Are you a Web Designer? Or own an agency? Have you tried these 8 tools and resources?

Keeping up with change has always been a hard task – it happens so fast that you are left wondering on what to do, and today, it is happening and at a much faster rate than before, more so, in the world of digital design and technology.

But thankfully, we have a way to cope up with them – tools and resources. Yes, today, with the advent of technology, many new tools and resources have cropped up, and those which have helped us a lot to keep pace with the world.

And then, disaster strikes.

Day in and out, the digital world is changing, and to keep pace with them, tools and resources too, have been introduced at an alarming rate – and keeping up with them is what makes it challenging. Of course, you have the choice to test and try those new tools, but at that rate, you are not going to get any work done.

But, not to worry – we have made your work a whole lot easier. In fact, we have made a list for you that contains – not one, two, or four, but ten tools and resources that you can implement in your design work to make it easier.

So, let’s go and take a look at them.


If you are in the real estate business, then, you must have heard of ‘Houzez’. A longtime favorite of the designers working in the real estate business, ‘Houzez’ is a WordPress theme made solely for them.

Not only is it easy to use, but you can also customize the theme to your heart’s content – it’s features and functionalities are second to none as they have everything that the agencies and the realtors needs to conduct their business, no matter where they are – be it office or out on the roads with prospective customers.

And the best part is the ‘Houzez’ team recently added a whole lot of new features and functionalities such as the ability to sort listings and displaying them in numerous formats, custom fields builder, scheduling for luxury homes and such.


Are you the owner of a beauty parlor? Or maybe a fitness club? Or are you a consultant? If you are any of the above, then, ‘Amelia’ is the just the thing for you.

‘Amelia’ is a WordPress plugin, that you can add to your WordPress theme which will help you in the appointment and booking process. Business like beauty parlors, fitness clubs or even, if you happen to be a consultant, they rely heavily on the booking and the appointment system.

If you add this plugin to your WordPress theme, you can rest assured that your customers will be able to schedule appointments round the clock, without you having to worry about them – since this plugin can automate all of their appointments and the booking processes.

Want your customers to be reminded of their timing, cancellations and the availability of employees? No worries – this plugin can do those too!!


Want to create a breathtaking portfolio that will stun others? Then, you can’t go wrong with ‘Uncode’.

‘Uncode’ is a WordPress theme that has exactly what you need in order to create a breathtaking portfolio – you can create a one in a mere span of a few minutes and that too, without any need for coding.

If you are still unsure of whether this theme will suit your tastes or not – then, know this that this theme has seen more than 30, 000 sales to date and still counting. Besides, this theme also comes with numerous layouts and of which, you can sure that something will be right up your alley.


If you are a freelance designer, then, you will know just how much stressful it is to manage invoices – they suck away your precious time when you would rather be doing your work.

How about taking the help of ‘AND CO’?

‘AND CO’ is an invoicing software that is created by the Fiverr team, knowing what problems the freelancers face when it comes to managing and following up on invoices. It is an automated invoicing software that you can invest – and trust us, you will thank yourself.

With ‘AND CO’, you get notified as to when your client has viewed your invoice plus it also allows you to collect payment online. Want to know if your payments are overdue? This invoicing software will notify of that too. This software also comes with additional features such as task management, expense tracking, time tracking, and such.

Round Icons Bundle

You never know when a bundle of icons and illustration will come handy – and especially, if you happen to have them in thousands, it could last you a lifetime, more so, if the source keeps on updating them daily.

Take the example of ‘Round Icons Bundle’ – they come with a whopping set of 38, 00 icons and illustrations with their team adding them continually. If you are a designer or illustrator, you can invest in this bundle for a one time fee, and of course, that will include future additions too; and the best part is that the icons and the illustrations are royalty free.


Want an offsite website builder that is not only free but also user-friendly? Then, you can opt for ‘Mobirise’.

‘Mobirise’ is an offsite website builder, that is not only free but user-friendly and focuses on Google AMP and Bootstrap 4 – and it is due to them that you can have complete control over how you build your website.

Also comes packed is a large set of templates, followed by icons and fonts, as well.


Raise your hand if you are getting annoyed at having to answer the same question for the zillionth time. If that’s your case, you can opt for ‘HelpJet’.

‘HelpJet’ is a knowledge-based software that you can use to create a knowledge base and which your customers can access it round the clock to get immediate answers to questions, plus, you can also keep the size of your staff to a minimum.

Ever come upon a good font that you really want to use, but can’t seem to remember no matter how hard you try?

Well, how about trying out ‘’ – It is an online database consisting of 550, 000 fonts? All you really need to do is to let ‘’ find your font for you by using their AI-integrated system. Cool right?

So, we have given you the list that we have promised, but you know what – you are probably not going to need all of them. Just take note of what your work is, and you can choose them based on that – because after all, with them at your fingertips, what you can do will only be limited to your imagination!!

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