15 Trending Ideas on How to Design a Great Visual Story for Your Brand

We are sure that you know this – visual storytelling is a very effective strategy for use on small children, as they can learn much easier and quicker when they can actually see and feel the object.

The same can be applied to the adults too – show them a visual image of a narrative, and they will catch up to it in a much better way as opposed to when reading plain text.

Effective and powerful visual storytelling – they have the ability to catch the attention of the audience like anything, and one, that can strike the emotions in their hearts and thus, impacting their buying decisions, and which results in active buyers and brand followers.

Wondering now, how to best take advantage of this medium and use it on your audience to make them into loyal followers for your brand?

Take note of the following tried and tested best visual storytelling tips and ideas that you can consider.

Staying true to the brand

You should make sure that whatever photos that you post for your brand – they should have to be consistent.

The logo plus the message and the colors of the brand – all of them should match with your brand, and over time, things should get at such a point that people should be readily able to tell what brand it is just from seeing the photos.

Making sure that the time is consistent

No matter what content you post, take note of what season it is – it’s best that you post your content by tying them with certain seasons or even, holidays.

Say, for example, if the winter season is approaching, post such content that is related to the winter activities. If it’s Christmas season, then, you can post content based on Yuletide season, and so on.

Consider customizing the visual content

Don’t even try this – posting one same photo or video to all the different platforms. What suited for one platform may not suit the other platform.

It’s a given that all the platforms out there – each of them have different requirements based on their sizes and resolutions, so, make sure to post content that fits and suits the respective platform.

Injecting a dose of humor

Why be serious?

Consider injecting humor into your brand’s content – they can easily catch the attention of the audience. Be tasteful and remain true to your brand’s voice – and see how your brand soars.

Consider making the campaign personal

Consumers when buying a product – most of them rely on their emotions, and if the visual can strike a personal chord with the product, rest assured that the product will fly off the shelves!!

How about a real-time conversation?

Target market – your first task will be to learn about them and consider taking out time to interact with them.

You even have the option the make the conversation more lively by including stickers and GIFs – your audience will take note of how much effort you have put into the content for then, and they will consider them as value-added content, and won’t hesitate to interact.

Inspiring a community behind the brand

You are not supposed to shove a campaign down the viewers’ throat – here, what you should do, you are first advised to focus on building a community for your brand.

Consider participating in passionate and timely discussions with your target market, and create engaging visual content that relates to your brand.

Creating unique visuals

Want people to know more about your brand?

Here’s what you should do – post unique and eye-catching visual content but related to your brand. Naturally, people will get curious, and they will try to know more about you – and that’s it, you have got a great golden chance to attract them and make them into loyal customers.

Consider adding photos to newsletters

And by doing that, you can boost your rates, your email clicking rates, that is; though you should keep in mind that the visual content that you post – they must be related to the brand plus it should also tell a story that’s related to the newsletter’s topic.

Prioritizing the viewers

Always make the viewers and the target market the top priority – under no condition, should you focus all of your marketing activities to the brand; studies show that it is one of the surest ways to fail.

The reason for this is that it is the viewer who will decide whether they will want the product or not – consider making your visual content ring with your viewers, and it should feel as if the visual content is what they represent – no fillers – they should be real.

Having the visual content to have a story

No matter how engaging the visual content, it’s not going to ring much with the viewers, if they don’t have a story – consider posting such visual content that has a story. This, in turn, will lead the viewers to go on a journey and which, will ultimately affect their buying decision.

Just make sure that the story is a good one.

Consider making the visuals appealing

You are not supposed to simply post visual content – create them in such a way that will allow the viewers to see just how the particular brand’s product can help to solve their problems.

The product should have to be practical, and if possible, try injecting emotions such as nostalgia or even, happiness into the visual content – the viewers will surely react to that emotion.

Boosting the website’s appearance

No matter what graphics you put on the website – they must have the ability to lure the prospective customers, and that’s the same for the graphics used in social media accounts, and the email newsletters.

Making use of hashtags

Looking to reach out to various sections of the audience on social media platforms – the best way to do this is to make use of hashtags.

Say, for example, if you own a design studio, then, you can use the hashtag ‘#XYZdesignstudio as your official hashtag, and encourage your customers to post their photos with your hashtag – this will lead to an increase in engagement and brand followers.

Using your products in a real-life setting

When posting visual content, it is recommended that you make use of such visuals that show the product in a real-life setting; but yes, when doing this, don’t stray away from the brand’s message.

Also, consider co-ordinating the visual content to the colors related to your brand.

Know this that there is no shortage of how you want to show your visual content to the audience, but no matter what, keep a note of the above-mentioned ideas, and you will be off to a great start.

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