Why look for any other icon font when font awesome exists? Here is a quick one; font Awesome is the single best stockyard of the most consistent, amazing and stable icon font in the market right now! Why look further.

It was released in 2012 by the font awesome team and it is essentially an icon font that does what it says it would do, it gives you stylish icons in place of letters and it works. It is free to use and can be placed anywhere on a webpage, stylized using CSS and can be resized and shaped in almost any desired dimension. You just can’t go wrong using this amazing tool

Here is our in-depth analysis

What is font awesome

If you are new to the scene of using icon fonts you probably struggled with getting the right set of icons for your web design needs, more often than not it was very hard to see icon resources that offer you extensive icon elements with similar designs. So back then you would have designed the icons yourself. But today that is no longer the case.

Font Awesome is an icon font that contains an extensive scalable vector icon set. It has a library of about 5000+ icons with almost every category you can think of. You can customize every icon using CSS and each design in every set is consistent. The icons can also be animated but the designs are still minimal enough to give your website a professional appeal

font awesome


Why chose font awesome

Font awesome in one sentence is “awesome” and we are about to give you details of how awesome it is

  • Ease of styling

Think about all the customization that comes with fonts, all intricate styling, now think about all the things you can do when those styles apply to font and how easy it is. That is why designers will continue to recommend font awesome for ages to come.

  • Great performance

Font awesome was really created for the web because browsers dig it. It loads up as quickly as the eyes can see which makes the overall user experience as fluid as it can be.

All the icons you will be provided with are included in one single file and it will be loaded up in one single HTTP request.

  • Scalability

Remember how we said it is scalable vector icons, well you can resize all to icons to your desired dimension and it would still look as sharp as your device allows it

apple alt

Apple alt

  • Diverse library

Currently, there are over 1500 free icons and 5000 pro icons accessible for public use, and these icons cover almost every important web category known to man.

  • Compatibility

Font awesome is compatible with all browsers and though it was originally designed for use with the bootstrap framework it can be used with all frameworks.


How to use font awesome (getting started)?

There are two major ways to make use of font awesome, you can either download and install the entire font package (preferable when working offline) or by making use of the content delivery network (CDN) to get it on your website.

Although we should note that the CDN is the easiest and fastest way to make use of font awesome.


The first step is to copy the code snippet given in the font awesome webpage here and then place it in the head of your webpage or in any template where you want to use font awesome

After linking up to the content delivery network, select the font that is most ideal for your website and the place the font. You can place the font in any position in the webpage even near the text.

There are two things you should know in other to reference an icon

  • The name of the font prefixed with “fa-”
  • And the style of icon represented as a prefix

The style of the icon refers to the broad category of the icon, i.e. if it is a brand icon, solid, regular or light.

  1. Font awesome brands prefixed as “fab”; for brands like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
  2. Font awesome solid prefixed as “fas” for solid icons
  3. Font awesome regular prefixed as “far”
  4. Font awesome light prefixed as “fal”

Regular and light are only available for the pro version as of now.

As an example for the car icon reference is shown below

<i class=”fas fa-car”></i>

The icon can then be customized and styled using CSS to exact specifications.

For offline download

The entire font pack can also be downloaded to your local machine and used offline. To do this download the pack from the font awesome webpage. This file should come with, stylesheets, Web font file, SVG sprites, and other useful documents.

Copy the web font files (/webfonts) and the CSS files (/css/all.css). placed the copied file into the static assets directory of your project.

Then add the reference to those copied files in the head section of your webpage or the template you wish to use the font in. the reference should be something like this;

<link href=”/font awesome path/css/all.css” rel=”stylesheet”>

Finally, to use an icon in that set just reference the icon using the previous code snippet given above and place in the body tag of the webpage. If you have followed our instructions religiously the icon should be visible after the setup.

Is font awesome any good

Since the release of font awesome 5, the icon font has seen a lot of improvement and upgrades and it does a great job of providing some of the best quality and consistent icons available in the market right now.font awesome 5

Future trends

Icon fonts have revolutionized the way web design is done in terms of user interface design and as such is at the helm of continuous development in the quest for more beautiful responsive websites. That being said with the several benefits and low cost of utilizing this great tool it would continue to bask in relevance for many years to come.

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