Ask any designer, and they will readily tell you that gradients are pretty much their lifeline. After all, they can power your design projects with a modern and trendy look. With gradients practically leading the way during these days. You might as well buckle up and incorporate them into your design projects.

And instead of you having to search all over the internet for gradients. We have done the heavy lifting for you. That means, we have compiled a list (all for you, obviously!) of various packs of gradients that you can use in your design projects.

Sunsets and Sunrises

Created by Creative Supplies Co., this pack of gradients is inspired by two times – sunrise and sunset – and what colours we see at that time, they are included in this pack of 20 gradients.

Priced at $4 and found on Creative Market. This pack of 20 gradients is suitable for use on any design projects. And according to the creators, they are just what you will need to add a dash of flair to your design projects.

Abstract Gradient Backgrounds

Created by JouLenc, if you are looking for backgrounds that have a gradient vibe, then, you are in luck.

This pack of gradients is what you will need – consisting of 14 gradient backgrounds in a polygon style, they come in two formats – JPEG and EPS, and the best part is that you get various hues to choose from. Right from cool to warm palettes, you are spoilt for choice. Hence, they make quite a great choice for blogs, posters, and banners.

This pack can be found exclusively on Creative Market and is priced at $12.

Blurred Gradient Backgrounds

If you are looking for gradient packs to use in your design projects that are related to web development such as landing pages, UI backgrounds, then, this pack should be the one – it’s jam-packed with gradient backgrounds that range from warm and moody to inviting to fun and funky gradient tones.

That said, for your easy perusal, the entire pack comes in full high-resolution PNG format. Priced at $3, this pack of blurred gradient backgrounds can be found on Creative Market.

Gradient Backgrounds

On the hunt for gradients that you can use in your posters of your design projects?

Brought to you by Anchors and Curves, this pack of gradients contains 18 gradient backgrounds that you can use for your posters. That said, you can also use these backgrounds for various other projects as well.

This set –as mentioned before – comprises of 18 gradient backgrounds that come in high-resolution bitmap and vector format. Which is further divided into two categories, that is ‘rainbow’ and ‘smooth’ categories.

Found exclusively on Creative Market, this pack is priced at $10.

Liquid Gradients

If you are looking for such a gradient pack! that is unique and quite different from what you have seen earlier or are used to, opt for this – brought to you by Polar Vectors, this set of gradients are named are ‘Liquid Gradients’.

Comprising of 36 gradients that are looked ‘liquid droplets’, this set is created to make the gradients look like they come in dynamic and high-energy shapes that you can mix and match together to use in your design projects and which in turn, will create your unique backgrounds.

As if that is not enough, the gradient backgrounds come in both raster and vector format and which you can choose according to your design needs.

Head on to the website of ‘Polar Vectors’ to buy this pack, and the pack is priced at $20.

Waves and Shapes

If your design project is somewhat looking bland, and you want to infuse a modern vibe to them, then, you are looking at your solution.

Brought to you by Olga Ryzychenko, this pack of gradients is perfect for you. This pack consists of gradients alright. But what makes them different is that they come in abstract shapes and sizes, namely waves, and hence, the name.

Plus, the gradient backgrounds (there are 20 of them!) comes in three formats – JPEG, AI, and EPS! This pack is priced at $10 and can be found on Creative Market.

Holographic Gradients

Another gem of a gradient pack that is brought to you by Polar Vectors. These gradients symbolizes the ‘light and sweet’ element of the gradient spectrum. Thus making these gradients to be the go-to pack for all print and web design projects.

This pack features a whopping 60 gradients and is packed with both high-resolution raster and vector formats.

This pack is priced at $xx and can be found on Polar Vectors, and is priced at $20.

Colour Gradients

Designed by Chris Broderick, and found exclusively on Creative Market, this pack of gradients features 6 gradient backgrounds – and with which you make use of them in any design projects.

That being said, the pack of gradients comes in all the known formats such as PNEG, AI, EPS, and JPEG.

This pack is priced at $12.

Gradient Design

Created by ‘FunderFul’, this pack of gradients is something unique, and one that you are not going to find anywhere else.

Don’t go by the name – for this comprises of some of the most beautiful and vivid gradient backgrounds that you can use in your design projects. Suitable for both print and digital design projects. These gradient backgrounds are perfect to be used as backgrounds as social media banners, posters, and the like.

Priced at $16, this pack consists of 24 gradient backgrounds and are available in four formats such as EPS, AI, PNG, and JPEG. The pack is exclusively available on Creative Market.

GENX Gradient Compositions

Also brought to you by Polar Vectors, this pack of gradients is perfect for you. If you are looking to infuse a futuristic vibe to your design projects.

Just like the name, this pack consists of gradients that come in the forms such as patterns, backgrounds, shapes as well as overlays, and with which, you can create futuristic designs in any of your design projects.

The pack comprises of 142 elements that come in shapes such as squares, circles, and pyramids, and what’s more. This pack also includes numerous brushstrokes and typography in the form of additional tools.

Okay, that’s a whole lot of gradients that we have selected for you to use in your design projects. We are sure that you are going to like many of them and some of them will turn out to be your favourites too!!

So, which one are you planning to use first in your design projects?

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