You will require these types of desktops for putting away and sharing music, photographs, altering recordings, making film DVDs and music CDs. For such pinnacle performance, the features required are quickest processors, most excellent hard drives, and most brilliant presentations. Also, on the off chance that you have profound pockets look at the models at Dell XPS 700 (XPS700-2KX3WB1) PC Desktop Hewlett Packard Compaq dc7600 (EH798UC) PC Desktop

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