8 Features to Take Note of When Promoting Your Instagram Business Account

With new features being introduced every day, it gets harder and harder to keep up with them each day — and by them, we mean the features of Instagram.

But, you should make it a point to know that Instagram is one of the most used social media platform with 1 billion users and still counting – so, doesn’t it make sense for bringing your business to this platform, no matter what new features they are adding every now and then?

Do you know that there is more than 50 million business worldwide using Instagram, and more than 600 million users follow at least one business profile each day, so, it comes as no surprise that Instagram has become the new home for brands.

For business, Instagram is quite beneficial to them – not only they can increase their visibility, but they can also target large audiences. After all, the more people know about a business, the high chances of success it has.

So, are you hoping to do the same? You know, improve your business’ Instagram account. If yes, you should take a look as to what features should you be using to make your business’ Instagram account stand out

Opting to go for the ‘Live video’

Slightly different from a regular Instagram video, because it’s ‘live’, this is one feature that you shouldn’t miss.

When a business shares a live Instagram video, all of its followers will receive a notification informing them of the live video. The followers can then either comment or like the video in real time, while they stream it.

The only disadvantage of this feature is that the video will disappear after you end it and there is no way to save it to either your account or theirs.

If you are a business and want to promote a new product, or say, plan to host a Q&A session or interview, then, the live video feature is a must for you; but you must make it the best video that you can churn out.

So, how do you do it?

Want to know how to make the best live video?

– First, you will need to plan out the framework of your live video.

– After creating the video, you should promote it so, that your followers will be able to free up their schedule to watch it, and not miss it.

– Record high-quality footage so that it engages your followers.

Making use of the ‘Hashtags’

Using hashtags on Instagram is one of the best ways of getting users to look and engage with your content. In fact, do you know that a single hashtag in an Instagram post can generate about 20% more engagement than a post without any hashtag?

Even though Instagram has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years, there’s however, no denying it that it is the ‘hashtag’ that has remained the same, and is considered to be still one of the best and effective ways to be discovered by new users.

Taking note of the ‘Stories’ feature

Quite similar to the ‘Snapchat’ feature, this feature of Instagram will allow you to add any clips of videos, though they will vanish after 24 hours – however, your followers will be able to see that video as many times as they want within that timeframe.

After the 24 hours will be up, you, as the owner of the account will be able to monitor as well as track the number of views that you have gotten on that video.

The best part about this feature is that you can add an unlimited number of stories, showing your latest products and your offerings, and many more!!

Heard of ‘Instagram Ads’?

Do you know that you can run ads on Instagram? Well, if you own a business account, then, you can opt to go for this feature.

These ads pop up between content that’s created by the users that you follow, and if they are targeted in the right way, they can have a high impact on your business.

However, you should also take note of this fact that you can’t run these ads with any other active ad sets and that is mainly due to this reason that there are no other platforms that quite matches the placement type and moreover, these ads’ require different technical requirements, not matching to any other platforms’ ads.

Using the ‘Filters’

Do you now that Instagram has over 40 filters that you can choose from to add to your photos?

When you are about to add new content on Instagram, do use these filters, though remember to keep them consistent so as to maintain your brand’s image and style.

Using these filters allows you to express freely and creatively, plus, they are the perfect alternatives to high-end photo equipment!!

Managing ‘multiple accounts’

Instagram has only recently rolled out a new feature which allows you to add multiple accounts.

Now, you can add up to five accounts, and this has made it much easier for the agencies and the marketers to manage multiple accounts without having to log in and out of the accounts.

Using the ‘Question Sticker’

Want to build a better relationship with your followers?

How about making use of the ‘Question Sticker’? It is a great way of getting your followers engaged, as they will get the opportunity to ask more about your business.

It is one of the best ways that can get your followers to find an answer quickly, instead of having to go to the website or send an email to know more about your business.

Adding hashtags to the ‘profile’

Now, you can add hashtags to your profile bio on Instagram – doing so will make your brand more visible to a wider number of audience on Instagram.

Say, if your brand deals in footwear, then, you can add hashtag like “#footwear” to the hashtag to become more visible.

So, you see there are numerous features for you to take advantage of on Instagram. Why not use them to make your business more visible? After all, success is all it matters when it comes to business, right, and who doesn’t want their business to succeed?

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