5 Tricks to Try to Get Your Instagram Stories Featured on the ‘Explore’ Tab

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that FaceBook just recently purchased Instagram, and the best part is that it has made Instagram even stronger. Today, Instagram has over 1 billion users which have made it one of the biggest social networks in the world.

Instagram has gained even more fans when it has moved on to longer form content, in the form of ‘Instagram Stories’ feature.

So, if you are looking to get higher visibility for your Instagram account, how about making use of the very ‘Instagram Stories’ feature to your advantage? And the good news is that you don’t need to be a high profile celebrity to do it.

So, let’s see how it works. But first –

How do the ‘Explore Page’ on Instagram works?

In order to get your Instagram stories on the ‘Explore Page’, you will at first need to understand how the ‘Explore Page ’works.

The very first thing that you will need to know is that the ‘Explore Page’ is not a static page, rather, the page is tailored to one’s activity – which means that the page is filled with content from brands that you have yet to follow, and this is why, this page is so powerful.

Now, that you have come to know what the ‘Instagram Explore’ page is all about – your next step should be to get on that page, but that itself is not that easy – more so, if you are not aware of the following tips.

That said, if you buy Instagram followers and build an organic following, then, the following tips will be quite easy for you to follow, since, you will not be starting from zero.

And now, to the tips.

Making use of ‘Instagram Analytics’

Do you know why getting your Instagram Stories on the ‘Explore Page’ is hard – that’s because the feature is quite new, and Instagram has only recently introduced it. But you know what — some of your content may already have begun to appear on the page.

Curious as to whether you have made it or not?

Your first step is to go to the ‘Instagram Insights’ and from that tab, you can get an insight into your post metrics. You also get the option to find out how much traffic and engagement you are getting from the ‘Explore Page’.

As mentioned before, the ‘Explore Page’ is based on one’s activity, so you must make it a habit to analyze your Instagram analytics quite regularly, and get to know as to whether you are able to hit the right niche.

Timing your Instagram posts correctly

If you are a blogger, then, you will know that you can post your content at any time of the day, the only thing that matters is consistency.

But, do you know that Instagram works in a different way – according to Instagram, the best posts are the ones that get an instant and a viral reaction, and hence, the time matters when it comes to posting on Instagram.

Studies show that the best time to post on Instagram is around 5 pm as that’s the time people usually get off from work. That said, if you are based in the eastern and the central time zones in the US, the timing should be the same as these zones contain 75 percent of the total US population.

Instagram is more likely to notice you if your engagement rates are high – and the higher it is, the more chances are there for Instagram to notice you. If any content on Instagram gets higher engagement, it tells the Instagram algorithm that the post is important and hence, will provide value to the visitors.

Plus, if your audience responds to your content well, then, those who have not yet become your audience will respond to those posts as well.

Making the content of your brand ‘consistent’

Do you know that the posts which appears on the ‘Explore Page’, it is more likely to resemble the feed of the creator?

In other words, it means that you should make the feed of your brand consistent in terms of tone, color, feel and style, and which will, in turn, increase your chance of Instagram success.

Using ‘video content’ to stand out

According to Instagram, by 2021, more than 70 percent of mobile data will be video – and that means, video content is a must and should be included high in your list.

When it comes to the video content in the ‘Explore Page’, one doesn’t require any third party video player – rather the video plays automatically when the content is scrolled over – plus it allows a visitor to stop and repeat the video, often resulting in a new follower.

Also, one point to be noted is that one should try to post video content more often, as they often get the more engagement, and the higher the engagement level is, the more likely one will get to the ‘Explore Page’.

What about the ‘Shopping Tab’?

It is only in the last year that a ‘Shopping Tab’ has been added to the ‘Explore Page’ – the basic idea behind this feature is that you will be able to add shoppable posts, which means that one will be able to buy directly by going to your content and tapping the content, which will lead them to a product that they can buy.

This page all works in the same way as that of the ‘Explore Page’, but here you are not going to have much competition.

In the end, what does it all mean?

By now, you must have gotten the idea, that you can’t just simply get featured on the ‘Explore Page’, you will have to work for it – there is simply no way that you can fool the Instagram algorithms.

Just like the old ways, you will need to include hard work – engage your audience with high-quality content, and target a specific niche, and you will reap the results in no time at all.

So, did you make it to Instagram’s ‘Explore Page’ yet?

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