12 Tips to Consider When Creating a Facebook Business Page

And finally, it’s the weekend. So, what are you planning to do?

Are you thinking about connecting with an old friend? Or have you been thinking of tackling an old project that you have almost forgotten about?

All of these seem like normal things – but what about your business page? Have you ever thought about it?

Seems like you have forgotten about it – but, you know, this is quite important. We are talking about your Facebook business page.

Hate it or love it, but Facebook is here to stay, so, you may as well it makes it work for you – for many businesses, big or small, Facebook is the backbone of the social media presence. Of course, if you have searched for a business online, chances are even if you haven’t found it anywhere, you will find it on Facebook.

So, why leave out this chance? Embrace it, and let your brand put your best forward on Facebook.

But the main question is – what do you need to do on Facebook so that your brand shines?

Updating your cover image

Don’t simply use a stock photo as your cover image – if possible, you should select such a photo that will match up to the brand. It will be the first thing that potential customers will take note of, so, consider making the cover image catchy and colourful that suits your brand.

Updating your contact information

Always make sure to update your contact information, even if you think that nothing much has changed recently.

Your potential customers will like to know more about you, and they may even want to get in touch with you. So, it’s a must for you to fill up every contact detail. If possible, you should also include all the other common modes of contact such as social media handles.

Posting a fresh update now and then

Even though your Facebook business is updated, you should consider posting a live update (think short videos or even GIFs) now and then – know this that it doesn’t have to be serious. Inject humor, if you can.

We assure you that your customers (potential or not) are going to love it.

Setting up a publishing date

Okay, we get it – all of us are pretty busy with our lives, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to ignore posting. An update on your brand’s Facebook business page when you have the feature of ‘scheduling your post’.

Consider taking out a few hours from your weekend to create some posts for your Facebook business page and have them scheduled for the upcoming week.

Updating your ‘About Us’ page


Your potential customers will like to know more about you, so, what’s better than to give them what they want.

That’s what the ‘About Us’ page is for – write out a compelling and engaging explanation about your brand and it’s goals and missions. Don’t simply write out a bland one – make it unique, one that will make the potential customers enjoy it, and root for you.

Liking the pages of the ‘competitors’

If you are just starting, you can consider ‘liking’ a few pages that are related to your niche – this will signal to the other prospects what niche you belong to.

After all, a little positive association will never hurt anyone.

Making a video about the brand

You can also create a video that is based on the ‘About us’ page. This page is one of the most important pieces of your brand, so, it makes sense to spruce it up.

As for the video – you can post it on Facebook, or you can even cross-post it on YouTube page if you have one.

Responding to your customers’ queries

Managing the queries of the customers – that is one never-ending process. Although that doesn’t mean that you are going to put it off.

Take a few hours off your weekend – go through the queries and respond to them. Whether they are good or bad. And oh yes, consider leaving out those one or two word(s) reviews that simply says “Terrible!” or “Worst product!!” – trust us, those reviews are not going to help you or your brand in any way (they don’t have any value for prospects), but the others, consider leaving them some response.

But above all, it is your brand – just think of what and who to send.

Updating your ‘Events’ page

If your brand hosts live-events and digital conferences, then it makes sense to let your audience know about them – you have the ‘Events’ page for that.

Consider listing all of your events and conferences on your ‘Events’ page, and don’t forget to update the page now and then. Either an event is about to be listed or has passed the prime.

Opting for original photos and not stock images

Remember what we mentioned for – you need to post an original photo as your cover image – and the very same goes for your timeline too.

Your brand is surely going to have some people working for it. So, why not post a few photos of them now and then, to show the human side of your brand? Plus, you can even toss in a few product photos as well.

Your potential customers will surely be going to love it.

Connecting with other social media handles

Just like Facebook, the other social media platforms are just as important for your brand. You can connect your Facebook business page to the other social media handles. So that your potential customers can find their way to the other platforms from the contact information.

Inviting others to like your page

Don’t simply stop at creating a Facebook business page and filling all the necessary details. You will need to invite your Facebook connections; they can follow and like your page, and what’s more, you can also send an invitation to your employees.

For best results, you can either take the help of a wide company-email or Facebook message (you only need five to six minutes to create one). Then get back to whatever you were doing.

Updating your Facebook business page is just like spring cleaning your home – and one that will be fun and satisfying for you. Take a look at your Facebook business page, and you are sure to see a lot of sections needing improvement. So, why not do the needful to your Facebook business page?

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