8 Best Alternative If You Don’t like Writing Your Blog

Writing Your Blog!

Yes, we have all been there – you are all ready to write about something on your blog, so that blog doesn’t look devoid of content or creativity, but the problem is when you rest your fingertips on the keyword, no words come out.

It is only then you start looking for distractions on YouTube; point to be noted – if that happens to you every time you plan to write for your blog, then maybe it’s time, you should buckle up and plan to consider other types of blog posts.

And yes, it’s true that long-form has always been a favorite of Google, it can also be the case, that it’s not for everyone. In such cases, don’t lose heart – there are many other blog posts that you can try out.

1. Images – Writing Your Blog

Writing Your Blog

‘Images’ has always been the poster boy for the impatient people out there – and the thing is that there is no shortage of impatient people out there, and you know what – image galleries are great for them, more so, if the stories are real. Think of travel blogs and photography blogs.

Now, if your blog is neither a travel blog nor is related to photography, you can still opt for images, say, infographics – considered one of the best ways to present facts that appeal to people, infographics can attract much more attention than a written post can.

Writing Your Blog

Last, but not least, there are also meme posts that you can opt for your blog – and they may be brief, but they are guaranteed to go viral.


This one is actually pretty clever – all you need to do is create a quote section for your blog and then, look for them online; after which, you need to compile them, credit them well, and that’s it – it will be counted as a post. And the best part is that it will be counted as one of the most effortless ways that you have written a blog post and that too, without actually writing.

But the thing is that it won’t pass off as original content as it’s all over the internet – it’s just a quote post after all, and hence, it will never be a substitute for your long-form content.

That being said, you have a way to make this unique – instead of taking quotes that are found on the internet (and which everyone knows, mind you), you can consider quoting lines from the movies and TV shows if you can. Chances are that there won’t be many people that have heard of them.

3. Contests

Writing Your Blog

One of the best ways to increase the engagement from your audience is that you can be generous with them – say, you can host a contest with a free giveaway to whoever wins. To make the contest interesting, you can consider adding any creative viral, or artistic activities that you can think of.

Even if your contest involves submitting work, say, fan art, you can consider uploading them; in short, it will be like guests creating content for your website. But yes, to do that, you need to have a huge loyal fan base, and even if you don’t have that, don’t worry, you can give away freebies as that will attract random people on the internet.

4. Videos

Writing Your Blog

When it comes to videos, they are a tried and tested medium of information and entertainment on the internet, and frankly, they have long been here ever since television took off years ago.

Now, the internet allows users to create channels of their own, and upload video, thus, letting one becoming a vlogger.

So, you see, next to long-form content, videos are the next best contender, and the best part is that they have many variations such as web series, comedy videos, interviews, how-to videos, and many more.

Videos are somewhat appealing because you use more than one sensory organ viewing them, but the only problem is that they take a whole lot of effort than writing.

5. Polls, surveys, and quizzes

Writing Your Blog

If you want to engage your subscribers to a whole new level, you can opt for discussion forums, surveys, polls, and even quizzes.

If you make them interesting enough, the audience will have a blast out of it, plus, you can also make a post out of them.

Want to know what people are interested in?

Look at what trends the people are following, and you will have your answer.

6. Original Art

If you are an artist or creative, then, this type of post is suitable for you. Of course, creating art is not that easy, and it’s even hard than written content, but then again, those who are creatives, they would prefer doing that, and it’s perfectly okay.

That said, it goes the same for comic artists – if you are one, you can remove the text from the comic strips, and can simply upload the blank ones so that they can be retrofitted into new memes.

That simply means that you don’t have to confine yourself to only writing long-form content when visual art is your niche.

7. Audio Posts

Do you know that ‘audio posts’ are one of the most versatile types of blog posts – say, for instance, podcasts – many times, they are pre-recorded, and while in some cases, they are live on radio programs.

Audio posts can be any of the following – talks, news, commentaries, interviews, educational talks, and so on.

If you happen to be a musician, then, you can consider including snippets of your voice or even song covers.

8. Guest Posts

When all has been done, and over with, you know, you even have the option of requesting or compensating for guest posts – in other words, they are the content that other people or bloggers do for your website or blog.

That being said, on occasions, you can even ask some of the more established bloggers to help you – doing this will not only benefit you, but you will also be able to grab some of their traffic to your site.

So, you see, there are many options when it comes to posting content for your blog – if you are fed with long-form content, that is, you can consider adding the above-mentioned ideas to your blog – see which ones works and which one don’t, it’s best to try out all instead of sticking to one form!

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