How Can You Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaigns?

Are you on the lookout for Facebook advertisements and maybe, you are even thinking of optimizing them?

Do you know that there are certain tools that you can help you in this endeavor – that is, improving the performance of your Facebook ads.

Audience Insights Tool for Facebook

Now, as per this tool goes, this is not a new tool, but it’s functions and features are changed over the last year, as well as the data that were made available to us. If you have been Facebook over the last few months, then, you must have known that they have removed insights to custom audience and with it, also financial data and the ones collected from third parties are removed.

However, this tool can help you to look into the above – you can either start with a saved audience that is made up of all the uses on Facebook or just the profiles of the people that are connected to your page. Do remember that to get the accurate insights, Facebook will need a large amount of data, so, it’s a given that Facebook pages with only 10, 000 followers won’t be eligible to get such insights.

And once you have selected the information of your customers, you will be faced with two tabs – the activity tab and the pages likes tab.

While the former tab will show you the reports on how likely your audience is going to perform a certain activity and what is its comparison against the average number of times that everyone on Facebook performs that same very activity in a span of 30 days; the latter tab will show you the pages of certain categories that your audience are most likely to engage with. Say, for example, if your audience likes to read magazines, then, it will reveal the magazines that they like.

Creative Hub Tool for Facebook

Do you know that creativity plays quite a vital role in your Facebook ads? They have a direct influence on how the Facebook ad is going to influence your potential customers – no matter how good your copy or offer is, the Facebook ad void of creativity is not going to attract the attention of the audience.

It is for this reason that the ‘Creative Hub’ for Facebook exists – it can even you to improve the creativity in your ads and thus, leading to building winning ads. It will let you test the performance of your videos plus letting you create mock-ups of your ads before they go live.

Test and Learn tool for Facebook

If you want to know how to best optimize your Facebook ads, then, you will need to split test your Facebook campaigns. Since Facebook ads have too many moving parts, so, it can become a headache to come up with a fair and equal testing ground – and in cases like this, this tool can come up handy.

This tool will help you to both define and quantify the testing with a range of standard split test, and only after that, Facebook will deliver the test’s results to you as well as the recommendations for future campaigns.

Split Test Tool for Facebook Ads

Be it app Installs, Lead generation, Video views, Engagement and such, you can build a split test if you are looking to set up an ad campaign within the above-mentioned objectives, and hence, you can test audience, check out delivery optimization, and such.

When using this tool, there will be no overlap as Facebook will split your audience randomly, and with it, Facebook will test which one of the variables performs best over a timeframe between 1 and 30 days. For best, it’s suggested that you should run a split test at least four days.

Campaign Budget Optimization Tool for Facebook

If you run multiple facebook ads on the platform, then, it can get troublesome to allocate a budget to each Facebook ad.

Why not take the help of this tool?

With this tool, you can allocate a total campaign budget instead of allocating to every single one. Facebook will look into the budget that you have allocated ad it will optimize it with the best performing ads that can help you to reach your goal.

However, remember that before you use any of the above-mentioned tools, it’s recommended that you prepare as well as follow some good practices that will ensure you that you are making use of the right tool to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

So, what is your opinion on this? Which facebook tool do you think will help you with your facebook ad campaigns?

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