10 Business Ideas You Can Add to Your Blog to Increase Your Income

Did you know that blogging can be a very lucrative activity, but of course, to make it successful, you should know that it doesn’t overnight – you will need to put in lots and lots of hard work.

So, don’t you think that you should have a few tricks up your sleeve? Tricks, aka, ideas or rather, business ideas that you can depend upon when your blog slowly rises the ranks – many people when starting a blog, they at some point, think of starting a business with their blog, and today, with the advent of technology, it has never been that easy.

Want to sell products? Or even services – great, you have your blog to do so. There’s a whole lot of business ideas that you can add to your blog that will make your blog a potential business mine.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that you can use your blog to promote someone’s products and in doing so, you receive a commission on each sale? While this may sound a bit obvious choice, but you know, if you do this the right way, your blog can easily bring you income in the range of 4 to 5 digits.

All you need to make sure of is that you need to promote the right products and provide valuable content to your audience.

Online Store

Online Store

After the launch of Shopify, many niche online stores have cropped up – you can also do the same.

Based on what niche your blog is based on, you can sell products or services related to that field in the online store. Say, if your blog centers around the ‘lifestyle’ theme, you can sell stock photos based on lifestyle theme, or you can even offer photography services, if that’s your forte. The choices are many.

Online courses

online courses

Of course, this business idea will involve a lot of hard work, but before that, you will need to have a great deal of knowledge in a field; and if you think that your knowledge can help people, then, why not use it to your benefit?

You can create an online course revolving around your field, and sell it on your blog – this is one of the best ways to earn a recurring income, as the product itself tend to remain unchanged for many years, long after it is developed.



Did you know that you can even add consulting services to your blog – if you are well-knowledgeable on a certain field, you can consult clients on topics in this regard, though you should remember that you will still need to put hours into researching and learning information?



While maintaining a blog, don’t you research a lot to know about topics and content – and if you consider yourself to be a great one at that, why not add that skill and put it to use?

Head off to websites such as FlexJob and UpWork – there you will come upon many requests by law firms, insurance companies, and even marketing departments looking for a researcher, and who would only be happy to hire you for your services.



Of course, it goes without saying that if you are a blogger, then, you will need to edit and proofread your content, before you hit the publish button – so, why not make use of this skill to earn income on the side.

You can make use of your blog to add ‘editing and proofreading services’ so that potential clients can contact you for their needs.

Stock Photographer

Stock Photographer

If you are a blogger, then, it’s a must that you include images alongside your content – in fact, you can add ‘photography services’ to your blog.

That said, you even have the option of selling stock photos on your blog – you can either sell single ones or put them in collections based on themes. The choice is yours.

Niche Websites

niche website

You can even create a niche website where people can discuss their hobbies and write posts on them – or better yet, you can make one for a certain geographical area.

Make the site in such a way where people can register easily – they can write stories or even share their experiences, and while doing so, you may earn something new. And if you want to earn money through it, you can do so by affiliate marketing.

Niche Online Stores

Did you know that you can sell products through social media?

To do that, you will need to create a social media group that should have to be focused on a certain theme, and based on that, you can make money through affiliate marketing or by advertising. And what’s more, this process will be much easier for you to make a profit rather than creating a start-up from the beginning.

Freelance Writer

freelance writer

Apart from maintaining and writing for your blog, you can also write high-quality content for guest blogs and get paid for them, and while doing so, you can also include indirect advertising into your posts or even place backlinks, but of course, do take note of their terms and conditions first.

That said, you can even offer your writing services to clients looking to hire talent like you, on freelance websites such as UpWork, FlexJob, TopTal and such.

When it comes to your blog, there are many ways of how you can earn income from it, and the above-mentioned ideas are only a few of the many that there are.

So, how do you earn income from your blog?

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