11 Best WordPress Alternatives to Start a New Blog

Wordpress alternative blogging

The most popular content management system on the internet is WordPress (WP). However, even though it is widely used, there are many scenarios where WordPress might not the best choice for some bloggers and websites owners. The majority of people who want to replace WordPress are looking for simpler tools because: They want to adjust … Read more

Web Design Trends in 2022 And Beyond

Words may hold a special place in our hearts but the same can be said for other elements that make up the design of a web page. The picture, the animations, the video, the icons, and all other abstract figures. Together they form the colorful and vibrant web pages we’ve all become familiar with. Website design is constantly evolving and if you don’t stay on the latest trends or above them your website may become obsolete.

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Best Web Development Framework to Use In 2022

30 years ago the first website was created and boy was it wacky when compared to today’s standards. It was the basics of basics, plain HTML and several hypertexts, but nonetheless, it was considered magical then. That is the most basic example of a static website, a website that makes no use of web frameworks. Updating it was a chore and maintenance was costly, by today’s standards frameworks have made websites much more dynamic and prettier in its own regard.

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How to Keep Your Readers Engaged in Your Article?

Have you ever slept halfway through an article or found yourself struggling to finish an article just to spend time? I know right, some articles can be boring. If you are a content creator and you don’t know how to write engaging articles, well you may have just cut your career short because nobody wants to read uninspiring stories, boring content or error-filled articles. It’s not you, it’s your content.

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