12 New Features to Take Note of in Google Maps

Only recently, Google Maps had introduced a horde of new features – like allowing us to download offline maps and see the information on transit and such. Today, Google Maps had become even more powerful, and it’s all thanks to the new features that Google Maps has currently gifted us with.

Let’s take a look.

Switching to night mode while driving

Earlier, the Google Maps used to switch off to the dark mode after sunset – not only was it pleasing to the eyes but also, it helps to save a whole lot of battery juice.

And you know what? Google Maps has recently grated us the option to switch off to the dark day even during the day. Can be found in the Navigation settings, all you need to do is open it and scroll down, and tap on the Night tab under the Color scheme.

Setting up of the departure or the arrival time

Do you know that Google Maps will now show the commute time as per the current timing? Besides that, it will also let you check the commute’s approximate timing, if you want to plan ahead.

Earlier, this feature was only available on the desktop version of the Google Maps, but now, it had been introduced to the app version too.

Following up your favorite business

Kind of like Instagram, don’t you think?

You will see the Follow button on Google Maps for most cafes and business. So, if you are looking for updates from your favorite café or business, all you need to do is to look them up on the Google Maps, pull up their information tab, and hit the follow button.

Choosing your preference

Did you know that Google Maps have a ‘For you’ section? Yes, it does – and the best part is that, you can customize it as per your requirement.

So, it would mean that if you want to see less of Dinner places and more of BreakFast places that serve Italian cuisines, you can make it so in the Preference section.

Using the AR mode

If you are a frequent user of Google Maps and follow the walking directions to a tee, then, you are going to love the new AR mode.

Currently only available only to Local Guides Level 5 and above, this mode will make it much easier for you to follow the directions that you should be taking.

Combining the features of Visual Positioning Services and Machine learning, to follow the directions shown to you by AR, you will need to point your camera so that it will show you the directions in real-time. Pretty cool, right?

But yes, do make sure that you have enabled the settings in order to use this feature.

Seeing traffic patterns

Did you know that Google Maps will let you see the traffic prediction? Yes, it’s true – a new feature that has been added to Google Maps, and with which, you will get to see the peak timings and not-so-peak timings of a certain route that you plan to take.

That being said, you can also get the data regarding the schedule of your public transport for your residing city as well as check the status of the bus or train.

Exploring new things around you

Earlier, Google Maps was quite limited in its capacity. Now, it has become more of a local guide with which you can find and explore new places around you.

Just tap on the Explore tab and type in your keyword. While at the same moment, you can also get to see the reviews of a particular place and bookmark it for your later reference!!

Checking the speed limits

A new feature that has been added to the Google Maps – you can now check the speed limit and that can be found on the bottom left corner of the map.

That said, you will also get an audio notification if you are approaching the speed limit, though the only problem with this feature is that currently, it only supports three countries – the US, Denmark, and the UK.

Sharing location

Earlier, sharing real-time location used to drain up the phone’s battery, and we were left wondering as to why the location had suddenly stopped updating.

But not anymore – now this feature comes with an icon that will show the status of the battery. At least now we will know when our phone is about to give up on us!!

In-app music controls

Earlier, we have to close the Google Maps in order to skip or play/pause any songs, should we happen to play at that time. But with the new update, that is about to change – now, you can skip and play or pause any song, right within the app itself.

As of now, Google Maps only supports three music players – Google Play Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Adding notes to your favorite place

Did you know that now you can add notes to any particular place and add it to your collection?

All you need to do is to search for your favorite place and add it to your collection lists. Next, simply tap on the information card, and you will be able to add in any notes that you want. Save the information, and name the list – that’s it.

Adding home and work addresses

Since these are places that you will always need to see, now, Google Maps lets you save them and which makes it much easier for you to see the traffic status.

The best part about this feature is that you won’t need to search for them, rather, they will always show up on the top of the search results.

Now, all you need to do is to buckle up, put on your exploring gear, and hop on to the bandwagon for your favorite haunts.

What new places did you discover? And which new feature did you like the most?

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