Expert Tips to Create Awesome Landing Page

You have just developed the perfect product with the most amazing benefits and yet you still don’t have a single sale, even if you put out the most amazing ad, and you are wondering how come people click my ads but don’t end up purchasing my products.

Where is the disconnect? Drumroll…. Your landing page isn’t all that great.

You see, when it comes to online marketing, every tool you have must be awesome as they enhance your results and get you more leads. Today we are going to show you how to create that awesome landing page that just knocks the socks off your target audience anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Use a focused headline

Focused on Headline

Apart from the picture, or a video on your landing page, the first thing your prospect sees is the headline and this is because headlines are used to show the main benefit of taking any action to the prospect/lead.

Your headline should be bold and colorful (its color should be in contrast to the webpage or the text. Your headline should scream “MAIN BENEFIT” telling the prospect the what and why.

Content, content…and more content!

It is 2019, people are becoming more visually distracted, and if the content on your landing page is not unique to you and what you are promoting then get ready to see very low click-through rates. By content I mean, pictures, videos, and info-graphics.

Whatever gives your landing page that pizzazz. With video killing it right now, you may want to put an embedded video on your landing page that speaks to what you are promoting.

Good old copy

A landing page without a copy or a sub-headline will certainly do poorly, like we’ve established earlier, for online marketing to work all your tools have to be optimized for that continuous sales. A copy or sub-headline right below the headline, video or a picture might just push your sales through the roof because after grabbing the attention of a prospect, the next thing they will scan for is more information and that is what the copy is for, where you explain why they should buy what you are selling.


Another reason why some landing pages do not convert is due to the poor quality of writing and graphical content on the page, first is the alignment of the page, second is the logos and present and third is the font used. When combined and done right, the page appears professional and authentic.

Prospects will be more confident to give out any kind data you have requested as long as it is not too long. Always keeps forms short.

Keep design simple

simple design
Simple design

Let your landing page design be simple, it doesn’t have to be overkill else you end up losing prospects, you want to keep people glued long enough to your page so that they take whatever call to action you have given them.

Keep design elegant and simple. It gives your landing page a professional look.

Meet Customers Where They Are

Try to keep the content on the landing page close to home, meet your prospects where they already are instead of expecting them to meet you. In other words, your Ad should speak directly to what is on your landing page. Avoid any disconnect between both.

Socially Succinct

social media
Socially Succinct

Make sure you add social icons and tags to your landing page, this move is sure to give your page more visibility and it will definitely get you more leads. It also adds more authenticity to your landing page by giving you the much needed social proof.

Call to action

Make sure you call to action stands out from the whole page. It needs to be visually contrasting to ensure you get your audience exactly where you want them to go. You can also use visual cues to direct your prospects from your content to your call to action.

Track and optimize

The only way to fully optimize your landing page is to track its performance and optimize for better results. Google analytics is one great tool to use if your landing page is a standalone web page.

With this tool you can tell exactly how many visitors you get, access to prospect demographics, and behavior (what prospects engage in when they arrive your page). If your results aren’t great you can use the data in optimizing your results.


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