The essence of Instagram reels is dynamic. The reels act as a compelling source providing users with a creative space by allowing them to make 15 seconds videos and sharing them with tons of people within an easily discoverable feed. 

The target of boosting your brand awareness can easily be met by making potent reels, especially when launching new products or services. It helps drive consumer decisions and encourages repeat purchases, leading to an increase in market share and incremental sales. 

What Exactly are Instagram Reels?

Introduced last year in 2020, it is basically a feature similar to its rival renowned video sharing platform named TikTok. The truth is when this feature was launched, it did not gain much recognition until Instagram developers adjusted the layout to make the reels feed appear as the central button of the app. Now every business, celebrity, and influencer uses it to grow their brand.

The best thing about Reels is that you do not necessarily need to be an expert video maker to create them. With the right Instagram video editor tool and pre-installed tools on the application, you are good to go!

The reels can either be 15 seconds or 30 seconds long, switching as per your preference. 

Hacks To Edit Reels To Make The Most Out Of It!

This article will illuminate you with editing tips you must know to kickstart your growth. Listed below are the tricks to edit it swiftly: 

Use a Subtle Reel Filter

It is always a good idea to choose a tranquilizing or a branded graphic behind you. You can try using the green screen effect, and it can be a game-changer while creating your reel. Or you can also choose from its massive library of filters and AR effects. 

Finding and adding filters to your reel is very easy. Once you open the reels section, you will see a smiley-face icon on the left-hand side of your page. You can use editors to make it more attractive and unique by using an Instagram video editor. There is a huge list of filters along the bottom of your screen. Let’s suppose you have found your filter and want to record with that icon; you need to hold it down (just like you make the story by long pressing). On the contrary, you can also use the timer feature to record hands-free. 

Add Music 

Did you find any reel without music on Instagram? Even if you did, you would perceive that most have audio clips playing over them. It is solely because adding music helps to make the video intriguing, engaging, and captivating.

Once you start making your reel, you need to tap the music note icon on the left-hand side of the page and select the music. As you choose the song, you will be redirected to the recording screen section. 

The best part is that you will be provided with an option to select a specific part of the song by tapping the thumbnail of the song and choosing the section of the song with which you want your reel to be featured. 

Align Tool

Are you fascinated by looking at some cool stuff of people featuring their reel with instant object transformations? You can even make a reel filled with modish outfit changes; it will appear as if your outfit change has popped into the frame seamlessly. It is done by starting a scene precisely where the previous one ended. Primarily, it is to create a fun appearing effect. 

All you need to do is, click on the ‘Align’ icon on the left-hand side with two squares overlaid. Once you tap this option, you will see a translucent version of your last image where you stopped the recording, as shown below. 

Once you start creating your reel while changing outfits and removing the object, you will see an overlay of the prior video clip that gives you a brief idea of your next overlay position. 

Align yourself with the translucent image and hit record again. Filming a reel this way would require a lot of patience. So, do not get impatient; take a deep breath and try again. 

Cutting on Action for Transitions

Cutting on action requires pre-emptive planning as it is a technique used while creating a transition of yourself. This editing exhibits a sense of fluid and continuous movement. For instance, the camera is placed high above the man who is dancing at a beach. The scene and his dance moves remain consistent, while the reel cuts to different locations, such as mountains, suburbs, or terrain. 

You might be thinking, how does it work? The edit conjoins two clips where the man’s dance actions match. However, you need to frame forward from the position in the initial shot if there is any change in action. 

Don’t Use Your Hands While Recording Reels

Thanks to Instagram’s hands-free function allowing users to capture from far. It implies you can capture any moment freely, be it flaunting your complete body outfits, laughter with friends, showing your products/services, etc. 

To use this feature, you need to tap the stopwatch icon and drag the slider for how long you want the duration of your reel. The next step is to adjust the length of the pre-recording countdown, ranging between 3 to 10 seconds. Finally, hit the ‘Set Timer’ tab, and the recording will begin. 

Cut to the Beat

It is a fantastic tactic of creating a rhythmic form of visuals. In addition, this technique suggests that switching scenes while cutting on a beat is amusing. 

Try Exploring the Time Lapse Option

This option is the best if you have something to share for longer than 60 seconds, and you can squeeze more in less time through time-lapse. 

Once you tap the 1x icon on the left side, select the speed between 0.3x and 4x. Choosing the 4x speed will enable you to shoot maximized slow-motion recordings.  

Add Voiceover

Searching for the best way to add a decisive narration to the complexity of clips? Try adding a voiceover to your reel as you are allowed to record a voice overtop of a fully recorded video. 

It is the perfect way to conclude what your reel is about and grab the target audience effortlessly.

Last Words

We hope this blog made the editing of reels less intimidating. So, go for it and share your experiences!

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